Saturday, June 21, 2014

We Skydive By a Buddhist Temple (June 20)

I love my nonexistent hashtag swag, my city lights, and my Bible. 

Nevertheless, when we went to the peacefully green Mount Seoraksan, I enjoyed drinking from the Fountain of Youth, contemplating the dozens of rock piles there, and skydiving (with umbrellas as parachutes) off the stone steps.

Yeah, sorry. Not real skydiving.

We went on a "hike" up Mt. Seoraksan because it was my mom's dream to do so. (By now, I've learned not to ask questions and to just go with the flow.) It was beautiful, and we stopped by several Buddhist sites, not to get converted but to meditate on the historical aspect of the temples.

There was soooooooo much green! And I finally remembered what a tree looked like. (Just kiddin' :-)

My little sister was completely adorbsy in this little green poncho that she utterly detested.

Just btw, it was raining. It was amazing.

We "hiked" for a little while, coming across this GIANT stone Buddha. 

After, we came to a couple Buddhist buildings. One of them had these scary figurines that kinda had me freaked out.

We came to this temple that was an "active" temple in the sense that people came to worship. I looked at the kind-of gaudy golden statues and recited a hymn to myself. Can't remember what that hymn was, but it reminded me that the Holy Spirit doesn't live in a temple--it lives in my heart.

Then we drank water from this fountain. The fountain had a bunch of scooper-cup things that everyone drank from, and I wasn't sure if HIV was transmitted through saliva (it isn't) so I used my hands. It tasted like tap water with a hint of lemon. But that just might have been my hands.

So now I'm going to have a long life. So much for death by waterslide.

While we were walking back, my brothers and I used our umbrellas to "skydive"; meaning, we jumped off the stone steps, using our umbrellas as parachutes. We also noticed that there were a lot of rock piles. A LOT of rock piles. 


 More rocks.

Even moooore rocks.

Apparently they were altars for happiness or something to that effect. We tried to make some, just for fun, but it takes time and talent to make those, and I didn't have either. Mine was three stones stacked on top of one another.

I think this just confirms the fact that God's calling me to be a writer. Not an architect.

As a souvenir, I got a green whistle on a key chain that cost FIVE. STINKING. DOLLARS. 

It was expensive, but look at it this way:  if it saves my life one of these days, and my life is worth more than $5, then it's well worth the investment. Now I just have to get into a dangerous situation!

After we ate dinner at this seafood place (which was pretty good, even though I don't like seafood), the people we were with took us to this seafood market.

Since we were right by the ocean, the fish was all fresh. I think the fishermen transport live seafood to the markets, where the animals swim around in buckets until someone orders them. Then the salespeople take the live fish out and literally start cleaning and chopping it up, right then and there, and then fry it up. Once the fish is ready, the customer can then take it to one of the many tables and start eating the fish, minutes after the animal was swimming in the bucket.

It was kind of insane. For an animal activist, the market would have seemed a cruel animal slaughterhouse; to me, a person who completely supports the consumption of meat, it was a novelty.

It was SO KOOL. And also kind of disgusting.

I had so much more to write, but I cut some of it. I had hoped to originally combine June 20-21st, but so much happened on both days that I can't. So expect June 21st soon. (Funny how I already lived June 21st, but you guys are just finishing it up. How insanely freaky is that?!)

On a random note, I can't wait to watch the pilot for Girl Meets World on Disney Channel. It premieres Friday, but I don't think I'll be able to watch it here. GARRRGGGHH. 


  1. Think of yourself as a time traveler. That means that I know someone who is in the future!

    That fish market is sooooooooo cool! :)


    1. Haha, yeah, it's really kool!

      And yes, the fish was one of the awesomest, weirdest, wackiest things I've ever been in :-)

  2. If you live in Korea for a LONG time, you'll see a lot of those markets!

    They even have a fish-bidding place!