Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Dead Phones, Grumpy Tones, & Girl Meets World [June 23-24]

[June 23]

So, in life, there's this thing called a "cell phone." And usually the cell phone needs a "phone charger" that basically gives the phone energy so it'll actually be useful.

When the cell phone does not have enough energy, then it is not useful.

That was the case for me on Monday. Because it wasn't charged the night before, my phone did NOT WORK that day. Consequently, I have no pictures of Monday. Whatsoever.

You might be wondering WHY my phone was not charged. No, it was not a freak accident of nature.

Korean outlets have higher voltage (is that the word?) than U.S. outlets. In order to charge U.S. devices without messing them up, you need a little object called a converter. We only have a couple of converters, and all six people in my family have electronic devices that we need charged, and consequently some devices aren't as energized as others.

My phone, in a flurry of interspecific electronic competition, was bumped out of the race (perhaps on purpose) and THEREFORE, I could not use it, and THEREFORE, I have no pictures.

(If you did not get the "interspecific electronic competition," Google "interspecific competition.")

And wow, that was a really long explanation for something simple.

So, instead of a long list of play-by-play action, I'm compiling a list.

9 Random Facts From Monday in South Korea:
  1. We went to a mall. It was called "Times Square" mall.
  2. It had a food court on every level.
  3. I had a STRAWBERRY CHEESECAKE FRAPPUCCINO from Starbucks. Which was really good.
  4. I also had a cheeseburger. Which was also really good. It had bacon.
  5. We were going to go see Edge of Tomorrow (you know, the atypical Tom Cruise dystopian movie?) but we didn't. 
  6. I still like vanilla frappuccinos better.
  7. It rained. A lot.
  8. We went to this place called the "Trick Eye Museum." I honestly cannot explain it, but it was REALLY KOOL. There are these paintings on the wall, and you have to stand in front of the paintings and do something to make it look like you're in the painting. If you take a picture a certain way, then it actually looks like you're in the painting! Click here to look at some really amazing pictures!
  9. We went to another buffet. With this AMAAAAAAZING chocolate fountain! I was in chocolate heaven :-) But I was DEFINITELY a perpetrator of gluttony :( When there's limitless food, including Korean barbecue and steak, you kind of tend to do that...but really, I'm just making excuses for myself.

[June 24]

Today (Tuesday) we went to this replica of an oooolllddd Korean village.

There were a bunch of demonstrations, like horseback riding, drums, acrobatics, etc. 

One of my favorite parts was when we looked at the old methods of punishment. They spanked people and put them in neck stocks. And I'm not being dark here, guys--I just thought that this picture (look below) was kind of funny. Grown men getting spanked. Yeah. Take dat, adults :-)

We also saw an old traditional marriage ceremony demonstration. There was a lot of bowing and they drank tea and alcohol and stuff. I wonder if the same actors get married over and over again. It must get really monotonous.

I don't want to get married traditionally, but I wouldn't mind doing this part of the ceremony. (look below) At the end, the bride gets to go in a box, and the husband has to ride a horse! Woop, wooop, calling the married ladies!

And you know me...total foodie. The soft-serve ice cream was good :-) Almost as good as McDonalds'!

And today, I guess, marked a full week in Korea. We arrived last Monday (even though we left on Sunday, #timetravel), and our first full day was Tuesday.

This vacation, so far, has been fun. But to be honest, I'm missing my data plan. (How shallow does that sound?) And our car. (We have to walk, take the subway, or hitch a ride whenever we want to go anywhere.) And the good ol' American food. And having a full bed to myself. (I have to share one with my sister.) And having an outlet to myself (with no converter). And having a room to myself. And having time to write and read. And being able to speak English with mostly everybody.

So yeah. I'm kinda missing 'murica. 

But that didn't stop me from watching the pilot episode of Girl Meets World! (YouTube. No, I don't have any ins with Disney...yet.)

Guys, I think I have a new favorite show. Rowan Blanchard isn't my favorite-st actress ever, but the writers wrote in some funny stuff for the pilot. Gus from Mighty Med (Disney XD) is now being rivaled by Farkle. SABRINA CARPENTER. Ohhmygargoylessss. I'm going to pretend you guys asked me who my favorite Disney Channel star is, because right now it's Sabrina Carpenter. She's an awesome singer, and her acting is much better than Disney subpar. 

So yeah. The pilot is really funny. I just wish Lucas had more of a personality. I detest the fact that Disney's love interests usually just sit on the screen and look good. The one thing of interest Lucas said was, "Hey, look! There's a pony!"

Mmmmhmmm. Let's see, Peyton Meyer. Let's see.


  1. Your writing style is really fun to read! =D I enjoy it a lot!

  2. Yeah.
    The outlet voltage is 220Vt. in Korea, but 110Vt. in America...
    I accidently plugged something without a converter(using a outlet-changer kind of thing), it half-exploded!!!
    It made a loud BAAMMMM!!!!!! Sound and it made a black smake!
    So we had to change somekind of glass thing in it... =(
    Have a nic3 time there!