Friday, September 19, 2014

Things That Made This Week Stinkin' Awesome || and things that didn't

Life is awesome except when it isn't.

(Yeah. I'm deep.)

Anyway, I'm sitting on my window seat with my laptop on my lap, except the thing keeps my laptop kool is under my legs and there's currently a dead ladybug a foot from where I'm sitting because I DON'T KNOW HOW IT GOT IN HERE. And the window is open so the wind is trying to blow my curtain away.

And there's a dead ladybug a foot from where I'm sitting.

Without further ado, I will be writing a list of Things That Made This Week Stinkin' Awesome and Things That Didn't because I honestly cannot shelve everything into one post.

1) I got a 24/25 on my writing assignment!
So apparently my English teacher is a hard grader and everyone was scared. (Including me.) And I wrote my assignment at like 11 at night (which is late for me, and I wasn't procrastinating, promise! It was after a match.) But praise God! When I'm in Language Arts I'm in my element.

2) I played doubles and won in 2 tiebreaks.
I play tennis, for those of you who don't know. (Now you do.) I used to play singles, but I asked to play doubles, and my partner and I won both our sets in tiebreak. We shouldn't have gone to tiebreak, but...we won! (I'm going back to singles. My volleys are utter fails.)

3) I finished my Chem homework today.
I already have a pile of the stuff, so not having to do Chemistry is SUCH a relief! 

4) Edmodo exists. As does YouTube.
Homeschoolers don't really need Edmodo, but it's SO helpful if you need to contact your teachers for anything. My math teacher has us use it, and it's really, truly wonderful. And she makes YouTube videos and posts them on Edmodo, and it helps me a lot. Because I, like, detest math.

5) I really really like my thrift store skirt. It cheers me up and reminds me that modesty exists in the world.
That skirt is currently in my tennis bag right now, which is downstairs in the garage, and I don't want to go downstairs because I'll probably watch TV or something and I really need to write this post! (Reminds me...I need to unload the dishes. Oh well. I'll do it later.) So I'm not going to get it. (I'm also too lazy.) But it's a black skirt, made of this stretchy material, and it's clingy but not too tight, and it goes to just above my knees. It's probably made for someone who's older than me, but I have a big tush, so it's all good. 

Oh, and it says "John 3:16" on the tag! How kool is that?!

6) Lecrae's new album came out!
And beyond that, it hit #1 on the Billboard 200! Sweet!

7) It's almost my birthday.
I'll turn 15 next week. (Boppity bop bop bop!) I would really like virtual hugs from y'all. *hint hint* 

8) Secret Sister is really kool.
My co-captain of the tennis team and I organized Secret Sister, which is basically like Secret Santa (you draw a person's name out of a hat and get food for them). It's really fun to give your gift...and also to receive them. Green Apple Skittles are delicious.

9) Anthem Lights covered "Shake It Off."
All of Anthem Lights' covers are beautiful. Here's their "Shake It Off" video.

To view the song on iTunes, click here.

10) Learning to play the "Shake It Off" chords on the piano.
I'd get up to film a video for y'all, but like I said, I want to get this post done. (I'll probably get sidetracked on YouTube or something.) You can see the chords on Chordify, though.

Watermelon is nectar of the gods. (Metaphorically speaking, of course. Hahahahahahahaha.) <---- Don't know why I laughed so hard right there but whatever. 

Wait, but hold on! Look at this comic strip! I CRACKED UP. We were in the car going to Rite Aid for ice cream, and I was reading the comics, and it was hilarious. I don't usually like Get Fuzzy (it's too deep for me), but I loved this one.

12) Starting newspaper.
NEWSPAPER! (It's online!) If my dad says I can I'll add the link to it, but that would mean revealing my location and my high school, so...ugh. 

13) MAH CLUB! 
Read that again. It's not math club, it's MAH CLUB! (A.k.a. "BookNerdz") It got approved by the Activities Office! And Club Rush is coming up! So I'll letcha know how that goes :-)

14) My birthday's coming up!
Um, I seriously said this before. Why did I add it twice? 

But anyway, birthdays are really awesome! I would also love a virtual Maserati, if you have enough computer dollars to purchase it for me. Also, a license...

15) Going on a 3-mile run with moi team.
I'm not spelling my possessive pronouns very well at ALL on this post. But whatever.

My tennis coach took us on a run for 3-4 miles today. I occasionally like long-distance running, and today was one of those days. So I listened to remixes of "Problem" and "Shake It Off" on Soundcloud. BEST REMIXES EVER. Oh my gargoyles.

16) Not being addicted to Pinterest.
All the people in my writing circle of writery friends say that Pinterest eats up their time, but really, it doesn't for me. (I use the Ravens and Writing Desks Pinterest.) Maybe because I'm already hooked on Instagram :-) By the way, the Instagram app is still deleted off my phone. I check it about once a day, on my computer. 

17) Being able to listen to an illegal version of "Shake It Off" on Soundcloud.
I know. I'm such a rebel. But really, it's a wonderful song. And really, Taylor Swift needs to put it on Spotify.

18) Quizlet exists! So does Radio Disney! 
Quizlet is a little bit addictive. And I got the Radio Disney app, because many times I'm in a pop mood, and that's all they play. (And all the bad words are screened out. Score! Which means I listened to "All About That Bass" by Meghan Trainor, which means I didn't like it and thought it was annoying. And that was the version without the cuss words.

But her song "Close Your Eyes" is really good.)

1) Not being able to do 3 problems on my math test.
Ugh! Not finishing tests is like the worst feeling in the world. I probably got a C on it. 

This past week has been CRAZY HOT. Like, TEAR-OUT-YOUR-HAIR-AND-GO-LOCO hot. Like ONE HUNDRED AND SEVEN DEGREES hot. Like, GET-OUT-OF-SCHOOL-EARLY-BECAUSE-IT'S-TOO-HOT-TO-PLAY-TENNIS kind of hot. Really. I got out of school early this week. It was a nice break.

3) Not writing this week. Pretty much at all. Whatsoever. I'm a bad writer.
I already used up 2 of my grace days for the Go Teen Writers 100-for-100 challenge. !!!!!!!!!

4) Not being able to blog.
I last posted on Monday, and today's Friday. That's not kool.

5) Not being a diligent person.
I probably had time yesterday to post, but I wasted it all. (Not going to tell you how, because really, it's a shameful way to waste your time.) I will try to be more diligent next week, promise!

6) Not reading my Bible.
Last week I only read it twice, and this week I read it like 4 times, so I doubled it, but still, I need to be spending more time with God.

How was your week awesome? How was it not? (Challenge: For every not-awesome answer, give me 2 awesomes!)


  1. I didn't know you used Pinterest! But by the way, I had an account, but I stopped using Pinterest because it has a lot of inappropriateness and viruses. I didn't catch any of it, but we read reviews about it. Fyi. Oh! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Have fun with your book club! :)

    1. Thank you! And so far Pinterest has been good. I think it's because the RaWD is well-established :-)

  2. Ooh, your awesome parts of your week sound awesome!
    And the not so awesome parts....not so awesome.

    The awesome parts of my week were getting to read a spectacular book, have my dad come home from a long trip, and then celebrate his birthday!
    And the not so awesome part is that I just got a cold... :/
    Happy early birthday!

    1. Awww, I hope you get better soon! Thank you! (And happy birthday to your dad!)

  3. If it says John 3:16, the skirt is probably originally from Forever 21. I have some clothes from there (they have good prices and selections for my teeny size) and their bags and tags say John 3:16. Cool, right? :)

    Also: yesss! Lecrae! Saw his album advertised on iTunes and I was like "sweeeeet!" ^^

    I also use Quizlet, but just for really helps with studying Spanish :)

    And happy early birthday! *fanfare plays loudly* Will you be getting your learner's permit?

    P.S. (gahhh, this comment is already too long!) It's so cool that you do so much stuff, you know? Like secret sister and the book club and tennis...if I were in public school, I'd probably just throw a gray hoodie over my face and pray that no one talked to me :P

    1. That's kool! I love Forever 21! (I just haven't bought enough stuff from there to know that they have John 3:16 on the price tag.)

      And I looove Quizlet--I use it for Spanish too :-)

      I will be getting my learner's permit (hopefully), but I think that's when I turn 15 and a half.

      And I never really thought about it, but I DO do a lot at school. I guess I just like being around people sometimes. (But believe me. Sometimes I go there with a gray hoodie on and try not to talk to people.)

  4. Royal Tailor also redid Shake it off.... Just saying. :) :): ):

    1. I just watched it, and that was really kool! Their lead singer, Tauren Wells, is so talented!

  5. You might want to check out the WordNerds on Youtube- they're a small channel but they have tons of videos about writing/reading and they discuss a lot of kool topics. I think it's five different girls (maybe 4?), and most of them have Wattpads if you want to check out their writing! I think you might like Wattpad, too, but it gets a lot of mixed reactions.

    1. Kool! Yes, I have heard of Wattpad. I'm thinking about getting one, but I might not have time to handle it. I'll check out the WordNerds, though! Thanks for commenting!

  6. You're doing the 100x100! Cool! I NEARLY signed up...but I just feel super uninspired to write at the moment, so I thought I wouldn't force myself and then end up making it a sucky chore. But NaNo watch out! I WILL DO THAT. (Hopefully....hehe, I've never actually done it before.) But that's awesome that more awesome then sucky things happened this week. :) Birthdays are fun...until the part where you start turning really old, but BOOKS! Books are awesome presents and they make me very happy. ;-) I hope you have a good day when it comes!!

    1. BOOKS ARE AMAZING. I asked for a couple of 'em; I think my dad should just get me a gift card so I can just get whatever ones I want whenever I want. Thanks for commenting!