Tuesday, September 30, 2014


So, I'm literally freaking out right now, for two reasons.

The first one begins in January.

See, I used to stalk Shelby Bach's website--I looooove the Ever Afters series--and a bunch of other fangirls and me used to come up with names for the fourth book in the series. (Pure speculation, of course.)

Well, that was in January. Shelby hasn't been posting on her website as much, but all of a sudden, today--after I got out of math class, UGH--I received an e-mail from her. Here's what it said:

when you came up with titles back in January, you did me a HUGE favor! Of Enemies and Endings is the title for The Ever Afters 4, and YOU came up with it!!!!

so I named a book, guys.

I guess it does pay to be a fangirl.

What's more, Shelby revealed the cover of her book today, so I can actually see the fruit of my labor. (Haha.)

This is seriously my favorite cover BY FAR. 

If you want to see Shelby's cover reveal post, click here.

Literally, I cannot stop smiling. It's kind of like my dreams are partially coming true. I know, sort of, what it's like to see the work of your labor in the public for all to see. I might even go to Barnes & Noble and just look for Of Enemies and Endings and say to the salespeople, "I named this book!"

Jk. I won't have time to do that.

Second Reason:

I had a tennis match today, folks. (I have four in a row, actually. And I should be showering right now...) But I won all three of my sets today and 6-0ed the number 1 singles!


We lost, but it was a personal victory for me.

Anyway, toodles! See you on Friday! (If I'm not sleeping.)

Friday, September 26, 2014

Watermelon Be the Death of Me | Or the Attack of the Ants

So, I'm fifteen now.

This is a big number, guys.

1. 5.


Anyway, I don't feel any different, so let's progress in an orderly fashion.

Today, I will tell you the story of the watermelon and the ants. And why there are ant guts stuck in my school binders and why there's eight bites on my right arm.

And I'll show you some amazing pictures of food.

(Keep in mind I am making a big sacrifice by writing this post right now. After all, I could be drawing parabolas or doing something exciting.)

Watermelon Be the Death of Me | Or, the Attack of the Ants

Lettuce get something straight. 


I really love watermelon. 

(I also love puns! Like that lettuce one up there! Did you see it? Did you?!)

I love watermelon so much that I am willing to pack it for lunch and eat it for lunch. 

(Note: Watermelon is best when it's in strips. That way, you just hold it like a popsicle with your fingers and eat. Much easier than wedges or cubes.)

Lettuce get anotter thing straight.

(Otters are really cute!)

I really love my friends too.

(I also love puns! Especially when they involve otters!)

And I love my friends so much that I am willing to not throw out my trash because I don't want to walk the ten feet required to go to the trash can. (The combination of my laziness and their inherent magnetism is too hard for me to resist.)

So, I did not throw out the bag with my watermelon juice or the bag with my sandwich crumbs.

Lettuce get anotter sting straight.

(Puns are also wonderful when you foreshadow something that will happen later on.)

I play tennis!

You've probably heard me talk about it before on this blog.

At our tennis courts, the courts are on the left side, and a fence is on the right. The fence is near a patch of land. (We usually pour leftover water/Gatorade into the land. Ironically, it has almost no plants. Hmmm.)

I had the incredible misfortune to place my backpack (containing my bag of watermelon juice) by that very fence.

I played tennis. (I lost all three sets under #2 singles.) After handing out See's Candy lollipops to my team members (in celebration of my birthday), I picked up my backpack and my tennis bag and walked up the stairs to the parking lot.

Right as I got to the parking lot, I felt several small jabs of sensation (too small to be called pain; too big to be unnoticeable). It was quite weird, actually. It felt like things were crawling over me.

I looked down at my dirty, rumpled tennis uniform.

I had ants crawling over my arms, shirt, and legs!

Immediately I kindasortamaybeslightly yelled a little bit, dropped my backpack and tennis bag like they were hot coals, and examined the scene.


I looked on the ground, and there they were. I looked inside my backpack, and there they were. I looked inside my lunchbag...

and there. they. were.

As of right now, I currently detest ants. I probably will carry this detestation into the days of my oldness.

I took all of my binders, notebooks, books, and stuff out of my backpack. There were ant guts everywhere; it was like an ant gut battlefield. 

(I had a picture but apparently I don't. Oh well.)

I somehow got everything out (save for a few stray ants), and only today I realized that I have eight ant bites on my right arm. (None on my left. Just my right. Does my right arm taste better or something?)


Afterward, I went home, did a teensy bit of homework, and went out for a birthday dinner with my family and grandparents.

We went to this barbecue place called Lucille's, which is one of my favorite restaurants.

Appetizer: spinach dip with cheese and tortilla chips. Creamy and crisp.

These are like the best things ever. SUGAR BISCUITS. They're thick and very buttery, with sugar sprinkled on top and throughout. You eat them with...


They whip the butter until it's at a creamlike consistency, then put some sort of apple spice and cinnamon in it so it tastes like heaven. Best thing ever.

And that's just the beginning!

My little sister is (unsurprisingly) obsessed with macaroni and cheese. She ordered mac'n'cheese from the kids menu, and then mac'n'cheese as a side.

This was mine! I had the Memphis Pulled Pork sandwich, with the mustard sauce and coleslaw, along with creamy coleslaw on the side. (Coleslaw is amazing.)

A closeup of the coleslaw.

This was my grandma's meal, tri-tip with a couple different sides. I sampled this and was amazed--it was cooked to perfection. Quite literally. PERFECTION. Soft and succulent, yet hearty and meaty. It was pure beauty.

It was really funny, because I was describing the tri-tip to the person who sits next to me in math, and I was done with it before realizing that she was Indian! (Not Native American--Indian.)

Not wanting to assume things, I gasped out, "Oh my goodness, do you eat meat?" (Because there is a fair number of Indians at my school, and just from experience the ones I know don't eat meat.)

I think she said that she ate chicken, but at any rate I cracked up. Of all the people to describe the meal to--a vegetarian!

Funniest thing ever.

My mom's tri-tip salad!

After the meal, we went back home and I opened my presents.

But let me say...isn't this cake gorgeous?!?!


My mom has really good taste.

I tried the little edible paper thing. It was basically sugar. 

They surprised me with balloons in the corner. (Plus side of having an artistic younger sister.)

After I opened my presents (BOOKS. BOOKS. BOOKS. AND A LECRAE T-SHIRT!)

One of my presents was a "late-night food basket" from me mum. Trader Joe's caramel goodies were in there!

And...I had a late night of homework. (I didn't want to eat any of the goodies, though--just to save them.) I listened to Taylor Swift and drew parabolas. Fun.

Get it? Fun? Function?

Okay, yeah, that wasn't very good.

But anyway, a couple quick announcements!

I joined my high school's newspaper! 

Also...I made a new blog.

You might be thinking, What? ANOTHER blog?! Doesn't she barely have time to keep up 2?
But this blog is different. It'll function more as a Tumblr (only I don't have a tumblr). It's called "Little Things," and they'll basically be like tweets. 

(If you want your blogger feed spammed, follow this one!)


And I most certainly will enjoy the most recent Girl Meets World episode.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

When a Conversation About Christmas Songs Turns to Ariana Grande, Which Turns To Food, Which Turns to Parabolic Functions. Not Kidding.

Me: BRO!

Me: BRO!
Me: What's goin' on, dude?

Me: Nuthin' much. Just listening to some Christmas songs in September.

Me: DUDE! ME TOO! What songs are you listening to?

Me: Oh, just some Pentatonix and Ariana Grande.

Me: DUDE! ME TOO! They're amazing!

Me: I know, right? I usually don't like Ariana Grande, but her voice is really good for Christmas songs. And Pentatonix...don't get me started!

Me: Dude, totally the feels goin' on. Are you sure we haven't met?

Me: If we had I'd probably recognize your face. After all, it is just like mine.

Me: That's so creepy! Yeah, I'm pretty sure we haven't met before. Dude, so what did you do today other than listen to Christmas songs?

Me: Well, I went to church and had a lot of pasta.

Me: Hey, me too! Communion lunch today?

Me: Yah!

Me: Oh. My. Gargoyles! That is such a coincidence!

Me: They had spinach salad and pasta. When I went back for seconds, they'd run out of the spinach salad. *sighs* Sad, sad, sad.

Me: I know, right? Spinach is, like, DA BEST. I love spinach salads!

Me: Yeah, except when they have really long stems.

Me: Dude, that's totes annoying. Like, it gets stuck down your throat and you have to chew reeeeaaaaalllllyyyyyy well.

Me: Yeah, and it's so hard to spear with a fork! It's so FLAT!

Me: *silence*

Me: *silence*

Me: It's still stinking awesome though!

Me: Yeah! Definitely! And we had Panda Express yesterday!

Me: Seriously?! That is SUCH a coincidence! So did I!

Me: That orange chicken though...

Me: Dude, bro, it's like seventy-five percent fried stuff and twenty-two percent chicken and thirty-nine percent preservatives.

Me: *coughs* Um, you know that doesn't add to a hundred percent, right?

Me: I had to do algebra homework today. Don't ask.

Me: Ahh, I know the feeling. I had to do some today, too.






Me: *grabs it* Uh...the Blogger Dashboard?

Me: YOP! You can waste your time on it for a reaaallyyy long time!

Me: Yeah, I know, but I should really be...

Me: Bro, just take it. I'm offering you a chance out of ordered triples.

Me: Welll....

Me: This girl's Awkward-Awesomes are really funny...

Me: Wellll....

Me: Or you can gain weight and eat ice cream. Your choice.

Me: I'll take it!


As you can see, this is quite the conversation between my not-so-good half and my somewhat disciplined half.

And, in case you were wondering, I did finish my homework.

Which is why I'm writing this post!

Question: Who usually wins between your better halves? Your not-so-good one? Or your disciplined one?

Friday, September 19, 2014

Things That Made This Week Stinkin' Awesome || and things that didn't

Life is awesome except when it isn't.

(Yeah. I'm deep.)

Anyway, I'm sitting on my window seat with my laptop on my lap, except the thing keeps my laptop kool is under my legs and there's currently a dead ladybug a foot from where I'm sitting because I DON'T KNOW HOW IT GOT IN HERE. And the window is open so the wind is trying to blow my curtain away.

And there's a dead ladybug a foot from where I'm sitting.

Without further ado, I will be writing a list of Things That Made This Week Stinkin' Awesome and Things That Didn't because I honestly cannot shelve everything into one post.

1) I got a 24/25 on my writing assignment!
So apparently my English teacher is a hard grader and everyone was scared. (Including me.) And I wrote my assignment at like 11 at night (which is late for me, and I wasn't procrastinating, promise! It was after a match.) But praise God! When I'm in Language Arts I'm in my element.

2) I played doubles and won in 2 tiebreaks.
I play tennis, for those of you who don't know. (Now you do.) I used to play singles, but I asked to play doubles, and my partner and I won both our sets in tiebreak. We shouldn't have gone to tiebreak, but...we won! (I'm going back to singles. My volleys are utter fails.)

3) I finished my Chem homework today.
I already have a pile of the stuff, so not having to do Chemistry is SUCH a relief! 

4) Edmodo exists. As does YouTube.
Homeschoolers don't really need Edmodo, but it's SO helpful if you need to contact your teachers for anything. My math teacher has us use it, and it's really, truly wonderful. And she makes YouTube videos and posts them on Edmodo, and it helps me a lot. Because I, like, detest math.

5) I really really like my thrift store skirt. It cheers me up and reminds me that modesty exists in the world.
That skirt is currently in my tennis bag right now, which is downstairs in the garage, and I don't want to go downstairs because I'll probably watch TV or something and I really need to write this post! (Reminds me...I need to unload the dishes. Oh well. I'll do it later.) So I'm not going to get it. (I'm also too lazy.) But it's a black skirt, made of this stretchy material, and it's clingy but not too tight, and it goes to just above my knees. It's probably made for someone who's older than me, but I have a big tush, so it's all good. 

Oh, and it says "John 3:16" on the tag! How kool is that?!

6) Lecrae's new album came out!
And beyond that, it hit #1 on the Billboard 200! Sweet!

7) It's almost my birthday.
I'll turn 15 next week. (Boppity bop bop bop!) I would really like virtual hugs from y'all. *hint hint* 

8) Secret Sister is really kool.
My co-captain of the tennis team and I organized Secret Sister, which is basically like Secret Santa (you draw a person's name out of a hat and get food for them). It's really fun to give your gift...and also to receive them. Green Apple Skittles are delicious.

9) Anthem Lights covered "Shake It Off."
All of Anthem Lights' covers are beautiful. Here's their "Shake It Off" video.

To view the song on iTunes, click here.

10) Learning to play the "Shake It Off" chords on the piano.
I'd get up to film a video for y'all, but like I said, I want to get this post done. (I'll probably get sidetracked on YouTube or something.) You can see the chords on Chordify, though.

Watermelon is nectar of the gods. (Metaphorically speaking, of course. Hahahahahahahaha.) <---- Don't know why I laughed so hard right there but whatever. 

Wait, but hold on! Look at this comic strip! I CRACKED UP. We were in the car going to Rite Aid for ice cream, and I was reading the comics, and it was hilarious. I don't usually like Get Fuzzy (it's too deep for me), but I loved this one.

12) Starting newspaper.
NEWSPAPER! (It's online!) If my dad says I can I'll add the link to it, but that would mean revealing my location and my high school, so...ugh. 

13) MAH CLUB! 
Read that again. It's not math club, it's MAH CLUB! (A.k.a. "BookNerdz") It got approved by the Activities Office! And Club Rush is coming up! So I'll letcha know how that goes :-)

14) My birthday's coming up!
Um, I seriously said this before. Why did I add it twice? 

But anyway, birthdays are really awesome! I would also love a virtual Maserati, if you have enough computer dollars to purchase it for me. Also, a license...

15) Going on a 3-mile run with moi team.
I'm not spelling my possessive pronouns very well at ALL on this post. But whatever.

My tennis coach took us on a run for 3-4 miles today. I occasionally like long-distance running, and today was one of those days. So I listened to remixes of "Problem" and "Shake It Off" on Soundcloud. BEST REMIXES EVER. Oh my gargoyles.

16) Not being addicted to Pinterest.
All the people in my writing circle of writery friends say that Pinterest eats up their time, but really, it doesn't for me. (I use the Ravens and Writing Desks Pinterest.) Maybe because I'm already hooked on Instagram :-) By the way, the Instagram app is still deleted off my phone. I check it about once a day, on my computer. 

17) Being able to listen to an illegal version of "Shake It Off" on Soundcloud.
I know. I'm such a rebel. But really, it's a wonderful song. And really, Taylor Swift needs to put it on Spotify.

18) Quizlet exists! So does Radio Disney! 
Quizlet is a little bit addictive. And I got the Radio Disney app, because many times I'm in a pop mood, and that's all they play. (And all the bad words are screened out. Score! Which means I listened to "All About That Bass" by Meghan Trainor, which means I didn't like it and thought it was annoying. And that was the version without the cuss words.

But her song "Close Your Eyes" is really good.)

1) Not being able to do 3 problems on my math test.
Ugh! Not finishing tests is like the worst feeling in the world. I probably got a C on it. 

This past week has been CRAZY HOT. Like, TEAR-OUT-YOUR-HAIR-AND-GO-LOCO hot. Like ONE HUNDRED AND SEVEN DEGREES hot. Like, GET-OUT-OF-SCHOOL-EARLY-BECAUSE-IT'S-TOO-HOT-TO-PLAY-TENNIS kind of hot. Really. I got out of school early this week. It was a nice break.

3) Not writing this week. Pretty much at all. Whatsoever. I'm a bad writer.
I already used up 2 of my grace days for the Go Teen Writers 100-for-100 challenge. !!!!!!!!!

4) Not being able to blog.
I last posted on Monday, and today's Friday. That's not kool.

5) Not being a diligent person.
I probably had time yesterday to post, but I wasted it all. (Not going to tell you how, because really, it's a shameful way to waste your time.) I will try to be more diligent next week, promise!

6) Not reading my Bible.
Last week I only read it twice, and this week I read it like 4 times, so I doubled it, but still, I need to be spending more time with God.

How was your week awesome? How was it not? (Challenge: For every not-awesome answer, give me 2 awesomes!)

Monday, September 15, 2014

In Which I Have Interesting Conversations With My Hairstylist

So, people, let me cut straight to the chase.

In Which I Cut Straight To The Chase...

We're going back to an irregular schedule :-( Sorry! If you want to hear me rant about my classes over all over again, you can click here, but honestly, you probably don't want to do that. So yeah.

I've been struggling a bit with this blog, actually, because my "wondrous well of overflowing ideas" has been gassed by the Nazis. (Just kidding. Sort of.) So, in other words, it requires a great deal of effort and strength and self-discipline to write these posts, and, well, that self-discipline is pretty much spent by the time I'm done with homework at midnight. (Not kidding. I really did stay up until midnight two nights last week doing homework.) 

So, basically, I didn't write on Saturday. I was too busy hunting down illegal versions of Girl Meets World and Red Band Society (a FOX show clearly catering towards Tfios fans) on YouTube. I also procrastinated on my homework.

So...we're going back to an irregular schedule.

Which means you'll have rantier posts from me at more infrequent intervals. I'll try to squeeze some blogging in on the weekends, but there aren't any promises happening. 'Kay?

Anyway, I got a haircut.

As usual, I look adorable. (Joking.) #CarSelfie (By the way, did you know there's a TV show called Selfie? Ugh.)

I went to this hair salon that my grandma uses (don't judge). The lady there was really nice, spoke pretty good English (it was a Korean-owned hair salon), but she kept talking to me in Korean and I have no idea how to speak Korean. (I'm like a banana-flavored Twinkie.) So mostly I mumbled, "Yeah," although I guess she could have asked, "Do you like The Fault in our Stars?" and if she did, I probably lied by saying, "Yeah."

Yes, that's right, I didn't like The Fault in our Stars.

I told my mom that the stylist kept talking to me in Korean and Mom was like, "Well, why didn't you just say you didn't speak Korean?"

Well, because I'm afraid of people judging me.

Although I should BE MYSELF and ROCK WHO I AM, sometimes it's easier said than done, y'know?

(The truth is, I'm just making excuses for myself.)

Then the hairstylist told me I had bad posture, which is funny, because my mom tells me the exact same thing, and sometimes I tell myself the exact same thing (although most of the time I don't notice it). I told her I played tennis and she nodded and said something about how you hunch over in tennis and maybe that's why I have bad posture, and I was thinking, hmmm, yeah, that's true. Maybe tennis is to blame for my bad posture! Or maybe it's hunching over this laptop! Or maybe it's just the stress from school!

And the lady told me that she was taking some sort of karate class and that you have to have good posture in that and I was thinking...well, I don't know what I was thinking. That I wanted to take karate class? I've always wanted to bust out bad guys.

She asked, "How old are you?" and I was like, "Fourteen" (and silently thinking, Almost fifteen!) and then she says, 

"Ohhhh, you look younger than that."

Dude. Seriously?