Sunday, October 5, 2014

Rants from a Smartphone User

Smartphone users get such a bad rep.

Here's what we're called:

-Insecure (because apparently all of us can't live without our phones)
-Spoiled (because apparently we have everything at the touch of a button)
-Dumb (because we use smartphones)

Here's what this is called:

This is called a UNIVERSAL STATEMENT. This is like saying "OHMYGARGOYLES, everyyyyyone loves Ariana Grande," or "OMGAR, everyyyyone has a Mac."

No, not everyone loves Ariana Grande. (you're staring at the words of an exception) and I don't have a Mac. I have no idea what I have, but I know it's not a Mac. (It has Windows, so it must be a PC...right? Whatever)

Just like that, nobody can say, "All smartphone users get bored without their smartphones" (not true). Nobody can say, "All smartphone users are spoiled" (because some of us aren't). And nobody can say, "All smartphone users are dumb." Because, really, a lot of smartphone users are really smart. Work smarter, not harder. Why do something by hand when a calculator can do it more accurately and a lot faster?

Granted, some smartphone users get bored without their smartphones. Some users are truly spoiled. And some of them are truly dumb.

But just because I have a smartphone doesn't mean I get bored without it, or am spoiled, or am dumb.

Get it?

I have a MotoX.

(Don't look at my mouth.)

It's white. It has a gorgeous blue case. It's fast and it's really very handy. I save time by using it. I can communicate with fellow citizens of the world by using it. I have the Blogger app, and I've saved my Dashboard to my Bookmarks so I can read all of your blogs on the go. 

However, I can live without it.

You might be laughing right now. "Just wait until her parents take it away," you might say. "Then she'll find out it's not so easy."

But honestly, sometimes the battery has gone out. (Remember my Korea trip?) Sometimes I'd have to let my other family members use the charger, and my trusty Samsung Galaxy SII would run out of battery. 

So guess what I'd do?

I'd turn to my notebook and take a pen. I'd write down thoughts, draw random stuff, sort out my life. That's how I work. (I need to write something down to remember it; I'd never remember to check an online To-Do list.) And to be honest, I've tried to convert to all-electronic for the pure convenience of it. I've tried to sort out my thoughts and ideas and plans online. But it's never worked, mostly because I just have to write stuff down. That's what helps me remember things. (It helps I'm a partially kinesthetic learner.) 

Actually, that's how I started.

When I first started to write stories, I actually wrote them down. (Like, on paper. With a pen.)

I always carried a bulky blue clipboard around, complete with a supply of paper and endless number of pens. (Also the occasional ten-dollar bill, just in case I got stranded on a desert island somewhere or my family ended up in Utopia.)

Even when I learned to type, I saved my "best stories" for actual writing. Needless to say, my novels were wonderful 5,000-word manuscripts.

But I feel like, no matter what goes down in this universe, no matter how technologically advanced we get, no matter how technologically advanced I get, nothing will ever beat a pen or paper. I will always go back to pen and paper. It's the only place where it takes me a long time to get my thoughts out, and after all that time, I'm always relieved.

So...I'm not addicted to my smartphone, even though I have one.

So please don't say all smartphone users are addicted, or spoiled, or insecure, or dumb.

Hey! That sort of rimes!


  1. I didn't know you wrote your stories on paper when you were younger. Didn't it get tiring? What did you do if you made mistakes?

    And I don't love Ariana Grande! But--I do have a Mac. But that doesn't matter :)

    Btw, how is the MotoX smartphone? Better than iPhone? Worse?

    I love reading your random posts!

  2. Yeah, I used to write down my stories when I was younger too, but now with access to a laptop I could never go back. I have super messy handwriting that even I couldn't read and I can't get my thoughts onto paper fast enough when I write with my hands.

    Anyway, it's so true about smartphone stereotypes. Ugh. For their information, I'm addicted to my KINDLE, not my phone :P