Saturday, October 4, 2014


So...this past week was really busy.

I had four matches in a row (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday), which means I got home late, which means I did homework late, which means I finished homework late and fell asleep late.

Which means I got less sleep and was a bit more cranky. Also, I consumed a lot more candy and a lot less breakfast. (Because I slept a bit late one some days.)

Also, unfortunately, I got sick.

It began with a cold--you know, congestion and coughing and a lot of tissues/toilet paper (I use toilet paper to blow my nose. Don't judge). 

And then, just yesterday, I discovered that my ears weren't working. Or, rather, they were muffled. It sounded like everyone was talking inside a fishbowl. So after school (I'm not quite sure how I survived), my mom took me to the doctor's office, where they told me I had an ear infection and where the nurse commented on my zipping-up high-tops.

For those of ya who don't know, I got these in, like, August. Which means that technically the header at the top of this blog is a lie, but A) I love the header (even though it's missing a period) and B) I'm too lazy to make a new one.

But yes, they zip up. And yes, they are heavenly. I wear them twenty-four seven. I LOVE THESE SHOES SO MUCH.

And those calves tho...

The doctor came into the room and checked me out. After diagnosing me with ear-infection-itis, she told me I'd have to take antibiotics and asked me if I could swallow adult pills. (For some reason, adults swallow their pills whole. They don't chew, no liquids. They just SWALLOW.)

I said, "Ummm...I chew them."

I still take kids' Tylenol. (The grape flavor is AMAZING.) I cannot comprehend the idea of swallowing something whole. The's like you're going to choke, but whoops, no, it went down, and now your throat feels funny because something, like, stretched it out. You know, like when you're sucking on ice and you accidentally swallow? Or when you're sucking on candy--like Skittles or M&Ms--and it just sort of slides down your throat and you hiccoughchoke and it's supremely uncomfortable?

See, I'm afraid of doing something like that. And then what happens if my uvula doesn't close all the way and the pill plops straight into my lungs and then I die?

It could happen. 

Just sayin'.

(And yes, I know that it's not my uvula that blocks my windpipe. It's my epiglottis.)

So whenever my mom makes me take adult pills for headaches and stuff, I get a big chunk of watermelon or Gatorade or something and I chew the entire bitter-tasting apparition and combat the DISGUSTINGness of its taste with the sweetest stuff in the world. (By the way, did you know that warm Gatorade has the consistency of blood?)

The doctor was like, "You chew them? You can't just swallow them?"

And I told her, "I'm afraid I'm going to choke."

"I think it's all psychological," my mom said. 

I know it's psychological. The problem is...there's nothing I can do about it.

"Do you want the liquid antibiotics, or the pills?" the doctor asked.

I could tell by my mom's facial expression that she wanted me to try the pills, but my mind did a mental flashback to a couple years ago, when I had a headache and tried to swallow the adult pills but I never could. (I did consume a lot of water, though. Hence several bathroom visits.) What if I can't swallow the pills and I'll be stuck with a perpetual earache? I asked myself. What if...?

So I said, "I'll take the liquid."

"That's a lot of liquid," the doctor said, but all three of us were smiling because all three of us knew that my irrational fears were supremely ridiculous and that if I didn't watch out, I'd still be an adult and not be able to swallow adult pills.

So, currently, I have to take 12.5 milliliters of a white, slimy liquid twice a day for ten days. I even need to use 2 syringes, one 10 mL one and one 5 mL one. 

I am such a wimpy fifteen-year-old.

Oh, and then of course I had to get my flu shot. I wasn't running a fever, so they gave it to me.

And then, when I went home, of course what did I do?

I started running a fever!

I got sort of cold--which is really funny, because yesterday was like 100 degrees, and my bedroom is the hottest room in the house--and I crawled under the covers and I slept.

It was wonderful.


  1. Omg wow. That so sucks that you're sick! :( And I can't believe you chew pills! I would rather have it go into my lungs than taste it every time, blehhhh :P

    But those high-tops are really perf and I think I'm going to steal them off your feet. :)

    1. Yeah, the pills DO taste rather blech. But I'd rather be alive with a bad taste in my mouth than dead because I didn't chew :-)

      And thanks! I got high-tops b/c of Sammy Keyes.

  2. Hi, I stumbled across your blog and we have a lot in common! :) Would you like to follow each other on GFC?

    1. Sure! Sorry it took me so long to get back to you :-(

  3. I hope you get better! :-) Oh, and love your shoes! Converse is the best.