Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Why I'm Taking the Followers Widget Off


They're God's greatest gift to children.  They lead us, guide us, hold us, cry with us.

They even yell at us.

Recently they convicted me of my motivations for getting a Twitter.  I was begging them for a Twitter, and my dad asked me, "Why?"

That put me at a standstill.

Why do I do the things I do?  Why do I say the things I say?  Why do I write the things I write?

Why do I even have this blog?  Why do I want a Twitter so badly?

I'd like to say "to give glory to God," but lately that's not been happening.  I've been so caught up with getting more followers, getting more publicity, building a "platform," that I lost sight of why this blog exists.

To give glory to God.

Isn't everything supposed to give glory to God?

YouTube, TV, movies, music, books.  Everything.  Glory be to God.

And later that night, as I was pondering why I do the things I do, I read a passage in the Bible.  It was 2 Samuel 7.

In it, King David asks God if he can build a temple for Him.  

God says no, but he makes a covenant with David.

And David gives thanks.

Sound familiar?  

I was struck by this passage, guys.  I think it's a God thing that I read it.

Even when I don't always get the things that I want, I should give thanks because I already have so much.  I can't even begin to list everything that I have--it's too voluminous.  

So I'm taking the Followers widget off.  My self-worth is not defined by it, and this blog exists not to gain more followers, but to glorify God.  If you want to Follow this blog, Follow by E-mail (on the sidebar), or check back every single day.  There's almost always going to be a new post daily.

And thank you.  For listening and cooperating with me as I figure my zany life out :-D



  1. This was encouraging to read. It's so important to keep in mind why we do what we do and focus on what truly matters. God bless!

    -Riley XO

    1. Thank you :-) I really appreciate your support.