Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Writing Wednesdays: My Storyboard

It's been a dream of mine to have a corkboard and dry-erase board up on my wall.

Think of the use of it: for my corkboard, I could post inspirational notes, pictures that remind me of my characters, calendars, maps, anything I wanted. I often get story ideas while lying in bed, so if I had a dry erase board, I could just get up and write them. 

Recently, My Storyboard came into existence.

My dad bought corkboard tiles for me, and one of those roll-up dry erase boards, both of which you can stick onto your wall. I decided to put them over my bed, just for convenience's sake.

Before we did anything...

We hung up the tiles, but putting up the sticky board was time-consuming, because my dad is a bit OCD about bubbles. See, the board was this plasticky paper thing that you had to straighten out and make sure it was perfectly straight, with no air bubbles under it. Since Dad is one of those people who likes making things pretty near perfect, we stood there for a good fifteen-twenty minutes straightening out bubbles.

If I had ordered the board and done it myself, I probably would have tried to do it, then realize that it involved air bubbles. Then I probably would have redone it over and over and over again and ruined it and completely wasted my money. It really does pay to be detail-oriented (which I'm not).

That's me trying to be funny.

This is the end result, and that's me smelling my blankey because I was feeling random. (And yes, I do own a blankey. Don't judge :-)

That's what it looks like now. The corkboard tiles keep falling down, because my wall is bumpy, but other than that it's pretty awesome. I have my whole weekend checklist up on the dry erase board. As for the corkboard, I have a calendar, a map of Friette (Polar Opposites' setting), and a list of the key characters in Friette up there. I'm probably going to make a timeline or a pinboard of pictures/phrases that remind me of my characters.

The calendar is so that I could see the days and dates of the year and outline the fifth draft of my book.

Polar Opposites Update:

I finished the outline of the fifth draft last Friday, wrote out the events in detail, made a list of the characters so I wouldn't forget, and even wrote the query letter. I even have an idea of which agent I'm going to query first.

All I need to do is actually write the fifth draft! And I'd love for you guys to read it when I'm done!

I'm excited. Writing is my favorite part of the whole process, and I'll be productive. I've actually already written 1K words on the book, even though I haven't "officially" started yet. I'm planning it to be around 75,000 words. (Even though it's middle grade fiction, it's upper MG, so there's more room to soar in terms of word count.)

P.S. I have an idea for a serial story to publish in installments on Wednesdays. Not sure when it'll come, but expect it to come soon!

How has your writing been coming along? What have you been doing this summer?


  1. Very cool to hear about your progress, Rcubed! And that storyboard of yours is pretty neat. I hope it fulfills all your dreams for it!