Monday, August 25, 2014

Musing Mondays // 3 Ways To Beat Boredom (& Some Other Stuff)

I probably should have written this post at the beginning of the summer, but strangely enough my brain went "WE SHOULD DO THIS POST!" when it's the end of August and a lot of people are already back in school.

I don't get back to school until after Labor Day, so I still have some time. And if you're like me, you might be wondering what to do with yourselves for the rest of the summer (or maybe the rest of your life).

(You know what, I'll just admit it. This was a really badly scheduled post. Blame my brain.)

Anyway, hello. And if you're a really fast homework-doer or something, and you have a lot of extra time on your hands, and you have #FirstWorldProblems and don't know what to do, here are three ways you can wage war on your unproductivity and fight your boredom!

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  1. Make a list. It's sooooo boring, I know, but this somehow always works for me. (See? I'm making a list as we speak!) I think of what I need to get done and write it down (also make sure to put check mark boxes by each option). That way, I have a clear vision of what I could be doing at the moment.
  2. Do something crazy. Do the ALS Ice Bucket challenge! Do 10 ALS Ice Bucket challenges! (If you haven't been nominated, I nominate you!) Doodle on your backpack! (I'm going to get a silver Sharpie and write my favorite song lyrics on my backpack :-) Make a list of 100 things to draw and draw them all in an hour! Or something even insaner, like cleaning your room. (I actually like cleaning my room. Don't ask me why.)
  3. Do something OUTSIDE of your house. I find that if you're outside the house, you tend not to get as sidetracked. For example, when I'm in my house, I tend to "accidentally" stray onto YouTube and watch Bethany Mota and the Merrell Twins and stuff, instead of doing something productive (like working on my NEW WRITING PROJ! OH YEAH! IT'S ABOUT SPIES!). But when I'm outside the house and I don't have wifi, I can't get sidetracked on YouTube because of my data limit on my phone! So go watch a movie! (May I suggest Guardians of the Galaxy? It made me cry.) Or go to the library! (I went there and I got a ton of books, most of which were pretty decent.) Or go to Starbucks and people-watch! (Haven't done that...) Or go to Starbucks and listen to music and think about life. (I doodle and think about life, but most of the time it happens in Spanish class. Woops.)
Hopefully those hints help you beat boredom brutally.

Anyway, I've been receiving a lot of blogger awards, and as I can't keep track of them all, I'll post a couple of them down here in the form of PODCASTS! Yeah. Podcasts. Only the audio quality will be much better than my last one, and you'll be able to enjoy and listen to them.

Things to keep in mind while listening to me talk:
  • I don't have a lisp. It was the program that did it.
  • Sometimes I stumble over my words. 
  • I'm random. Very.
  • I'm also abrupt.
  • If I say something that implies something bad, I meant to say something that implies something good.
  • Listen...
O. Williams' Sunshine Blogger Award


Elise's Sunshine Blogger Award


His Princess' Very Inspiring Blogger Award


Also, check out my Soundcloud!

How do YOU combat boredom? And what did you think of the podcasts?


  1. Haha, thanks for posting this, it was so entertaining to read! :) I really like the tip about going outside. With laptops and phones, it can be so easy to get sucked into the habit of staying inside and bumming around (unfortunately I am guilty of this at times!). But once you go outside, and take in the world, it is so energizing to experience the world on a whole different level and usually when I'm outside, I feel so much contentment even if I'm just sitting in the sun for a while.

    -Riley XO