Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Not a Superhuman (How Andy Mineo's Music Has Ministered To Me)

I'm not sure when exactly it started, but I'm a huge fan of Christian rapper Andy Mineo.

He has a distinctive rapper's voice.  His songs range from contemplative to creative to downright kool.  He's part of the 11Six gang, which includes Lecrae, Tedashii, and KB.  On paper, he's awesome.


However, his songs go above and beyond.  They not only have me bouncing in my seat, but as I'm doing math homework, they make me think.  His newly released mixtape Neverland ministers to my heart.  His song "Superhuman," from his debut album Heroes for Sale, has me impressed.  He isn't just about sporting the nerd glasses with the black earrings and backwards baseball cap--he's about glorifying God with his music.  I can see it in everything Mineo raps about.  His songs encourage me to ponder our purpose on this earth, and I can see myself in many of his lyrics.  

I'm going to list several of his songs, the line(s) that stood out to me the most from them, and what they've caused me to consider about my relationship with God.  Because honestly, I've come to realize that music isn't just about how it makes you feel--it's also about how it makes you consider your own life.

Song: "Neverland" (from Neverland EP)

Lines: "When I say I get so high/I ain't even talking about sticky, no lie/The way up is down/Stay low to the ground and you close to the clouds."

How It's Caused Me To Think: I want to be on top, right?  I want to be famous.  We all do.  It's a natural tendency of depraved human beings.  However, he's saying in "Neverland" that being famous is overrated if you're not living for God.  The way to glorify God ("the way up") is to remember who you are, and what you stand for ("the way up is down").  In other words, we should stay low to the earth, remembering who we are in God's eyes, and that humility should lead us through roller coaster called fame.

Song: "Death of Me" (from Neverland)

Lines: "All I want to do is walk with you but/My priority's wrong, I talk about you more than I talk with you/One of my mentors taught me/Whenever things get foggy/If you wanna grow in God/It's not complicated/It just costly/Gotta spend that time, currency."

How it's Caused Me To Think: In "Death of Me," Mineo is talking about how his rapper lifestyle is consuming him.  Likewise, I've been thinking: is my blogger status consuming me?  Is my writing taking control of my life?  Particularly the lines "I talk about you more than I talk with you," and "If you wanna grow in God/It's not complicated/It just costly."  Do I spend that time with God?  The answer is no.  I think this song was a major part in helping me realize that I need to cut back on my blog and set specific guidelines to follow in order to maintain the relationship I'm talking about on this very blog.

Song: "Superhuman" (from album Heroes for Sale)

Lines: "I should be looking for the Son I confess it/even though my pride's telling me don't let the fans know/I am not a superhuman though"

How It's Caused Me To Think: We all want to be awesome, brave, heroic, faultless.  However, the truth is, we aren't.  Mineo is confessing--in ultra-kool rap format--his flaws and admitting before all of his fans that he's not a superhuman.  The line that struck me was "even though my pride's telling me don't let the fans know."  It's so easy for celebrities to hide their flaws from us, because most of the time, they only let us see what they want us to see.  But here, Andy Mineo is showing true humility by giving us a glimpse into his struggles.  And that's how I want to be--transparent and careful.  

Song: "Wild Things" (from Heroes for Sale)

Lines: "I've chosen this lifestyle, you ever met my friends?/Porn stars, dope dealers, they like, 'Why you chill with them'?/I thought you was a Christian? Yeah I'm on that team/But I'm with them 'cause my life's the only Bible that they've ever seen."

How It's Caused Me To Think: We find so many people out here, being Christian authors and Christian music artists and Christian advocates, but how many of us actually "get dirty" and walk the walk in a place where people stumble?  I'm right here, in my awkward little world, ranting randomly--in safety.  But Mineo's different from me.  He admits in Neverland that he has a past, and that past helps him minister to those in the areas God has called him to.  He even points out that Jesus sat with the tax collectors and sinners.  And I'm amazed at the ease of his raps, and how much sense they make.  This song has also helped me stop judging those who look a little different from the stereotypical Christian.

It might seem like I'm fangirling a little here.  But the reason why I love Andy Mineo's music is not only because he has catchy beats or awesome lyrics.  It's because he makes me consider my relationship with God.  His words cause me to examine my own heart, look at my own motives, evaluate my own life.  It gives me a new perspective that I don't hear from the regular pop-rock Christian artist.  

Thanks be to God for Andy Mineo's thought-provoking, contemplative lyrics (and pretty stinkin' awesome tunes to go with them).


P.S.  Have you been influenced positively by a music artist?  If so, who?  I'd love to check them out!  (Please make sure to keep all suggestions appropriate, however.)  Thanks!


  1. Great post, Rcubed! I love songs with thought provoking lyrics. I always find that Jamie Grace's songs really inspire me. I think more young people need to stop just listening to music for the fun of it and actually listen to what the lyrics are saying. :)

    By the way, thanks for following my blog! :)


    1. I LOVE JAMIE GRACE! Her songs are so happy :-)