Friday, August 1, 2014


The title of this post is in all caps because depressing things are meant to be shouted.

Okay, forget that. Depressing things should not be shouted to the world. Well, maybe they should be, to teach other people how not to be depressed. 

But today's post uses depressing as modern slang. I write under the assumption that we congregate in flippant Friday society, and under the assumption that you lot are not going to rake me down for being insensitive to people who truly have experienced depressing things.

Now that that disclaimer has been said, let's get to the point, shall we?

I'll be outlining things that are "depressing," and also things that aren't "depressing." (Because we all need a little light in our lives, yeah?)

Things That Are Depressing

-SAT homework in the summer so that you don't have time/want to do to do your actual summer homework

-Realizing that you haven't made that much progress in tennis since last year. Mentally telling yourself that you have to start practicing.

-Waking up at 5:30 (in reality 5:50) to get to tennis camp.

-Realizing that if I want to get Polar Opposites published by the time high school gets out I'd better pitch it by the beginning of next year.

-Realizing that the odds of getting the agent that I want is very SLIM. She does a #tenqueries every once in a while on her Twitter, and basically she accepts 1 out of 10 manuscripts sent to her. GAHHHHH. Dear Jesus, please let me get this agent.

-Realizing that you've gained weight in the past year, but you haven't grown much taller. (1/2 an inch still counts, right?)

-Not being able to sleep on the nice, spacious, regular-bed-sized futon, and instead you have to sleep on your tiny twin bed that is admittedly softer but STILL.

(Not my futon...but I wish!)

Things That Aren't Depressing

-British accents.

-Joyant teddy bars. (Giant teddy bears, written with a British accent.)

-Getting a 1930 on your latest practice SAT. WOOHOOO! My dad said that if I got a 2000 on the SAT, I can QUIT SAT CAMP! Can I hear an a-men?! (You all say "A-men!")

-Hanging out with your friends at tennis camp.

-Planning a Girl Meets World hangout with some fellow church ladiessssss :-)

-Planning on going to a gourmet doughnut shop TODAY (Friday) to try their maple bacon doughnuts. (I'll letcha know how that turns out!)

-People who spell the word "doughnuts" with a "gh."

-Going over your projected 1,000-word daily goal and feeling productive. WOP WOP. 

For every depressing thing, there is a not-depressing thing. There are probably more not-depressing things than depressing things in life if you just look. So yeah. Today's post is a bit rambly, and a bit weird, but it was a lot better than the post I'd originally planned to publish today. (Puh-lease. Who wants to hear about how I came to loathe Red Vines when you can read my superficial Friday scribblings?)

What are some things that are depressing in today's First World society? What are some things that AREN'T depressing? (Rule: For every depressing thing you list in the comments, you MUST list at least one not-depressing thing!)


  1. Ok, not depreesing first: Colton Dixon's new CD... Not depressing. (Yeay!!!)

    Depressing: not until the middle of august. :(

    1. Yeah! Awesome! But I love his song "More of You"!

  2. Depressing:
    *School starts the end of this month.
    *Writers Block
    *Not having money for Ipod touch I want, haha #21stCenturyGir*lProbs

    *Music lessons start when school does
    *Finally knowing how to finishing the story! YES!!!
    * Ipod touch 5th gen came down in price, just a little bit! :)

    I recently found your Blog after I read your post on the Rebelution, I really like it. I will be visiting very often! Haha!


    P.S. Some people spell doughnuts without the gh!? I have always spelled it that way.

    1. Yup! Crazy, isn't it?! I think it's an injustice to doughnuts that some people spell them "donuts."

      Glad that you liked this post!