Monday, May 12, 2014

3 Ways to Rock Those Glasses

I don't usually do fashion posts much (due to my lack of expertise/interest in the matter)...but since I've been wearing my glasses a lot lately (due to a VERY AWESOME eye irritation *sarcasm* ), I decided to do a fashion post.  How To Rock Those Glasses.

For whatever reason, pop society has taught us that no glasses = better look.  I mean, come on!  What's with the whole "nerd with glasses" or "homeschooler with glasses" stereotype?  Why not "kool kid with glasses" or "awesome person with glasses"?  Sheesh.  There are plenty of kool kids out there who wear glasses.

Anyway, here are the 3 WAYS TO ROCK THOSE GLASSES.  (Warning...there's a lot of pictures.  Most of which have a minion creeping on you in the background...)

1) The Ninja Style

Very simply put, the NINJA STYLE is a) a black tank top, and 2) a messy bun.  The bottom is up to your choice--I usually put on jean shorts.  If you're a simplistic dresser like I am, then you'll love this--super easy, super comfortable, and super fun.

2) The "Professional" Style

Basically, the "Professional" Style is for those who want to look a little more dressed-up than just a black tank top.  I find that a long-sleeved shirt looks more "professional" (so to speak) than a tank top, and the hair down, especially when it's wavy, adds to the overall effect.  And if you can see without the glasses on, then put those glasses on top of your head!  It adds a unique feel to the outfit :-)

3) The Kid Style

For those who are kiddish, and enjoy being a kid (like I do), then this style is for you.

Earbuds are a must.  They not only supply you with a steady stream of your favorite music, but they also give you a "I'm a very swag person" vibe.

I have an infinite supply of these, thanks to my overachieving siblings.  Add a couple of well-made ones with your favorite colors to add a kiddish look :-)

A side ponytail, or an Elsa-style side braid is fun and quick, and it looks a little bit more thoughtful than if you just slap it up in a ponytail.

It kind of freaks me out how much my minion was in the pictures.  Yes, it's in my room.  Yes, it likes food.  Yes, sometimes it scares me.  It added that "creeper" aspect to this post...So I'd just like to give it a shoutout.

Hope you enjoyed this post!


P.S.  What was your favorite style?  Do you wear glasses?  Feel free to comment below--I always respond--but please make sure to keep everything edifying to those around you :-)


  1. I just got super nerdy glasses!

    I love 'the ninja style', messy bun. Earbuds ROCK!