Monday, June 16, 2014

Traveling. Because I Cannot Say Anything Else About It. Because It's Traveling.

Please disregard the title, because my brain is not working correctly at the moment. (Obviously)

We got to South Korea. Safely. No terrorists, no bomb threats, no extended periods of turbulence. Which is good, right?

Yeah, but right now, I just figured out that even an uneventful international flight is tiring, mostly because I just pulled an all-nighter due to the fact that airplanes are rather uncomfortable to sleep in.

Let me reeeeewind.

On Sunday, my family woke up at 5 a.m. We had two flights to catch.

Amid the hustle and bustle of pre-flight mania, I decided that I wasn't hungry and that I didn't want food, so I ate watermelon. (Apparently watermelon is very expensive in Korea.) 

The first flight was OK. It was only a couple of hours, so I just listened to music (Family Force 5, Tori Kelly, Sabrina Carpenter) and ate candy (yes, it was early, but I was hungry!). 

I also read the beginning of Screwtape Letters, by C.S. Lewis. 

As we were landing, I looked down and realized how small we are. 

We are small people. I think we're just so wrapped up in our own lives that we don't realize how small we really are, but we are small. 

Being in an airplane kind of takes you away from that, and it gives you a glimpse of what God sees when He looks down in all his sovereignty.

(I was very philosophically spiritual in the morning, because I was wide awake.)

THEN we landed at our layover site and ate burgers. 

Then we got on the second flight, the eleven-hour one that would take us to Korea, and I was floored.

THE AIRPLANE WAS SO KOOL! It was divided into three cabins, and there were three sections in each of the three cabins, and in coach, there were three seats per row. (Does that make sense?) There was a TV screen in front of each seat, and each passenger received a pair of disposable slippers, a blanket, a pair of headphones, and a water bottle. (And that was just for starters.)

I started checking out the TV screen first and started watching Saving Mr. Banks. Partway through, my mom interrupted and said we needed a Korean lesson.

So I learned most of the consonants in the Korean alphabet. It was weird--I had to use a kindergarten textbook. And flashcards.


Then I finished Saving Mr. Banks, which was an OK movie.

It was around that conjuncture that we ate dinner. Or something that represented dinner, because it was literally only three o' clock. I had bibimbap, which is basically a bunch of vegetables and meat and stuff tossed with rice. It was served with spicy pickles, fruit, and a type of seaweed soup, and for airplane food, it wasn't bad.

My dad's Diet Coke was rather slim.

The rest of the flight was basically nothing time. I watched part of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (quitting because it was too boring), most of Catching Fire (EXCITINGEST MOVIE EVER), and the end of Tangled, because the last time I saw it I got freaked out by Mother Gothel and couldn't watch. 

I'm such a wimp.

At around ten p.m., they served lunch.

Yeah, you saw that right. Ten P.M. Ten at night. We had lunch.

I'm not even kidding. They gave us the choice of pasta, beef, or chicken. I took pasta. 

*crosses that nonexistent item off my bucket list*

I honestly tried to go to sleep, but I couldn't. Airplanes are too uncomfortable to sleep in. And did you guys know that the sky never sleeps? It was light outside ALL THROUGHOUT the flight. 

That kinda reminds me of Anna in Frozen--"The sky's awake, so I'm awake!"

That happens, quite literally, when you're traveling internationally.

Then I read a cheesy story, listened to music, and slept for a couple of hours before waking up and realizing that we were about to be IN SOUTH KOREA.

(BTW, it's the first time I've ever been out of the United States.)

We stepped off the plane and waited in a long line at customs. Then we walked a million miles to the baggage carousel and got our luggage. Then we had to walk to a Rent-a-Phone booth, and when that wasn't the specific one we were looking for, we had to walk to another one. And then we had to wait for our ride.

 I felt like a VOP--a Very Official Person.

Money exchanger thingamabobber.

Even though we had to wait a long time in line, it was pretty kool just watching people. It was kind of weird, seeing only a couple of Caucasians.

But I was Tired. Out.

So I napped on the way to our apartment, where I was reunited with my beloved Wifi.

After enjoying its benefits, my parents went out and brought back KOREAN FRIED CHICKEN and these roll-thingies called kimbap and we had a fourth/fifth meal.

A special kind of pork cutlet kimbap ^^
Let me just tell you:

Korean fried chicken is DA BOMB. It's amazing. It's better than KFC, because it comes in flavors like soy sauce and garlic. It's kind of like Panda Express orange chicken, except better. 

Much better.

But anyway. I have to go to sleep after pulling an all-nighter. 

Toodles :-)


  1. What fun! You are making me hungry with all of those pictures of yummy food. Is there any particular reason why you guys went to Korea?


    1. We know some people who live in Korea, so we'll be visiting them as well as doing touristy things :-)

  2. I like air-plane rides because I get so long to read. I'm in the middle of the ScrewTape Letters. :) Hope you have fun!!