Wednesday, May 28, 2014

In A New Light

I've learned some lessons about being thankful lately.

My dad said no to a Twitter and a Pinterest because he doesn't want me to get caught up in the whole "obsessed-over-followers" thing. I have to admit: I got kind of annoyed. And mad. And frustrated.

As I was lying in bed, facing the rejection, wondering HOW ON EARTH I can manipulate my parents to give me that social media, I wondered:

Why am I raking down Dad? What about all the stuff that I have already?

I started to see "thankful" in a new light.

It's a very old lesson--being thankful. And in my case, I have so much to be thankful for. My family is awesome, I'm walking with God (or at least trying to), my school is great, my friends are great, this blog is great, I have EVERYTHING. And more. 

So why am I obsessing over the fact that I don't have Twitter, or Pinterest, or an iPhone, when I already have all this other stuff?

Why am I obsessing over the fact that I have "only" eleven awesome followers? I should be grateful that I actually have eleven followers! You guys who are reading this--you're so awesome, and I'm so thankful God has given you to me. I'm sure He's brought you to this blog, to me, for a reason. 

God has given me no reason to want. He provides everything through His Son Christ Jesus, and a chance to live eternally with Him. (And I don't even deserve it!)

And so I'll be content. My dad is right. I don't need to get a Twitter immediately. I'm only fourteen. When I'm fifteen, sixteen, getting older and wiser, I'll get one eventually.  Especially as I start looking for agents and querying, I'd like to build a following.

But for now? Just a taste of what it'll be like later in life is enough. 


P.S. What are your thoughts on social media? What do you think should be the appropriate age? Feel free to leave a comment below! (Just please make sure it's edifying to those around you :-)


  1. I have Pinterest and Tumblr, but nothing else. My parents are more concerned about pedophiles and creeps on the internet than me being caught up in followers. As long as I don't post direct pictures of myself, talk to strangers on the internet, of give out super-personal information, my parents are okay with me having VERY LITTLE social media. Which means no Facebook, no Twitter, no Instagram, and no Google+. But Pinterest and Tumblr are okay (at least with my parents) because you can block people and I don't have to be all extra personal. I personally think that kids should be at least 18 before they get Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and all those other social media sites that involve sharing pictures and personal information with people you don't know. But, hey, that's just me and my parents' opinion. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion (obviously. I am so cliche. :P)

    1. That's kool! It's kind of different for me--Tumblr and YouTube are blocked on my computer, and my dad won't let me get Pinterest. It's interesting how different people are allowed different things ;-)