Sunday, July 6, 2014

Rcubed's Podcast #1: Birds & Footling Around

So, instead of Last Week's Link List, I decided to do podcasts.

I kinda ramble in the video, but I strongly encourage you to watch it/listen to it if you want visuals.


Here's the link for the dog poop post I talked about in the video... 

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this! And make sure to come back next week :-)



  1. I can't see the video, let alone click it :(
    - Katie

    1. It actually does that for me too, and I think it's because I have a YouTube blocking thing on my computer. So if you have a YouTube or Open Media Search blocker thingamabobber on your computer, that might be the reason why you aren't seeing the video.

      Try viewing it on a mobile device, and, if that doesn't work, I'm really really sorry and I'll try to get the problem fixed. :*-( Sorry for the mixup!