Friday, June 27, 2014

In Which I Bond With People Over Tetris [June 26-27]

Can I just confess something to you guys?

I am a Tetris geek.

Instead of AngryBirds, SadBirds, Flubby Bird, and Flappy Bird (I made half of those up), I play something called Tetris.

Yeah, I'm a really kool person.

Can I confess something else to you guys?

I really don't like walking.

[June 26]
We went on a ferry ride on the Han River. (I think it's the Han River.)

*everybody gasps and says Did you guys die?*

And no, we obviously didn't die. Unless I'm writing this from heaven. O.o

Anyway, we were practically the only ones on the ship, which was pretty sweet. And the view was great :-)

Afterward, we went to this restaurant thingamabob.

Mmmmmmmmm. It was really good ;-)

AND THEN we went to a cafe.

I had this watermelon Italian ice jumberdoodad that I forgot how to spell and say, so let's just call it watermelon Italian ice :-) 

When we went outside, we saw these dogs/coyotes/I don't know what they are:

My brother begged me to take a picture of them, so I gave him my phone and he did the honors :-) I was just afraid they were going to bite  and give me rabies, that's all. Perfectly logical.

(And considering how I am normally, you do not want me to have rabies. Especially when I've just had sugar.)

Then we had to walk around. A. LOT. We went and bought some touristy things to take for people back home, and while we were doing that I bought two mechanical pencils and a notebook. (You know me...doing that kind of thang...)

{Excuse me while I accidentally publish this post, and then go back and revert it to a draft so I can finish writing it}

We walked around this weirdly-shaped building that was all sparse and ethereal. Apparently it was built by an extremely famous architect; I was really tired, and my feet hurt, and I wanted to sit at my laptop, and type, and do stuff that didn't require use of my already-aching legs, and it was not fun.

But then we were picked up by somebody and driven to someone's house, where we had dinner. So that kind of brightened up my day :-)

I cannot even begin to tell you how much food there was. So I'm not going to try--I'm just going to say that there was so much food that there wasn't space on the table for all of it. Some of the plates had to overlap.

After, my brothers and sister went to the playground, while I played old-school Tetris. Like, with a controller (not a joystick, a controller) and on the TV. And the lady who lived in the house sat by me and watched me play.

I got to Level Five, which is pretty impressive considering my brothers didn't make it past Level One. And they're usually more gifted at video games than I am.

Maybe it's just a sign that I've been playing too much Tetris. Hmmmm.

And, on a random note, there was this pretty thing on the bathroom door:

It's not something that I'd hang on my bathroom door, but it's really pretty and, as a somewhat aesthetic person, I like it :-)

[June 27]

After the aforesaid snot bomb and the sleeping until 11, I ate chocolate-covered almonds for breakfast and then went to McDonalds, where I discovered that they did NOT have fresh salad.

May I just pause for a moment and say that Koreans do not like fresh vegetables? Oh, they sell it in the markets, but after they buy it they go home and stir-fry, pickle, or cabbagetize it until it does not resemble salad.


Oh, and I can I say something? I do not like McDonalds. After I watched the documentary SuperSize Me (where the guy eats McDonalds three meals a day, thirty days in a month), I loathe it. It is disgusting. I understand that they've supposedly "cleaned up" their act, and that their chicken nuggets are not made of human hair (I sure hope not!), but it disgusts me that they even needed to clean up their act in the first place!

Okay, so instead of a salad, I had a bulgogi burger.

For those of you who don't know, bulgogi is a form of Korean barbecue, and it comes in random strips of meat. So I was kinda hoping that the burger would have random strips of meat hanging out of it, just to prove its legitimacy.

Nope. I think the McDonalds people took a burger patty, soaked it in soy sauce, and slapped it between two slices of bread with mayonnaise and lettuce and called it a bulgogi burger.

See why McDonalds disgusts me?

And I hate that the actual stinkin' patty tasted GOOD. It actually TASTED like bulgogi! 


Afterward, we walked around a bit and did some shopping.

It was really nice because A) the stores weren't tourist traps, and B) they weren't needlessly crowded. 

We made a couple of purchases.


This is like the fifth time we've eaten hoduk on the trip, yet I can't get enough of it. I ate two of them--which made me really full.

The kool part of this was that we got to see how she made it.

One bowl of dough, the other of a brown sugar/sunflower seed mixture. 

She took gobs of dough and pressed the brown sugar in the middle, then used a flatten-outer-thingy and pressed them into pancake shapes.

It was really good :-)

Then I bought these star earrings. ALL BY MYSELF. I had my own money, and I went up and paid for it by myself.

Of course, all without saying a word, because what was I going to say? 

I did say "Thank you" in Korean at the end. Not sure if it was understandable, though.

I really wanted this Minion backpack ^^ but it was kind of impractical, so I didn't get it :-(

After, we went to this Korean-style "cafeteria" of sorts.

It was really kool and really different. It was indoors, sort of, and it was one long narrow lane, with A LOT of vendors on both sides. Basically, you buy coins and a lunchbox...

...and you go to the different vendors and spend the coins, filling up your lunchbox!

It was really kool, only I was already stuffed full to the brim, so after I ate from the lunchbox I was uncomfortably full.

Still werkin' on that gluttony.

Anyway, I have to go, but I hoped you enjoyed reading this :-)


  1. That cafeteria looks so cool! :)

    Yeah we don't go to McDonald's anymore because of how disgusting they are. Yeck!


    1. It was really kool...if only I weren't quite so full!

      Haha, I'm glad that somebody else shares my feelings about McDonald's :-)

  2. YAY TETRIS!!!! I love that game =D