Wednesday, July 2, 2014

My Head Is Exploding (Sorry If A Chunk Of It Just Landed On Your Face)

Okay, um, let's move past the title.

Actually, let's not. Let me give you the numbers for why my head is exploding.

Ever since we got back from our trip on Monday (Oh, right, today's Wednesday. And yesterday was Tuesday. Sorry. Got mixed up), I've been catching up on what I've missed over the past weeks. Like my library card. And my music. 

I mean, I had music in Korea, because I had WiFi, but it wasn't like I had time to go through Spotify and stuff...

And then writing extra blog posts, and editing pictures...I've missed so much at HOME!

So, *ahem* here are the numbers:

Four books read 

  • Sammy Keyes and the Cold Hard Cash, by Wendelin van Draanen
  • Sammy Keyes and the Art of Deception, by Wendelin van Draanen
  • The Sound of Your Voice...Only Really Far Away, by Frances O'Roark Dowell
  • Sammy Keyes and the Killer Cruise, by Wendelin van Draanen
As you can see, I've been reading a lot of Sammy Keyes. But I have a justified reason:

Sammy Keyes is AMAZING.

Not even kidding here--if Tori Kelly has the best secular music for my ears, then Sammy Keyes has the best secular personality for my taste.

Here's why:
  • Sammy is sensible.
  • Sammy is smart.
  • Sammy is a quick thinker.
  • Sammy does not hesitate to do things.
  • Sammy does not care about boys too much. 
The top part, honestly, doesn't describe me, but the last one really cinched it for me. Sammy does not care about boys too much.

Notice how I put in the "too much." She's aware of them. She knows that they exist. She hasn't forsaken the whole male species. She just doesn't consider them a priority in her life. 

How. Many. Times. Have. I. Searched. For. A. Heroine. Like. This.

Oh, and here's another thing that cinched it for me: There is a boy. And he's nice. And he rides a skateboard.  (She rides a skateboard too.) And they "date." But he liked her first, she doesn't obsess over him, and IT'S JUST AMAZING!


Back to the numbers.

11 Songs Added to Playlist

ELEVEN. In a thirty-six-hour period. That's probably the most I've ever added in one and a half days.

Here are the songs:

"Take on the World" (Theme Song from Girl Meets World; I had the summer remix version before)
"When Will My Life Begin" (From Tangled)
"Ghost" by Katy Perry
"Unbreakable" by Madison Beer (Don't ask me why the song is on my playlist)
"Melodies" by Madison Beer (Again, don't ask me why)
"Fire Away" by Tedashii
"Angels and Demons" by Tedashii
"100" by KB
"Give My All" by KB
"Envy" by 116
"Man Up Anthem" by 116

That's really funny--the contrast among all those songs. I have a Disney Channel theme song, a Tangled song, Katy Perry, and Madison Beer, and then I went all psycho-11Six-on you guys and finished up with some Tedashii, KB, and 116. (116 is what they call themselves--it's like Lecrae, Andy Mineo, Tedashii, Trip Lee, Derek Minor, other Christian rappers etc., etc., when they collaborate. It's because their motto is Romans 1:16-"For I am not ashamed of the gospel..." But you can just Google that.)

I actually didn't add the songs by KB and 116 until after I decided that I wasn't going to be able to sleep and start sifting through Spotify.

But here's the story of my insomnia-like problems:

I hate sleeping. I am just not a sleeping person. It's probably why I'm so short--I'm 5' 1.5". I JUST DO NOT LIKE TO SLEEP.

I know it's supposed to be, like, a teenager-y thing, to be able to sleep, but I can't. I hate sleeping. I can't even sleep when I'm tired.

It's weird.

Maybe I'm becoming like that pencil woman in The Mysterious Benedict Society.

So, anyway, I was not able to sleep. I went to bed at like 11 because I had to reread some of my favorite parts of the Sammy Keyes books, and I tried to sleep.

That's the problem.

I overthink sleeping.

For some people, it's automatic. They just SLEEP.

For me, it's not. I try to make it automatic, but that's the problem: I try to make it automatic.

What ends up happening is me not sleeping. And my mind was going in one hundred bazillion directions, because I was thinking about Polar Opposites, and about POVs, and about one of my main-subordinate characters and her past, and what I should write for this blog, and I had one hundred bajillion ideas what to write for this post, and about Sammy Keyes and wondering why I can't be as kool as she is, and all the while that STINKING LITTLE CHORUS for "Melodies" by Madison Beer was pounding in my head, and as a matter of fact it's still pounding in my head right now.

I hear melodies in my head (hear melodies in my head)
Something something till you melodined me (What does that mean?!) and I'm better than ever and it just repeats.

At 12, I was like, OK, so today's Wednesday, and I'll just go to sleep now.


At 2, I had to go to the bathroom. Around the same time, I heard my mom walk into the schoolroom, which is right by my bedroom. (I knew it was my mom because my dad never goes into the schoolroom. I think he can't stand the messiness.)

So after I went to the bathroom I stuck my head out the door, and what do you know, my mom comes walking out. 

We struck up this whole conversation about how she drank coffee, and that's why she's up at 2 in the morning, and I told I can't sleep, and then she said, "Read a book for 30 minutes."

HAHAHA. When I read a book, I get into it. And when it's worth it, I never put it down.

I cannot just "read" for 30 minutes and go to sleep. I can't. It's just not my thing.

I told her so.

She said something like, "Just go to sleep," and I was like, "I guess that's all I can really do," so I went back to bed.

After a little bit of hearing more "Melodies" in my head, I decided to read and picked up The Sound of Your Voice...only Really Far Away.

It was a pretty good book. I liked the end, when Kate decides she'd rather be friends with the boy. 


Okay, I'm done. As you can tell, I'm still a bit tired.

Then I started writing the beginning of a new book that's intricately linked with Polar Opposites. 

After that, I had to go to the bathroom again. 

I came back up and decided to try to go to sleep again.

No luck.

I started to read Sammy Keyes and the Showdown in Sin City (which is probably my favorite from the several I've read), but my eyes kept unfocusing so I decided to try to go to sleep.

I tried. I promise. I really did try. And I know it wasn't one of those things where you just fall asleep and think you're awake.

THEN I listened to music. (I really did have melodies in my head!) I listened to all the songs that I listed, and then I added KB's songs and 116's songs.

And then I decided that I wanted watermelon, that 5:46 was of course a decent time to get it, so I went downstairs, ate some, thought about my life, and came back up here. And I'm typing this. RIGHT NOW.

So I just pulled an all-nighter. I'm probably going to have to take a nap. And beg my mom to let me eat lots of onion dip. And watermelon. And some chocolate.

So much for that stinking six-pack.

By the way, how's your summer been? I need to catch up with all of you! I've been so busy talking about me that I haven't had time to listen to you! Let me know in the comments!

Also, scheduled posts should resume next week. Just give me a couple more days to recover, yah? And you'll definitely be hearing from me again this week :-)



  1. Wow, I've never pulled an all-nighter by myself. I can never stay awake. I always doze off because I'm bored. If I'm with friends it's easier for me because we can chat and stuff. ;)

    1. Haha kool, you're lucky! I wish I could be like you!

      I fell asleep after I posted this, actually, so I got like 4 hours of sleep?

      I'm sooo tired now :-(

  2. You poor thing! Try some warm milk and butter (do you know which movie that is off of?).

    Let me count the ways my summer has been busy. Canning, visits from the kiddos, cleaning for Grandma, cooking, and we just got over having some friends over for a BBQ today. This month is going to be super hectic and really, really busy and then next month is Grandma and my birthday tea party and more canning. And now I am off to bed since it just became tomorrow instead of today. :)


    1. Wow, your summer sounds awesome!

      And no, I don't know what the warm milk and butter reference is from...hmmmmm...

      Thanks for commenting!

    2. Thanks, yours doesn't sound too bad either. :)

      The warm milk and butter reference is from That Touch Of Mink with Cary Grant and Doris Day in it. It is an old movie but super good! If you ever have a chance you should watch it. :)


    3. Oh wow, that's old. Doris Day! I'll check it out :-)

      Thanks for the recommendation!

  3. I love When Will My Life Begin :) such a cute song. I wish I had that many hobbies! (Actually, I would be a bit overwhelmed and bored at the same time.)

    1. Haha, yeah, but if I were stuck in a tower for all my life, I don't know what else I'd do! :-)