Friday, May 23, 2014

"Dear Stalker" Retraction & Apology

I would like to make a retraction about a post that I wrote the other day.

The post was entitled "Dear Stalker, I'm Not Dumb" and it addressed a potential stalker's assumptions about me.

After a talk from my dad, I realized that while raking down my stalker, I was making assumptions about him that were unfair, unkind, and not in a Christlike manner.

First of all, it's the Internet. Although all the warning signs showed me that he was a stalker, do I know if he is or not? No. I did not know if he was a stalker. Perhaps he was just a misguided pastor. I don't know. Although it is wise to refrain from answering "weird comments," the truth is that I didn't know, and I should not have made unfair judgments like that. It just goes to show my ignorance and judgmentalism (not a word, but whatever).

Second of all, was it really appropriate? Was it OK that I basically bullied this guy for sending me a weird message? Was it OK?

Of course not. Even if he were a stalker, they're human beings. Perhaps more dangerous than other human beings, but they're still human. It's the same thing as me bullying somebody else from my high school in the sense that stalkers are still people with feelings, hearts, and souls.

Third of all, it was not Christlike. I call myself a Christian, but now I have to question myself. I'm ashamed of the post now. My response should not have been to ridicule the guy. My response should have been to reach out in grace and mercy. Although he may have had bad intentions, I should have forgiven him right away. It was not necessary for me to ridicule him.

My post may have been witty. It may have been funny. But it was not a good post, and I'm sorry that I ever wrote it. Although the damage has been done, I still hope to repair some of it through this post, and my sincere apologies to those who have been affected by it. It just goes to show that I'm not ready to handle followers and fame.

I hope you'll forgive me.



  1. Hey Rcubed,
    Having read 'Dear stalker, I'm Not Stupid' I can say that you did not do it in the most 'loving' or 'Christian' way. But I can also say that you wrote it to help and make others aware of stalkers and how to avoid them. So just saying, everyone is guilty of making mistakes, you apologized, God forgives. :) (Just don't want you beating yourself up about it, I know I would have) ;)

    1. Thank you, Brooke :-) I really appreciate it.

  2. Hey I'm a Christian, too, and I just wanted to say this made me realize how we need to be good stewards of our gifts. God gave you a gift to write, and you use it well, but you realized your limits when the time came. It's easy to fall into the trap of using our gifts against the giver-- but although you messed up, you still repented and I just want to say good job :)