Friday, August 15, 2014

Funny Fridays: The Slightly Ditzy Adventures of Yours Truly

Something I like to emphasize a lot on this blog is the weird day-to-day adventures one can stumble across. You don't need to be a wizard with a lightning-shaped scar on his forehead in order for you to have adventures.

I've been having some adventures of my own. 

Part of a good thing about growing up is learning to take initiative. I used to be a passive person: I'd only do something if somebody told me. However, I've learned that life isn't going to wait for me and that I might as well do what I want to do right now rather than later.

One of the things on my bucket list was having a youth group Girl Meets World marathon. For those of you who don't know, I'm kind of obsessed with Girl Meets World. It stars Rowan Blanchard (who is probably one of the most awkward-adorable actresses I've found yet) and, my personal favorite, Sabrina Carpenter. The writing is good, the acting is OK, and the show is actually funny.

My youth group leader watched Boy Meets World when she was younger, so she was equally excited when I announced I wanted to have a Girl Meets World marathon! It somehow came together on a Saturday night in late July.

We had chips, watermelon, carrots, pizza rolls, Chips Ahoy chewy cookies, and onion dip. I think I was the only one who ate the onion dip, but that's okay; it meant there was more for me.

After, we decided to make microwave s'mores, which we did. Did you know that there are such thing as flat marshmallows?

We watched all five episodes of Girl Meets World on our Roku with Watch Disney Channel, eating all the while. Somehow, during the commercial times, we ended up watching the same commercial over and over and over again. It was really annoying, but really funny: we practically memorized the commercial by the time it was over.

A couple weeks later, I stumbled across this ^^^ when I was walking around in Kohls. I naturally freaked out, because I feel like Girl Meets World is MY show...but I didn't buy any of the clothes because A) they were too small, and B) they're not my style. But still!

It was fun to bond with my youth group. And it was also funny to see my youth leader reminiscing about her times watching Boy Meets World.

Ahhh...the good ol' days.

Last week, my family and I went to the beach.

We had Jack-in-the-Box, which was actually REALLY good...I had a chicken sandwich, and it oozed with mayo and juicy tomato and lettuce and for once I ate the bread. AMAZING. (And it had bacon!)

These things were really fun to pop ^^ (Sorry for the unfocused picture.)

I'm a Ripstiker. It's actually my brother's Ripstik, but I use it more than he does, so I call it mine. But there was this little trail (see below) that people biked on. So I Ripstikked.

There were a lot of cracks on the sidewalk and I only wore a tank top over my swimsuit (see the swimsuit here), so my legs were bare. It was probably not a good move, because I fell down and skinned my knee. Humiliation + people around + abrasions are not the best combination, but I stuck through it and made it back alive :-)

A random picture of the Ripstik on the beach.

I'm not one of those people who puts on a bathing suit and lays out on the sand to "suntan", but I did it this time. I actually had a legit excuse, though. Apparently there were STINGRAYS in the water, and my mom told us we had to do the "Stingray Shuffle" to warn the stingrays that we were coming when we went into the water.

As soon as I heard the word "stingray" I immediately thought, There's no way I'm going into the water. I mean like, what if it comes up and stings my heart and I die? 

So instead I sat out, caught some rays, and listened to Sabrina Carpenter.

Oh, and if you're thinking I'm being paranoid right now? My brother went out in the waves with our boogie board and he felt something COLD AND SLIMY under his feet. And it MOVED. So he rushed back to shore; I don't think he went back in the water after that.

So there, sensible and logical people. We have PROOF that it was dangerous to go into that water.

Then last Saturday I helped with a pre-reception.

See, there's this engaged couple at our church who have only lived in our state for a couple years. Both their families live in a different state, and the couple didn't want to make their families come out here for their wedding. So they're going back there to get married.

So instead of having the wedding here, they had what they called a "pre-reception." It was basically a get-together for all the people at my church to celebrate their upcoming marriage. 

My mom and I offered to help decorate for the pre-reception.

You see those two giant "K"s? My youth group leader and another person from church handmade those out of tissue paper and posterboard. It took them FIVE HOURS to do one letter. Isn't that crazy?

But on the plus side, it cost next to nothing.

We helped them hang up those tissue flower-ball things, and I have to say: it was hard work. I won't bore you with the details, but let's just say it involved throwing a potentially lethal roll of string over the red bar (see it better below).

When we were done hanging those up, they had two trash bags full of the pom-poms left. So I asked if I could bring them home. They're sitting in my room right now as I type ;-)

The pre-reception was really fun. The couple told stories of their connection to one another; I discovered that a drink dispenser was broken (a.k.a. I tried to get some lemonade and the spout came off in my hand, wop wop); and I WON A RAFFLE. Which is a miracle in itself, because I never win raffles. But I won a bag of chocolate-covered peanut butter balls! There's still one left, actually.

Then there's my personal favorite adventure: the Contact Mix-Up Adventure

I have terrible eyes. You might have seen me complaining about glasses here and there, but normally I wear contacts. 

About a week or so ago, I discovered that my right contact was making my vision fuzzier than normal. I knew my eyes weren't the problem, so what was wrong? (And it was only my RIGHT contact! Not my left! Just my right!) 
I wore fuzzy contacts for probably a week, and I was getting really frustrated. We were talking about going to the optometrist when one morning I put my right contact in and found that it wasn't fuzzy anymore!

As you can probably guess, I was overjoyed. And then I went back and realized that I'd taken the contact out from my left side of the lens case instead of the right side of it!

So I pieced the puzzle together and figured out that all along, I'd been wearing the right contact on my left eye and the left contact on my right eye.

I'm rather absentminded.

What slightly ditzy adventures have you been having lately?


  1. Rcubed,
    Ok, so the city that i live in has been having these really epic thunder storms. Anyway, so during one, I was at church teaching preschool to the little ones, and the power goes out. Now, the room that the preschoolers go in, is DARK with out the lights, so, naturally i flacked out a little bit.

    The end result was the teacher (Me) screaming and none of the kids even batting an eyelash. *eye roll*

    Yes, this is my crazy life.


    1. Wow, that's kinda kool! And that's funny :-)

      That's a much more adventuresome adventure than mine ;-D