Friday, May 30, 2014

In Which I Would Like to Defend Smiley Faces

I understand that some people think that smiley faces are a disgrace upon humankind.

Okay *hands up* I'm laying it on a bit thick. But I know that some people think that smiley faces should not be used in formal blog posts. And to be honest, I agree. Smiley faces bring a whole new informality to formal blog posts, and if the blogger doesn't want to use smiley faces, they don't have to.

You might be wondering why the title of this blog post, then, is "In Which I Would Like to Defend Smiley Faces."

Although I'm fine with not using smiley faces, I am a big fan of them. I use them a lot :-) Whenever I think something that I've written is heartwarming, funny, or a little too harsh, I use a smiley face, either to emphasize my happy point OR to break the harshness down.

And so, in this post, I'm not defending the smiley faces as much as I am giving reasons why to use them :-)
  1. Smiley faces go places where words cannot. Some things cannot be expressed with words, but some of those things can be expressed with smiley faces. For example, as aforesaid--if you want to emphasize a happy point or break harshness down, just add a smiley face. Show that you're happy. Show that you're not angry or bitter towards them. Use a smiley face!
  2. They exercise your pinky muscles. Let's face it. Unless you're using the pinky to type the letter p or an apostrophe or something, you won't use it at all. Smiley faces give you the opportunity to develop your pinky muscles! (Work those pinky muscles, guuuuuuuurrl. Or booooooooooy :-)
  3. Smiley faces give variety to life. There are different kinds of smiley faces! There's the teethy smiley face :D, the regular smiley face :), the smiley face with the nose :-), the stick-out-your-tongue-semi-smiley-face :P, the socially awkward smiley face :], the socially awkward smiley face with the nose :-], the winky face ;), the winky face with the nose--I think you get the idea. For every time and occasion, there is a smiley face. You can even make up your own! There aren't any rules to smiley faces.
  4. You can use smiley faces ANYWHERE. A lot of people think that only technologically dependent people use smiley faces. Although a lot of technologically dependent people do use smiley faces, you can literally use smiley faces ANYWHERE. You can text it, e-mail it, blog it, put it in a book/magazine/newspaper, hashtag it (although I've never heard of anyone doing #:) ), send it in a paper note to a friend, or even spray paint it on the wall of the girls' bathroom at the beach! (Wouldn't advise doing that, though.) Smiley faces do not have to be restricted to technology.
Although they're not very professional-looking when used on a blog post, smiley faces have the potential to cheer up a day. And that's the point to blogging, right? Encouraging people with the words that you say? And what better way to do encourage than use smiley faces?


P.S. What emoji/non-written symbol brightens up your day? (Please make sure to keep all comments edifying to those around you :-)


  1. You know a blog post is gonna be good when it's entitled "In Which I Defend Smiley Faces". I just saw that title and I immediately clicked on it. Didn't even know what it was gonna be about. But as long as that's the title, I knew it was gonna be awesome. And it was. :) :P

  2. I use smiley faces all of the time. Especially now that I'm doing critics on the first place writing entries at my blog, I don't want to sound harsh so I put a lot of faces in there. Or when I'm being sarcastic I use this one, ;P (It's my favorite) :)

    1. Haha yeah I like that one too ;P