Friday, May 16, 2014

VIDEOS (Part 2): Interview w/ Ellie Rha!

As promised on Wednesday's post, I am interviewing my friend, thirteen-year-old YouTuber Ellie Rha.

1) What inspired you to start posting videos on YouTube?

1.      On YouTube the first beauty guru I watched was Bethany Mota, then Zoella, then Tanya Burr.  These ladies are now up to their necks in subscribers and after watching them I became one of those subscribers.  After continuously watching their videos and just seeing them talk to the camera I realized that I wanted to do something like that.  I thought that it was pretty amazing that they could share all of their tricks and tips and I thought that I wanted to share mine too.   I wanted to be role models to others and a successful beauty guru like [they are].  My inspiration came gradually and slowly but, it was definitely always there. 

2) What kinds of videos are you posting on your channel--fashion/makeup tips, stories, random stuff?

   On my channel I plan on posting videos such as:
-“How to Dress Like…..” and this would be me explaining to the viewer how to get the style and look of that person, not just an outfit that is identical to that person, so that the viewer is given the steps to achieve that style with any type of clothing
-I might also do some stories on clothing disasters I’ve had and ways to solve clothing disasters
- I also plan on doing an #AskEllie video where my subscribers can ask me questions regarding beauty, makeup and fashion tips and I’ll try to answer their questions.

3) What do you hope to achieve through your videos?

Through my videos my plan is to educate, inspire, and make sure that when my viewers see I have uploaded a video they are filled with joy, excitement and contentment.  My hope is to make sure my viewer’s lives are happier and filled with more color.  I hope to make their days that used to be filled with black clouds, now filled with rainbows without the rain.

Couldn't have put it better myself!  Thanks so much for your answers, Ellie!

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