Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Writing Wednesdays // Meet the Characters

For those of you who don't know, I quit/wentonhiatus with Polar Opposites and started a new idea.

It's a middle grade novel about spies.

So, as intro to the many rants I'll be making about this book, I'd like you to meet my two main characters, Hilary Bobb and Skywalker Mercer. (All pictures were found on Pinterest; I edited all of them on Picmonkey.)

Hilary's the main character (obviously).

She has green eyes, brownish-blondish hair, and an adorable smile, which she uses often as a tool to put strangers at ease. She's pretty, but not overly beautiful, because spies have to blend in. (According to Gray Smith, the founder of the United States Spying Association, most normal people are attractive, despite what they say.) 

She has the perfect genetics to make it as a spy.

If she were a cartoon, she'd look like this.

She can have fun, but she's stopped having fun as a spy because, well, the missions are too easy and "the criminals are too dumb." (Also, she's a bit on the proud side.) She's athletic and smart and talented, and it wouldn't be lying to say that she's one of the best spies the United States Spying Association has ever seen. (She scored a perfect score on the Gray Smith Espionage Exam, which is nearly impossible.)

Another reason she doesn't want to be a spy is because she's an individualistic person. She likes wearing clip-in pink highlights and getting henna tattoos, and that's against USSA spying regulation. (Unless she was assigned to go on a mission in a tattoo parlor, but teenagers aren't allowed to go on missions in weird places.)

Hilary is 14 years old.

(Those eyes are so unrealistic. My editing skills need brushing up.)

Anyway, meet Skywalker. Like his name? (My brother named him.) He's 15. He has blue eyes and really really dark brown hair.

(This picture would be him when he's older. And creepier.) He's one of those people who's kool wherever and whenever he wants, but he chooses to be an antisocial computer guy. (Not really a geek or a nerd...what about a neek? He's a computer neek.)

He's also one of those annoying people who's good at pretty much everything they do. The only thing he stinks at is climbing trees, and, considering he lives in Beverly Hills with his mom and stepdad, he doesn't need to do much of that.

^^ Think this dude, minus the baseball cap and watch. Replace the undershirt and button-down with a fraying gray sweatshirt, and give him earbuds and a laptop. There. He's good to go. Also, he's a little bit hunched and hates getting his picture taken. Which is why I'm using Pinterest pictures as reference.

He definitely has a personality. He's sarcastic and dry and not that sensitive to other people's needs. He can't wait until he's 18 so he can stop living with his mom and stepdad. He has no emotional attachments whatsoever, and he breaks the law every now and then. He's selfish too. 

But he doesn't mind throwing chance to the wind. Even though his efforts are very calculated, he's knows what he's willing to risk and what he's not. He has a good sense of priority; he's not swayed from his tasks easily, and he doesn't succumb to peer pressure. 

I'm not sure if he'll be a love interest yet or not. Say Yay or Nay in the comments below.

What are your characters like? How are they similar to Hilary and Skywalker? How are they different?


  1. A few questions.

    -Why is HIlary's hair green?


    -Did you get a Pinterest account?

    1. -Is it green? I don't see it


      -No, I didn't get a personal one. I'm sharing one with my fellow Ravens and Writing Desks crew. It's