Friday, July 25, 2014

Funny Fridays: 3 Great Mysteries of Life

Fridays are when I shed all forms of formality and conventional blogging methods and just buck down and breakdance.

Today's Funny Fridays topic is THREE GREAT MYSTERIES OF LIFE.

We all have mysteries in our lives. Why can't my highlights just stay in my hair? Why can't scabs just go away? Why can't pimples, period, just go away?

But today, I'd like to address three randomly chosen mysteries of life. 

1. Seedless Watermelon

You know, when the signs say SEEDLESS WATERMELON, you'd think that the watermelon would actually be seedless, right? But nooooooo, seedless watermelon means that there are no black seeds. There are still white seeds (what's up with that?!). So shouldn't the politically correct term be "black-seed-less watermelon"? 

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And why don't the white seeds go away? Why do only the black seeds go away? I mean, I know that the watermelon is genetically modified so the black seeds go away, but why can't scientists master the technique and get the white seeds to go away too?

And should we even be eating genetically modified food?

2. Throwback Thursday

Admittedly, in terms of pop culture, I was a bit of a late bloomer. I finally convinced my dad to let me get Instagram in eighth grade, and one of the first things I noticed was "#throwbackthursday." And I didn't get it. Throwback Thursday?

I had to ask my art classmate what Throwback Thursday meant, and even then they weren't very articulate. They said, "It's just Throwback Thursday, you know?"

Somehow somebody told me that "Throwback Thursday" meant you posted pictures of yourself when you were younger. 

But honestly, who coined the term "throwback"? That doesn't make any sense! To me, it seems like they're saying "throw back Thursday." So whenever I see "#tbt" or "#throwbackthursday," I think of throwing something back. Like a baseball. Or a tennis ball. Or a basketball. Or a soccer ball.

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Not Thursday! Why would you want to throw back Thursday, anyway? I like Thursdays! They're the day before Fridays!

I Googled "Throwback Thursday," and I found this article. Seriously, there are weekly articles on hashtags now? 

All I can say is, What would Laura Ingalls Wilder's mother say about this? 

3. "Bae"

This is also another Instagram/pop-culture-term trend. Apparently "bae" is a term that refers to "babe." You know, like if you've got a girlfriend or boyfriend and they say, "Hey babe" to you?

First of all, I don't get the whole "baby" thing. In love songs, they always say "baby." What's that supposed to mean? Why would you be comparing me to an infant who does not yet have the brain capacity of an adult? Are you implying something about my intelligence? (Not that babies are unintelligent. They're just less intelligent than most adults.)

And then apparently the whole two syllables of "ba-by" was too hard for people to say, so they switched to "babe." I don't get that either. 

Then apparently people were too tired of saying two b's in the same word, so it became "bae." 

Next thing you know, people will be taking off the e and going around and calling everyone "ba." 

BAAAAAA. BAAAAAAAA. BA. Bunch of sheep here. Anyone want some wool?

Okay, I'm done ridiculing society. I find it incredibly ironic that I'm an avid Instagram user, but I'm making fun of the ridiculous trends that we use.


Are there any great mysteries of life you find weird or annoying? (Please make sure to keep all comments appropriate! :-)


  1. Oh my gosh. This is so funny. :D You need a talk show or something. ;)

  2. I have to say this. id they can make seedless watermelon, why (On earth) can't they make seedless cherrys? Or seedless, like, tomatos???

    1. Yeah, you'd think, right? But I know that some people don't like seedless fruit--genetically modified food is really weird, actually--but seedless cherries would probably greatly benefit the world :-) Except we wouldn't be able to grow more cherries if they're seedless.

    2. Not all cherries would have to be seedless, just some of them. so that we would still have cherry trees.Also, i was thinking about #tbt and it reminde me od #ootd. I really don't get that one. (Oh My word.) You do an awesome job with your blog. IT makes me laugh and cry and think. Thank-you for writing this. IT's hard (Trust me. I know) but you make it look so easy.

    3. #ootd is "Outfit Of The Day" (but I don't get it either, haha). And thanks! I'm happy that my blog does that!

    4. I know what it means, i just don't get why everyone posts on FB what there wearing then i go to school and see them wearing the same thing!! It's a little bit nuts... just saying.

    5. Haha...yeah, most hashtags are :-)

  3. It does feel a little unsettling that we can modify foods so they don't have seeds. Aren't fruits supposed to have seeds?

    I nominated you for The Sunshine Award:

    1. I guess fruit was made having seeds, but we humans decided we didn't want seeds, so we took 'em out of genetics. I think there are probably still ways to plant plants, even without seeds.

      And wow, thanks!