Friday, June 6, 2014

What I Learned from Public School (School Series PART THREE)

Welcome to the last post in my School Series!

I feel like this year was relatively uneventful, and yet God worked in His wonderful ways :-) I learned a lot this year, and I think I've definitely matured as a person in ways that I may not have had I been homeschooled.

I learned that not everybody has to like you. I come from a small school where everybody knew everybody and everybody was polite to everybody, and we were all used to one another. At my new school, there are over a thousand kids in four different grades, and it's rather mind-boggling for a small-school little girl like me :-) I definitely know of one person who doesn't favor my friendship, and although it's hard for me to understand that person, in a sense I'm glad because it reminds me that ultimately I can never please everyone, and neither do I need to try.

I learned to not conform. It's a weird little matter, but everyone at my school has a small Jansport backpack, with one pouch. I made the "mistake" of buying a backpack with two pouches, and the difference in size definitely shows. And it's harder to stand out in a crowd than you might think. So although for a while I was a little bit self-conscious about my backpack (dumb though it may sound), I realized that if people don't like me because my backpack size, then so be it. I'm not going to waste money buying a new backpack just because people judge me.

I learned how often I look down on people. I am a very proud person. It's hard for me not to look down on people whenever they cuss or forget a homework assignment or do get an F on a test, mostly because I don't cuss, forget homework assignments, or get Fs on tests. Subconsciously, I think that because I'm productive and responsible, I'm better than they are. That's not true. Even though I may seem "good" on the outside, my sin is actually hidden from view, and that's sometimes worse than if your sin is exposed for all to see.

I learned to prioritize. Going to public school is like going to a job--it takes a chunk of time out of my day. I have to be more efficient as soon as I get home from school, and I have to prioritize. I'm still growing in this area, but this year I've recognized the need to organize my life better.

These four things are only a couple of what I've learned this year. Overall, freshman year has been wonderful, and it's only the beginning :-)


P.S. What have you learned this school year? Feel free to comment below, but please make sure to keep everything edifying to one another :-)

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