Friday, June 13, 2014


Wow, that's a really weird blog post title. 

At the time you're reading this (I write my posts several days in advance), I'm probably in a very, very happy state of mind right now, because I'M DONE WITH SCHOOL!

ANYWAY...I'm excited to announce that MY FAMILY IS GOING TO SOUTH KOREA!!!!

I've mentioned this on my blog before, but not in the more recent posts, so I'm re-announcing it. We're leaving on Sunday the fifteenth and staying for a couple of weeks.

Picture from (with  my own added embellishments, as you can see)

I have to admit, at the beginning, I wasn't too excited, but as the day nears, I'm getting to be more and more hyped for this trip. It's going to be pretty AWESOME, it's my first time out of the U.S., and I will definitely be posting a lot!

So...just a couple of announcements:
  • The fifteenth, twenty-second, and twenty-ninth will NOT be having "Last Week's Link List" posts.
  • I think we'll have American wifi where we're staying at...but no promises. So if there's no wifi, I'll maintain a two-week radio silence. (Silence is golden, right?)
  • But, assuming that I do have wifi, I will be foregoing my Monday-Wednesday-Friday post times and will instead be posting whenever I have the time.
Like I said--I'm REALLY excited for this trip. More posts to come :-)




  1. Hey Recubed, I nominated you for the Sunflower Award. You can see the questions at my blog


    1. Hahahaha, I nominated her too!

      Omg, this is the second time this has happened...xD xD xD

    2. Wow, thanks! I already did this award, so I'll hold off, but I really appreciate it!