Friday, October 17, 2014

How To Be a Kool Parent | Serious Advice from Rcubed

I had originally written a post about my week, but then I decided to give all parents out there a tutorial on how to be kool. My dad asked me, "How can I be a cool parent?" the other day, and I thought it was time I address this V.I.I. (Very Important Issue).

It's "kool," mind you, not "cool." "Cool" is what everyone talks about, but on this blog, it's kool. With a k. Because sometimes "kool" is not "cool" and sometimes "cool" is not "kool."

If you're confused, just read.

And for all you teenagers/tweenagers/kids...
Unless you're destined to remain celibate and childless all your life, this will eventually apply to you. So read it, even though it'll probably be a long way off before you have kids. But these rules won't ever change because--guess what?--the human nature doesn't.

Don't try to be cool if it isn't you. Being cool is overrated. That's what everyone says to kids, but what about to parents? To adults? To human beings in general? Sometimes I look at pop culture around us, and I see a lot of old(er) people trying to be young, be cool, be hip. But let's face it: you're a child of your generation. And nothing can change that. (So please don't say "YOLO," because that's for us. You say "carpe diem." And when you use slang, use "kool." It's a word that's still cool.) I'd compare parents being cool to an eighty-year-old getting plastic surgery. It just doesn't look good.

Also, there are some parents who are just naturally cool. (Look at tobyMac, for example. He seems like one of the coolest people out there, and he's older than my dad.) In this case, parents still follow this rule. Because if they're naturally cool, they're naturally kool. 

Keep up with the times. Just because you aren't "cool" doesn't mean you can't know what happening in the world, particularly pop culture. I find that a lot of adults are well-informed about Ebola and systematic theology, but they have no idea that Taylor Swift just came out with "Shake It Off," or that some YouTubers make $40,000 a month. (*coughcough* Bethany Mota) KEEP UP with pop culture, so you can keep up with your children's conversations. Even though it's more trivial than a potential pandemic or eternal predestination, it's also (somewhat) important to know what people are talking about when they refer to Gotham or The Fault in our Stars.

Don't make jokes about your oldness. It gets old. I don't know about other kids, but I get really tired of people talking about how they're so old and I need to make them cool and hip again. Don't be cool, be kool. And yes, I'd love to help you figure out what's going on in the movie/music/TV industry, but say it out of personal interest, not because you "want to be cool."

Don't OD on the corny jokes. My dad makes those sometimes. And although at some point I thought they were funny, they aren't anymore. They're humorous, weird, and slightly embarrassing, and when applied in copious amounts are extraordinarily tiresome. So don't overdo the corny jokes. A couple groan-worthy ones sprinkled here or there are okay, but don't try to be so groan-worthy that it becomes "are you serious?" worthy.

Take it from the teenager.
Believe me. This will help (at least, if your child is sort of like me).

And even if you have no capability whatsoever to do these things, parents...
we love you. And no matter how embarrassing, weird, or awkward you might be to us, nothing will ever change that.



  1. Lol, so I guess my parents are pretty "kool" then. They are pretty up with the times (well...My MOM dad doesn't even know what a gif is :P) and the only ones who joke about their oldness is me and my friends :P It's the REST of my family (aunts, great-aunts, grandparents, etc.) who need a lesson in modern times. :P

    1. Haha that's awesome! Both my parents are pretty up-to-date except for the pop culture part...

  2. Nice new layout! Can you use the header that I made for you? (I think I sent it to you a while back.)

    1. I can't find the e-mail, and I don't think I can put it on this layout.

  3. Haha! My parents aren't very kool. They try but they honestly just aren't very cool or kool! :)

    I like your new blog design! It is very kool. ;)
    Speaking of new blog design I have a new blog, Could you check it out sometime? I don't mean to be one of those annoying people who ask other bloggers about their blog, but I would appreciate it! :) (I used the URL so You just have to click on my name!) :)

    1. That's okay! Not being cool or kool is awesome too :-)

      Sure, I'll check out your blog!