Monday, August 4, 2014

Musing Mondays: Just Do It

For starters, let me get something straight.

In case you haven't noticed, my life is pretty much not-glamorous. Other than that trip to SK at the very beginning of the summer, my schedule has been chock-full of SAT camp, VBS hours at church (which count toward my community service hours for high school), writing, SAT camp, and tennis camp. I don't even have time to read! (Well, okay, maybe I have time, but maybe I spend it on less worthwhile things like YouTube.)

By the way, this video (below) is pretty funny. Watch the ENTIRE THING. The end is so kool!

Anyway...back to the topic.

Today's Musing Monday topic is "Just Do It." (This post is not sponsored by Nike. Its slogan is just really appropriate.)

~picture from wikipedia~

See, there are plenty of articles and videos out there that tell you how to motivate yourself. "You can write a full novel in just two short weeks!" or "Complete your homework in three short steps!" 

But do you see the irony in that?

By reading those articles, you're actually procrastinating. You're trying to motivate yourself, but honestly, it doesn't take a shrink to get people to get better grades. It just takes willpower and self-control.

(Which a lot of people don't have, by the way. And a shrink can't magically transfer work ethic into a person's brain.)

Long-term goals are good to plan. But when you're just trying to muster up the courage to do homework, Just Do It. Okay? Stop messing around. Set your phone to Airplane Mode, put those sour cream'n'onion Pringles away, and sharpen your pencil. Just do it. Reading more articles (like this one) won't equip you with the strength to complete those nine math problems. Just DO it.

Also, this doesn't just apply to stuff that you don't like to do. "Just do it" also applies to the stuff that you would like to do, but don't have the courage to. (Note: Does not apply to doing drugs or alcohol or anything negative.)

Maybe you're afraid that people don't like you, so you don't invite them to your house. Or maybe you're afraid that the person standing over there, alone, at church, will think you're socially awkward if you try to start a conversation with them. I always have that rush of adrenaline when I approach someone and think, Should I talk to them?


But once you start rolling down a hill, you accelerate and you find that it's actually fun. Once you focus more on the activity itself rather than the hypothetical negative consequences, just doing it reaps awesome results (as long as it's a good activity).


SO JUST DO IT. Get off this blog and go DO whatever activity you're procrastinating on right now. Call the friend/parent/sibling; go do those ninety-three math problems or whatever. Just do it. It's on YOU.

And I'm not going to ask a question today because you should probably be doing something better at this moment :-)

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