Friday, October 31, 2014

Weird/Zany/Crazy/Awkward Stuff That Happened This Week | and other random things

Dumb Blogger. I was originally going to post my #WatchMeWrite (I was tagged by Wild Horse at Opal Swirls and Ravens and Writing Desks) but the video was 300 MB and this THING only lets me post 100 MB.

So yeah. Now you can't watch me write. get a list!

Without further ado...Here are tons of Weird/Zany/Crazy/Awkward Things I've Done This Week.

1. Woke up at 5:40 so I could get to school by 6:15 so I could pick Louis XIV for an AP Euro project.
My AP Euro teacher's motto is "first come, first serve" (a.k.a., "you snooze, you lose," which is also a motto in our household). He usually gets to school around 6:15, he told us, so the key to picking a good project topic was to get there at 6:15.

Now, it might not seem like a huge deal to you, but I reaaaaallly wanted Louis XIV, just because he'd be the easiest one.

Not because I woke up early, though. I got him because my friend chose Oliver Cromwell instead, and I swooped in for the snatch.


2. Wore a dress.
I, like, never wear dresses, A) because I don't care enough, and B) because they're kind of a hassle. I like bending over like a normal person instead of squatting...I just don't like wearing dresses.

But I'd worn gym clothes the day before, so I thought, why not, I'll balance it out with a dress.

It'll probably be months before I wear another one, but whatever.

3. Took a nap at 6:30 p.m.
Here's the thing about me: I never take naps.

As much as I like sleeping, I just don't take naps, mostly because to me it's weird to sleep in the middle of the day. Why sleep when you could be doing something--like blogging? Or reading? Or brainstorming your next spy novel after you decide you kind of don't really like your main character?

But on that particular day, I was tired (because I'd woken up at 5:40 in the morning...) and I had a headache (because I had to watch varsity play in the sun. AND because my Chem homework was hard). 

So I went home, tried to do homework, ate dinner, and took a nap until 8:30.

It was wonderful.

4. Made a song about pineapple candy.

My dad got me GarageBand, which was pretty sweet, but as soon as I got it I realized that I have no idea how to use it.

After making a SO-BAD-YOU-DON'T-EVEN-WANT-TO-LISTEN-TO-IT a capella song lightly influenced by Animal Farm (all of my songs are influenced by school. Is that bad?), I made a song about pineapple candy. And it actually had a beat and piano and a voice, but it was really bad too. 

Trust me. You don't want to listen to it.

5. I stopped writing The Intellagents and started brainstorming a different story with a younger version of my protagonist.
My protagonists tend to be super sarcastic and very cool in manner. It's not that likable. I always go for an Artemis Fowl-like character, but I don't think it works.

So I decided to go back to my roots. I'm making my protagonist twelve and more innocent, and I'm placing it at school. I know enough about school.

Right now I'm brainstorming, and I have some good cross your fingers and wish me luck!

6. Listened to One Direction.
I'm not a huge fan of boy bands or fangirling (except maybe over obscure books that nobody's ever heard of), mostly because I don't want to be one of those screaming girls who's always gushing about Cameron Dallas or Nash Grier or Harry Styles or whoever/whatever/Idon'treallycare. I mean, I watch Cameron Dallas and Nash Grier occasionally.

I just don't fangirl.

But I've gotta admit: I'm a fan of One Direction's music, mostly because their music makes me dance and I like music that makes me dance. Right now, I've got "One Thing" on repeat. 

I think Up All Night is their best album.

7. Listened to Taylor Swift's 1989 previews on iTunes because I don't want to buy the album.

I'm not too happy with the recent Taylor Swift album, mostly because I don't like eighties music and the songs I've heard don't match the catchiness of "We Are Never Getting Back Together" or "I Knew You Were Trouble." I like maybe "Bad Blood" and "Shake It Off," but the light, synthesized music doesn't scream YES at me. I like upbeat. I like a steady clapping drum.

I don't like the whole Welcome to New York-Out of the Woods feel.

However, I've been Googling people's response to Taylor Swift, and so far the reviews have been good.

But I'm convinced it's because some of these reviewers were children of the eighties and they like the whole eighties feel.

I know my mom did...
She even wanted to buy the album from Target, and she doesn't even like Taylor Swift.

8. I carried a bag of carrots around for like three days...

Sometimes I like to pretend to be healthy. One day, I decided to pack applesauce, a bag of persimmons, a bag of carrots, and a bag of chips. 

Well, I ate the applesauce and the persimmons (I love fruit) and the chips, but no carrots.

A couple days later, I did that again.

Haha, nope.

So now there's a Ziploc bag of carrots in the fridge.

9. + &

See, one of my teachers sends texts using Remind only lets you use a certain number of characters per text, so he developed a unique way of texting shorthand.

The funny thing was, for and, he used y (because y is and in Spanish). 

But one of the girls asked him about it this week (she doesn't take Spanish), and she was like, "Can you just use the and symbol?"

"What's the and symbol?" he asked. "Somebody draw it on the board."

So I went up (eating an apple slice) and drew + and & for him.

He was like, "Oh yeah."

It was funny to me because it's something I would totally do.

And I'm not trying to make fun of my teacher or anything--although he's absentminded, he's totally passionate about his subject. It's awesome.

10. I Forget About My Snack

This one surpasses all.

Today, I came home. I was hungry, and I wanted something hot because it's cold outside. (FINALLY.)

So I took out the ham, and the cheese, and thought of making a sandwich, but the bread was in the freezer. 

Because I was too lazy to defrost the bread, I decided to just microwave the ham and cheese, and I did that.

And then, because I like reading or watching YouTube or doing something while I'm eating a snack, I wandered upstairs to get something to read. 


So I was gearing up for this post, ready to completely wow you guys with my weird things list, and then my mom shouted from downstairs, "CAN YOU PUT AWAY YOUR HAM?"

I had completely forgotten about my snack.

I am such an absentminded person!


Yesterday I walked home from school.

It was like seventy degrees, and it was pretty gorgeous out.

And I actually managed to take some decent pictures! Usually my hand shakes and it turns out blurry.

And then today was like this...

Although the top pictures are prettier, I absolutely love cloudy/rainy days because I never get them where I live!

Although, um, tomorrow's supposed to rain. And tomorrow is my youth group bonfire thing.

Of all the days...

Today is Halloween, in case you didn't know.

Usually my church has a fall festival, but this year we didn't because there have been a lot of changes taking place and it would have been hard to coordinate on a short notice. So instead, my family and I are going to play games and eat candy and generally have an awesome time :-)

But SCHOOL. School is really fun on Halloween because a lot of people dress up...including my English teacher...

The Lit teachers coordinated their costumes this year, and their theme was Star Wars. 

But my teacher definitely blew it out of the park.

It was especially hilarious when he tried to tell us what we were doing for the entire period in a Darth Vader tone...and the entire time, Star Wars music was playing in the background.

It's been a fun October.

What weird/zany/crazy/awkward things have happened to you this week? How was October for you guys?

Sunday, October 26, 2014

When You Don't Go To Homecoming, You Eat A Lot Of Food

I told you guys the other day about how I wasn't going to my high school's Homecoming. I also informed you guys about my plans to go hang out with my friends while Homecoming was going on.

Well, we did!

We hung out!

And since I took some's what we did :-)

Around 2 p.m. on Saturday, two of my friends and I went to eat at a local burger place. 

After I had my burger, I debated whether or not I should get a shake. At first, I was like, I'm going to get a shake. Then I stood in line, and I got this sinking feeling that I shouldn't. So I went back and told them, "I'm not going to get a shake." But the temptation was too much. 

I got a Neapolitan shake (chocolate, strawberry, vanilla).

Since a movie theater was across the street, we walked across the street. (It was a big one, too. BUT WE DIDN'T GET RUN OVER BY A TRUCK.)

For a while, we milled around. It was about 2:45ish, and the movie started at 3:25, so we walked around and talked about movies.

It was really funny because we walked inside the theater for a while, and the movie theater workers had set up blow-up cats and pumpkins and an inflatable Baymax (from Big Hero 6) and surrounded them by those portable black leathery railings. On the railings they'd put signs on them that said, "PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH THE CATS" (or something like that).

For lack of anything better to do, my friends and I walked up to the cat and I read off the sign, out loud.

What I hadn't realized was that there were these two little kids right in front of us, and they were reaching out their hands to touch the cat, at the exact same time as I was reading it!

Once they heard me reading it, though, they drew their hands back and sort of looked at us a little guiltily.

It was such a funny moment.

I might have just saved their little boy souls, guys.

I think both of my friends wanted to watch Annabel (you know, the creepy movie about the doll?), but A) I wouldn't be allowed to watch it, B) I didn't even want to watch it, and C) it was rated R, and there were no adults present to buy our tickets for us.

So we bought our tickets for Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day and went inside the theater.

Once we were inside, another friend joined us for the movie.

And overall, it was a pretty decent movie, considering I'd seen all the funny parts.

See, I have this weird thing where I stalk a movie before I actually go see it. I Wikipedia it, Google the actors, watch the trailer a million times, and on this particular occasion, I'd watched a couple sneak peeks from Rotten Tomatoes (and I'd pretty much died laughing). 

So I kind of knew all the funny parts. 

But it was still funny. Even my friends thought so.

Afterward, we all decided to go to this teensy Asian restaurant across the street for dinner. It was the kind of Asian restaurant that serves boba (some people call it bubble tea, but here we call it boba--you know, the little tapioca balls at the bottom of the cup?) and shave ice (real shave ice, not like the fake icy crunchy syrupy stuff). 

It was here that another friend joined us, and our group was complete.

As natural human teenagers, we were super indecisive, so we just ordered our drinks first. Unfortunately, they didn't have watermelon, mango, peach, or kiwi, so I had to order an orange-pineapple smoothie. It was pretty good; it was a little bit pulpy and it needed to be a little sweeter (I have a sweet tooth), but I finished it!

My other friends ordered boba, but I don't like boba. (I haven't had it in years.) I don't like tea. (Tastes like ew water.) I'm kindasortamaybe super American. 

So I had a smoothie.

And then, of course, I had to confess other aspects of my un-Asian-ness: I like Panda Express (gasp), I don't like kimchi (even though I'm Korean; double gasp), I'm not a huge fan of Asian food in general (triple gasp). 

I honestly wasn't that hungry--I mean, I'd eaten a burger at 2, and it was only 6--but my friend ordered popcorn chicken for me.

We used these poky chopstick-like things to poke them; I haven't had popcorn chicken in, like...forever. 

And then I had to ask for Ranch, too.

I have these weird affinities for Ranch, mayonnaise, and raw onion. Don't ask me why. I just like creamy stuff, and although onion makes my breath stink, it tastes really good. I love onions.

The pictures are kind of blurry. Woops.

Then we had to take a "cheers" photo of all our smoothies. I took three of them. (Gotta get that perfect angle.)

Unfortunately, my friend's face is in two of them and I didn't feel like cropping the photos, and the one that was left over is blurry. So here's an aesthetically blurry picture of our "cheers" pose. ^^^^

They forgot to make one of my friends' drinks, so he had to use a cup of water for our cheers pose.

Afterward, we had shave ice.

This is real shave ice, guys. Not that disgusting syrupy stuff that you pour on top of crushed frozen water molecules. 

REAL Shave Ice has...

  • The consistency of snow. Not the crunchy BLAH; it's soft.
  • Condensed milk. It's super thick, super sweet cream-colored liquid that you pour all over the ice and after it melts it becomes a giant gorgeous sweet, cold soup.
  • Fruit. We ordered strawberries, as you can see, but there were tons of other options. (Even Oreo! I vouched for that, but my friends vetoed it.)
It was absolutely amazing.

At the end, I ran out of cash, so (thank God!) I had a Visa gift card that my uncle had bought me for my birthday, so I used that. 

And I had to sign a little receipt and everything and I felt so professional. I even gave 15% tip. 

After, I made my friend an Instagram, and I went home. We'd had dinner guests, so I wanted to say hi to them.

So basically, in a rundown of our evening, we...
  • ate
  • watched a movie
  • ate some more
Can't think of a better way I'd rather spend my Saturday afternoon :-)

Saturday, October 25, 2014

hello children! i'm still alive!

Hello children, I'm still alive!

Sorry I didn't post yesterday...I was being one of those flurried writers who's working on ten different projects at the same time. I wrote part of a short story/novella satire that I'm working on, I wrote a little bit of The Intellagents, and I attempted to write another project that I eventually abandoned. 

I think I'm going to make The Intellagents my long-term project, my short story a short-term project, and the story on my Wattpad (keep reading!) a medium-term project (do those exist?).

However, I've got some announcements!

First, I made a Wattpad and published the first part of a mystery. It was literally a spur-of-the-moment thing, but I'd love for you guys to check it out.

Second, I'm going to be making music! I begged my dad to let me get GarageBand on my mom's iPad, and I'm super excited to produce/record some music. It'll probably take me several weeks to figure GarageBand out, but I'll give you guys updates and I'll be posting on my Soundcloud pretty soon.

I have no idea how to play the drums. I have no idea how to play the guitar. I can read music for the piano, and I can sing (kind of...) but despite all this I'm planning my first project to be an a capella song with drums. It'll probably be terrible, but I'll probably put it up on the Internet just to show you exactly how terrible it is. 

My week was pretty fantabulous. Tennis season ended (undefeated League champs! Yay!) and so did my junior varsity career. It was an awesome season with awesome people and so much fun. Team sports are always so exciting and there were so many inside jokes this year. We rounded off everything with pizza and soda and junk food :-) Great end to a great season.

Homecoming is today, but I'm going to meet up with some of my friends and we're going to go eat and watch a movie (Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day), so it should be awesome.

Also, thanks so much for 20,000 pageviews! It's been over a year since I started blogging, and it's weird, because all of a sudden I'm averaging 100-200 pageviews per day. At first, I thought my brothers were spamming me, but they told me they weren't and even though I cross-examined and cross-cross-examined them I could tell they were telling the truth.

Unless they were lying, which, in that case, they should get Oscars. 

But anyway, thanks!

Instead of me ranting about my week, how was yours? What were some awesome things and some not-so-awesome things? I want to know everything about you guys!

Friday, October 17, 2014

How To Be a Kool Parent | Serious Advice from Rcubed

I had originally written a post about my week, but then I decided to give all parents out there a tutorial on how to be kool. My dad asked me, "How can I be a cool parent?" the other day, and I thought it was time I address this V.I.I. (Very Important Issue).

It's "kool," mind you, not "cool." "Cool" is what everyone talks about, but on this blog, it's kool. With a k. Because sometimes "kool" is not "cool" and sometimes "cool" is not "kool."

If you're confused, just read.

And for all you teenagers/tweenagers/kids...
Unless you're destined to remain celibate and childless all your life, this will eventually apply to you. So read it, even though it'll probably be a long way off before you have kids. But these rules won't ever change because--guess what?--the human nature doesn't.

Don't try to be cool if it isn't you. Being cool is overrated. That's what everyone says to kids, but what about to parents? To adults? To human beings in general? Sometimes I look at pop culture around us, and I see a lot of old(er) people trying to be young, be cool, be hip. But let's face it: you're a child of your generation. And nothing can change that. (So please don't say "YOLO," because that's for us. You say "carpe diem." And when you use slang, use "kool." It's a word that's still cool.) I'd compare parents being cool to an eighty-year-old getting plastic surgery. It just doesn't look good.

Also, there are some parents who are just naturally cool. (Look at tobyMac, for example. He seems like one of the coolest people out there, and he's older than my dad.) In this case, parents still follow this rule. Because if they're naturally cool, they're naturally kool. 

Keep up with the times. Just because you aren't "cool" doesn't mean you can't know what happening in the world, particularly pop culture. I find that a lot of adults are well-informed about Ebola and systematic theology, but they have no idea that Taylor Swift just came out with "Shake It Off," or that some YouTubers make $40,000 a month. (*coughcough* Bethany Mota) KEEP UP with pop culture, so you can keep up with your children's conversations. Even though it's more trivial than a potential pandemic or eternal predestination, it's also (somewhat) important to know what people are talking about when they refer to Gotham or The Fault in our Stars.

Don't make jokes about your oldness. It gets old. I don't know about other kids, but I get really tired of people talking about how they're so old and I need to make them cool and hip again. Don't be cool, be kool. And yes, I'd love to help you figure out what's going on in the movie/music/TV industry, but say it out of personal interest, not because you "want to be cool."

Don't OD on the corny jokes. My dad makes those sometimes. And although at some point I thought they were funny, they aren't anymore. They're humorous, weird, and slightly embarrassing, and when applied in copious amounts are extraordinarily tiresome. So don't overdo the corny jokes. A couple groan-worthy ones sprinkled here or there are okay, but don't try to be so groan-worthy that it becomes "are you serious?" worthy.

Take it from the teenager.
Believe me. This will help (at least, if your child is sort of like me).

And even if you have no capability whatsoever to do these things, parents...
we love you. And no matter how embarrassing, weird, or awkward you might be to us, nothing will ever change that.


Friday, October 10, 2014

cominghome | + a multitude of ice cream and a rant about upchuck


First of all, I want to know why it's called homecoming. computer mouse just fell down in the crack between my bed and the wall.

Excuse me while I go retrieve it... it!

There were a lot of dust bunnies and feathers under my bed.

Just thought I should throw that out there.

Anyway, HOMECOMING is just around the corner, and for about two weeks already people have been getting asked and it's been the most adorable thing ever. Sophomores are definitely more sure of themselves than freshmen are. I also know more people than I did last year, so it's definitely more adorable.

Anyway, in case you were wondering, NO, I am not going to homecoming. And, in case you were wondering, NO, I did not get asked. I might've had I shut my mouth and not told everyone that I wasn't going to go even if I did get asked, but no, of course I told everyone that I wasn't going even if I did get asked.

You might be thinking, Why did you do that? It's still fun to get asked!

The main reason was because if somebody had asked me I'd have had to turn him down, and really, I can imagine that it's the worst feeling in the world to do so on both sides. So I told everyone. I AM NOT GOING TO HOMECOMING.

A couple of my friends are, but us undancey people are planning on watching Alexander and the Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad Day (or whatever it's called) and then going across the street to get burgers. 

Once you find people you like to hang out with, your unsociality becomes smaller.

But here are some standards for next year, in case I get asked and in case I actually want to go...

  • Puns are okay but you'd better ask me with your vocal cords too. All the guys hold up signs that say something like (for example, if the girl's a dancer..."it would be dancin' if you came to homecoming with me" or something almost as bad as that) and while that's okay (well, let's face it, that pun was almost as horrible as Alexander's day), but bro, you gotta actually ask. Seriously, man up. You can't propose by holding up a sign; this is good practice for asking your future wife to marry you!
  • Okay, I might be thinking a little bit ahead of myself. I mean, after all, these people are young. They still have time.
  • Although if you think about it, Mary was like 14 when she had baby Jesus, and by then she was married. Yup. Married.
  • The verdict: man up.
  • Also, it's easier. That way, you don't have to make a sign. You can just ask. And if I say no, you'll just have wasted your breath instead of ten gallons of paint and your time.
  • Flowers are NO, watermelon is YES. Flowers have been done. Flowers are overrated. Do not give me flowers. I would like watermelon, please. Watermelon is wonderful. Watermelon you can eat. Flowers you put in a jar and your parents spend money to put water in the jar, and then the flowers die after like a day. Give me watermelon, even though it only lasts two seconds around me.
  • We will go with fellow humans. One on one isn't fun. We'll go with my friends. Also, we will boogie to "Shake It Off."
See, this is why I haven't gotten asked.

Also, my double chin is really attractive.

a multitude of ice cream

My tennis team had to run today. But I didn't, because--guess what?--I still have a cough! And my coach told me I didn't have to run. So instead I stayed inside his room because, like, I wanted to do homework. So I read Animal Farm and answered questions about Animal Farm and did some math and did some Spanish and got sidetracked on Instagram and listened to One Direction's new song "Steal My Girl." The beginning sounds like an eighties song.

I hope the eighties aren't coming back. The music was so bad back then. (And I'm not talking about Madonna bad. I'm talking about, like, musically bad. Everything sounded like bushwackers and whipumstubbubbles came and took over the planet.) My parents say the eighties were awesome, but I say the tenteens are awesome just because the music is so. much. better.

Which reminds me, our kids are probably going to say, "Wait, who's Justin Bieber? Who on earth is Ariana Grande? EWWWW! This music is so BADDD! How could you ever listen to this??!??!"

And we'll be sitting in the corner bobbing our heads saying, "HATERS GONNA HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE. SHAKE IT OFF. SHAKE IT OFF."

I am truly obsessed with that song.

Anyway, back to my schoolwork. My team came back and my coach's parents came up to his classroom (he grew up near my school) and they brought us ice cream. And my coach's dad served us, and he used a knife to scoop out giant chunks of ice cream. It was absolutely insane.

Then there were caramel and chocolate sauces, and I poured so much on my bowl I'm pretty sure there was a 1:1 ratio of ice cream to sauce.

And we all took selfies and just had a grand ol' time.

This is my room.

It's currently afternoon/evening right now, so it's still sunny and bright. 

There is a bucket thing on my black swivel chair because I threw up on--Tuesday. Wednesday. I don't remember. It was probably Tuesday and Wednesday. 

Throwing up is awful. First of all, there's the whole hydrochloric acid thing--it's the stuff that digests your food in the stomach--so you're literally sending this stuff straight up into your mouth and burning yourself in the process. Then there's the whole FOOD part, because it's not like when you eat a drumstick you're throwing up a whole drumstick...if you know what I mean. And then it just...comes. You can't control it, because if you try to suppress it it'll just come out anyway. 

It's kind of like a roller coaster--you have to sit it out.

Anyway, I think I have too many seats in this room. I have my piano bench, my swivel chair, my window seat, my bed and my comfy Writer's Tush chair, and most of the time my WT chair just sits in an awkward corner and gets moved around a lot.


I'm really excited! I saw that he was coming near where I lived when his Anomaly tour dates first were announced, so I texted my dad during my break and my dad got tickets. I will post something about it in the upcoming week; stay tuned!

Anyway, have an awesome weekend!