Saturday, June 28, 2014

Random Adventures by Rcubed (Including some Poetry)

So, we're leaving tomorrow. Monday.

And we're arriving back home tomorrow. Monday. At almost the exact same time we left. Why? Because there's like a 13-16-hour time difference.

Yup. I'm living 16 hours ahead of you.

So I'm time traveling back in time 16 hours tomorrow.

If I lived in Korea, I'd get to have my birthday 16 hours ahead of time.

Unfortunately (or fortunately), I'm not going to live in Korea. I'm going back home!

Anyway, since we're not doing much, instead of the usual blurb on how we ate lots of food and stuff, I thought I might share with you some random adventures that I've had on this trip:

  • Teaching my mom the (correct) names in Hunger Games. She thought Katniss was "Candace" and that Peeta was "Peter." Oh, the humanity! (Don't know why I just put that there.)
  • A little kid shouting English profanity at us on a playground. It was terrible and funny at the same time.
  • My dad (desperately) trying to find Diet Coke in every 7-11 we came across. They only have regular Coke and Coke Zero. 
  • Sitting on the subway and a random lady next to me starts talking to me in Korean. Nodding and pretending like I understand what she's saying, while in reality I'm trying to remember what the Korean phrase for I don't know Korean is. 
  • A random guy on the subway asking where we're from (in English). 
  • Having cookies for breakfast. And cucumber-and-butter sandwiches. We had pretty weird breakfasts here.
  • Using these debit-card-type-things to scan ourselves onto the subway. SO KOOL.
  • Blowing my nose in the subway--really loudly--and having everyone look at me. Then my parents telling me that you aren't supposed to blow your nose in public places.
Speaking of the last point, as we were walking back to our apartment, I made up a couple of rhymes to make fun of my loud noseblowing habits:

On the subway and the street
This noseblower can't be beat
Made of all the finest mettle
Genetics, cartilage, and decibel,
Her instrument is quite impressive.
Some might say it's even festive!
Yet this beauty has one dark cloud
If only she weren't quite so loud!

Then there's my limerick, which isn't as good.

There once was a girl who blew nose so loud
She always attracted a very large crowd.
They oohed and they aahed
They gasped and they cawed
Until she became waaaaaaaay too proud.

Hope that cheered up your day :-)

So...I should probably go. And see you when I'm back in the grand ole' U.S.A.!

Oh. And if for any reason you'd like to read/reread some of my other posts about this trip, the links to them are below:

And, just in case terrorists hijack our plane and we crash-land (it's a possibility, although admittedly an unlikely one), I love ALL OF YOU GUYS and I'll see you all in heaven! 

I'm also bringing my waterproof bag on the plane, so if I have time before the plane crash-lands, I'll write you all a note and throw it out the window and hopefully the authorities will find it in the rubble.

Yeah, you're probably laughing by now. Beverly Cleary would do wonders with my imagination.

See you in America!


  1. OMG no your mom did NOT call Peeta "Peter"! Gah, that is one of my HUGE pet peeves! Good thing you fixed that. Anyway, that trip sounded super cool! ^^ Congrats on having such an exciting summer [so far]! :)