Sunday, June 8, 2014

Last Week's Link List (And the Crazy Story of How I Kinda Now Hate Spotify)

I've got only a couple of links this week, but I'm also shouting out one of my favorite YouTube channels! (And telling you the crazy story of how I kinda now hate Spotify.)
"Six Lies Grads Will Be Told"--he dispels all of the cliches.
"Four Modern Versions of the Bible That Are Ruining the Bible"--I thought this was interesting.
"Teenagers Are Pathetic"--The people at the Rebelution encourage us to look past the labels.
"Frozen Discussion"--If you want to talk about your passion/hatred for Frozen, go there!

Also check out...

Anthem Lights' YouTube channel

Anthem Lights is an AMAZING band, and they do harmony-laced covers of songs that are just astounding. They have over 230,000 subscribers on their channel--so be sure to check it out!

How I Kinda Now Hate Spotify

I'll make this quick, but here are the facts:
  1. There are 2 pages for V. Rose on Spotify, V.Rose (without a space between the period and the R) and V. Rose (with a space between the period and the R).
  2. I begged my dad to use $10 to buy V. Rose's new album Forever After on iTunes, because I had only been looking at the V. Rose (with the space) page.
  3. I just now looked at the V.Rose (without the space) page, and IT WAS THERE.
  4. On the downside, we spent $10 on an album I didn't need.
  5. On the plus side, I now have the album on my computer, so I can import it to the videos that I'm going to make.
So, what do you think? Did I get the better end of the deal?


P.S. Got any links or articles that you want me to check out? Put the link in a comment below! (But please make sure that the article is edifying to those around you :-)

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