Wednesday, May 14, 2014

VIDEOS (Part 1): My Interest/Future Plans

I've started to become interested in YouTube and making videos.

Ever since I found out that my friend had a YouTube channel, I checked YouTube on my phone and found out that it worked.  

And then after I saw my friend's YouTube videos, I started making my own videos, sending them to my friends, and figuring out the schizophrenic video-making program on my computer.

And I discovered that, if I keep the clips short, sweet, and funny, I think I can make this work.

My plan is--as soon as my dad OKs the idea of my own YouTube channel (probably when I'm fifteen or sixteen)--I'm going to try to strike out YouTube videos.  (Don't worry, I'm not planning on being only a YouTuber.) My writing will still be more important, of course, but I think YouTubing will be fun as a side project.

But as of now, I'm just practicing for the future--working on my private Rcubed's Video Diaries, sending them to my close family and friends. :-)

Stick around on Friday for more fun and games when I interview my YouTubing friend, the fantabulous ELLIE RHA!


P.S.  Interested in videos?  Have any experience or advice?  Feel free to share  it below; however, please keep all comments encouraging and appropriate!