Monday, May 26, 2014

I'M REWRITING. AGAIN. (This Makes Five Drafts, Guys!)

I am literally so mad at everything right now, it's not even funny.

Okay, I'm not like so mad I'm going to throw my shoe at somebody or grind a USB drive in a blender. (Thanks for the idea, though, Dan Gutman.) It's just that I was trying to mass-edit my manuscript, trying to make all my characters less stereotypical, trying to get this manuscript done before the end of summer when I realized:


Her name was Kasie Jordan. (I love how ironic this is, speaking about her as if she were dead when she wasn't actually alive in the first place...) But anyway, her name was Kasie Jordan and she was really into fashion and I was trying to weave in a thread about her wanting to be a YouTuber.

Did that work out?


I realized that it was OK to have a protagonist who was a little different from me, but not so different I couldn't really relate to her.

I didn't really like Kasie. She was too whiny for my taste, and even though she may have been easy to relate to for other people, I couldn't relate to her too well. And I think a lot is lost when the author can't feel the main character. (Ya feel me?)

I want to write about somebody who was faulted, but not so faulted that I detested her. 

Adrianna Matthews was born.

I technically haven't written anything through her eyes yet, but here's what I do know about her:
  1. She's less whiny than Kasie was.
  2. She's more introverted than Kasie was.
  3. She's a musician and has her own style.
I think I'm going to put more pieces of myself into Adrianna than I did with Kasie. Adrianna is more rational, a little more levelheaded, than Kasie was. The emotions will still be there, but the interpretation will be different. 

I also realized that a rewrite is my opportunity to show my word count who's boss!

See, when I wrote my fourth draft, I overshot by about eighteen thousand words because I didn't really care how long my book was. Now that I know what needs to go into the book and what I can cut from it, I'm going to shoot for 50,000 words--no more, no less.

I think my problem is writing too much; I'm very verbose, and I hate cutting words. So I'm going to try to cut the words down. I simplified the plot structure, and hopefully that should do it.

Overall, I'm decently satisfied with where I'm headed. Even though I wanted to be DONE with this by the end of the summer, I don't think I will. And that's all right. Whatever this manuscript needs, I will give it.

And in the end, I just want to write a good book.


P.S. Have you ever completely rewritten your novel? If so, what did you do? Do you mind sharing some tips? Feel free to express yourselves, but please make sure to be edifying to those around you.


  1. It's so cool how you're "real" writer! ^^ I used to love writing but I just got so fed up that I quit. I tried the National Novel Writing Month but I'm a HUGE procrastinator so that didn't work out. But it's sooooo cool how you're writing a real novel! ^^ I don't know if you're allowed to (or even want to) answer this question, but I'm just curious: how old are you? I'm 13 and so I feel like putting off novel stuff is fine for now. But if you're writing a novel at a young age, that is even MORE cool! I mean, S.E Hinton wrote The Outsiders when she was 16, and it became a classic! Anyway, you don't have to answer my question if you don't want to, but I'm just curious. Good luck on your novel! :)

    1. Hey O! (Wow, that looks weird, like "Hey O" or whatever, I don't know)

      I'm 14--and a half--years old. If you're only 13, you still have some time. I've heard of a lady who published her first book when she was in her forties (have you read THE PENDERWICKS?), so don't sweat procrastinating if you plan on being a writer.

      And thank you for your comments and stuff. I really appreciate it!

  2. So does this mean that there isn't going to be a Kasie Jordan anymore?

    1. Yup; Kasie no longer exists. She's evolved into Adrianna (Wow, that sounds really weird).