Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sunday Last Week's Link List

Hello everybody, and welcome to the second Last Week's Link List!

From Challies Dot Com:
Analyzes how Christians view the secular film industry.
As part of "False Prophets" series, takes a look at the false teachings of Teresa of Avila.

From The Rebelution
About how a seventeen-year-old girl won a primary election over a state delegate.

From The Writer's Alley
Supports protection of family time AND writing time.

From Life As a Young Lady
Explores the quirky narrator's thought process; really enjoyed this one :-)

From Every Stinkin' Page
Provides insight on how to develop your writer's voice.

Hope you enjoy these articles as much as I did!  


P.S.  Have any articles/reviews/things you think I'd like (whether yours or just something you've read)?  Publish it in a comment below!  (But please keep everything edifying :-)

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