Thursday, June 26, 2014

Life Is Tiring, or Our Trip To Lotte World

Life is tiring.

Last night (or should I say morning?), I fell asleep at 12 a.m., then woke up at 4 because I sneezed a giant snot explosion all over my face (is that TMI?). After I cleaned myself up, I fell back asleep and woke up at 11.

It's the latest I've ever slept. 

ANYWAY...the past couple days have been kinda busy. And I'm kinda tired. So this'll be a fairly quick post, only of June 25th, but with pictures too :-)

One of Korea's main theme parks is called Lotte World. It's kind of like a miniature Disneyland, except part of it is indoors. There are a couple of roller coasters, some little kid attractions, and a ton of food.

My family went there on Wednesday.

What can I say about Lotte World? It's a decent size, and though it's certainly no Disneyland it has enough attractions to occupy a person for a day.

My dad, brothers, and I went on this ride called GyroDrop. 

It was one of those tower things with seats all around, and basically the whole ride was going up to the top and just DROPPING all the way down.

If you think it doesn't sound fun or exciting, think again. The tower was as tall as the construction crane nearby, and when you dropped, you got a funny feeling in your lower-stomach area. A REALLY funny feeling...and for about three seconds, it felt like you couldn't breathe.

Then we had to wait like 45 minutes for the next roller coaster because there were no other roller coasters to wait for.

After lunch (I won't show you any pictures of it because it was pretty typical--mandoo, fried rice, etc.), we went on this balloon ride that took you through the indoor section of the park.

I didn't get the whole concept, because it seemed like we just went around the whole park, and then there was this random Egypt section with plastic pharaohs that lit up and stuff. 

I guess you were supposed to go through the countries of the world, but, um, it felt like we just went through Egypt.

After we came out of the balloon ride, we thought we might check out the parade, expecting it to be some sort of Disney-esque parade--but instead, it seemed to be some sort of Brazilian-themed parade, complete with dancers in glorified feathery bikinis and loincloths. Yes. Very edifying to those little kindergarteners we saw coming for a field trip.

Needless to say, we did not watch it.

I also found it ironic that none of the dancers were Korean, or Asian for that matter.

After, we waited 45 minutes for a water ride, which was kind of a disappointment because it was basically just two big drops with some floating in between. A plus to the ride was that you didn't get soaked.

Then, of course, we had to get ice cream.

It was better than the soft-serve I'd had at the old Korean village :-)

Oh, and then, of course, we went to another baseball game.

This time it was the LG Twins VS the Something-Dinos.

(I was really tired, so I didn't quite catch the company the Dinos was sponsored by.)

To be honest, I was so pooped that I literally just listened to music and tried to watch. But I ended up playing Tetris. (Nine innings is too long. Just saying. Unless it's an exciting game with teams that I actually know.)

The LG Twins--we were rooting for them--lost, 1-3. Or something like that.


Needless to say, I was very tired.

And I have to go now; I'll tell you about June 26th later. We're going to McDonalds for lunch, and I definitely can't miss that :-)


  1. Looks like you are having a FABULOUS time! Thanks for sharing about your travels!
    - Katie
    (Btw, if you didn't see yet, I nominated you for the Liebster award)

    1. Yes I am having a pretty good time :-) It's been my pleasure to share it with you all.

      And thanks for the nomination! I'm not sure if I'll be able to get to it, but thank you so much anyway!

  2. It is NC Dinos.
    And I see you've been in the outfield...
    It is more louder at the sides, especially the home team's side(which is 1st base side in Korea).
    So.... any homeruns?

    1. Oh, OK, I wasn't sure what team it was...and yes, we went to the outfield. I think we were GOING to go to the cheering section (which would've been fun), but for some reason we didn't.

      Um, I think there was a 2-run homer on the Dinos' side, and a 1-run home run on the Twins' side :-)

      Thanks for commenting so much!