Monday, June 23, 2014

We Go To A Waterpark and our House Gets Flooded, No Joke [June 21-22]

[June 21]
In the morning, we woke up, ate breakfast, and walked to a pond, where we fed these fish with shrimp crackers (cannibalism?). In the process, we accidentally threw the bag into the if you ever go there and see a red foil bag floating in the water, think of us.

Then we went to this waterpark called Waterpia, home of the world's biggest waterslide (as of 2010).

It was wonderful, weird, and whacked-out all in one.

In the entryway, we had to take off our shoes. Each of us were assigned a locker for the shoes, and we each received a key to the locker. The key was made into a bracelet, so we could just wear the key and not have to worry about losing it. (Funnily enough, I did lose the key--I left it stuck in the locker as we were leaving. Never fear, I found it.)

We had to walk through a food court and enter our respective saunas, depending on gender. The saunas had locker rooms and showers, and the keys we'd received at the front opened the lockers. (Locker count: 2, one for shoes, one for clothes.) Apparently we had to shower BEFORE going to the waterpark.

The whole locker room situation was kind of awkward/funny, depending on how you looked at it, because everywhere I saw women undressing and walking to the showers, then going back and dressing in their swimsuits.

But since I'm a mature human being, I pretended that I went into naked locker rooms every day. Thank gargoyles I didn't have to change into my swimsuit--I just rinsed with it on.

Waterpia is AMAZING. It has an indoor area and an outdoor area, and a food court. The indoor area has a playground, a wavepool, a lazy river, and the entrance to the biggest waterslide in the world. The outdoor area has a playground, wavepool, torrent river, a "Dr. Fish" place that I'll talk about later, two waterslides, a bunch of hot springs/spas, and a continuation of the indoor lazy river.

 This ^^ is green water. Like, actually green water--no lights or anything. I think it's jasmine water...but it smelled like lemon-lime Gatorade!

It was pretty amazing.

My mom bought me a super expensive but TOTALLY worth it waterproof phone case. I hung it around my neck and it was SO KOOL. I took underwater videos and everything.

I can't even begin to tell you how amazing my whole experience was, but I'll just tell you about the slides. The slides were really fun because you went down in a raft with other people, and everyone screams and laughs and it's awesome. The world's biggest slide had a funnel and you basically swished up and down through it. It was short, but amazing.

Near the end, when we were getting tired, we went to a booth thing called Dr. Fish. Basically, it's a place where you sit in this pond and these tiny tadpole-like fish nibble at the dead skin on your feet.

I was a weirdo because I kept imagining that fish were nibbling at my feet and somehow my brain tricked my nerves into thinking that I was being tickled, so I started laughing for no reason whatsoever. I'm wacky like that.

The sensation is kind of interesting. It tickles, and you get creeped out, and you're still as a statue because you want the fish to keep eating you. Then you start getting used to it and it become almost pleasant. Almost.

At the end, I got Dippin' Dots for probably the second time in my life.

 Whoever made those up was a genius. What better way to market ice cream than to form it into colored balls and sell it? It's a really good gimmick!

[June 22]

We went to an English church on Sunday morning for a worship service, and then we went to the highest point in Korea.

Apparently it has the world's tallest postal service as well--you could send a letter from the top!


When I was up there, I listened to V. Rose's song "King Kong's Skyline" from her new album Forever After. It seemed fitting :-)

 There was a candy bar (told you it was commercialized!) and because it was a special occasion, my mom let us get some. vvvv

I got chocolate caramels.

Later, we went to a buffet with some people we knew.

(Yes, there are pictures of food!)

The food was OK. It was kind of weird, because they had detox juice and lemon detox juice and grapefruit ade and lemon-lime do-wizzle-pop (forgot the word they used, but it was fancy) BUT THEY DIDN'T HAVE LEMONADE. So I drank water.

I had, like, five garlic bread thingies. Not because they were extraordinary--I think they just had this magnetism. Garlic bread does that to you. It pulls you in. Someday it may be allies with Disney and take over the world.

 Mah grapefruit ade.

 More food.

 I was pretending to be healthy, so I put in some yogurt and frozen berries, thinking it would be sweet enough.

 Like I said, I was only pretending to be healthy. I needed the chocolate cereal to sweeten it up.

There was gorgonzola pizza. I think Koreans really like gorgonzola pizza, because I've seen a lot of it. It was OK, but it was really strong. Like, really strong. 

I was also really full. Like, really full. What I've shown here is a lot of food, but I ate more than what I took a picture of. So you can either be shocked at how much I consumed, or thankful that I spared you from more pictures of what I ate.

And when we got home...

You can't really tell, but it's wet. When we got to the house we were staying at, there were literally puddles in our living room. Inch-deep puddles of water, apparently because it had been raining. It was just dandy. We got it cleaned up today (Monday) though. Thank gargoyles!

So yeah. That was Saturday and Sunday :-)



  1. Sounds cool! I went to boring old, totally American (:P) Coco Key two weeks ago...that water park looks way cool and way bigger than the one I went to though!

    1. Haha :-) It was different, so I think that's what made it kool

  2. Ooooh, I am so jealous right now! (Just kidding) That water park looks totally cool! :)


  3. Nice!

    I've went to many water parks, including Carribean(?) Bay!

    In Korea, there are A LOT of theme parks!

    P.S. Can you post the picture of the Bears game?
    P.P.S. If you took any...

    1. Kool! I've never heard of Caribbean Bay, but it sounds like fun :-)

      I think we're going to another Bears game, so I'll post more pictures of that, but I posted pictures of it in an earlier post...riffle through the archives and I think you'll find some :-)

      Thanks for commenting!

  4. I'm glad I can read the menu board below your food.

    1. Yeah, the pictures ARE really big, aren't they...