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Weird/Zany/Crazy/Awkward Stuff That Happened This Week | and other random things

Dumb Blogger. I was originally going to post my #WatchMeWrite (I was tagged by Wild Horse at Opal Swirls and Ravens and Writing Desks) but the video was 300 MB and this THING only lets me post 100 MB.

So yeah. Now you can't watch me write. get a list!

Without further ado...Here are tons of Weird/Zany/Crazy/Awkward Things I've Done This Week.

1. Woke up at 5:40 so I could get to school by 6:15 so I could pick Louis XIV for an AP Euro project.
My AP Euro teacher's motto is "first come, first serve" (a.k.a., "you snooze, you lose," which is also a motto in our household). He usually gets to school around 6:15, he told us, so the key to picking a good project topic was to get there at 6:15.

Now, it might not seem like a huge deal to you, but I reaaaaallly wanted Louis XIV, just because he'd be the easiest one.

Not because I woke up early, though. I got him because my friend chose Oliver Cromwell instead, and I swooped in for the snatch.


2. Wore a dress.
I, like, never wear dresses, A) because I don't care enough, and B) because they're kind of a hassle. I like bending over like a normal person instead of squatting...I just don't like wearing dresses.

But I'd worn gym clothes the day before, so I thought, why not, I'll balance it out with a dress.

It'll probably be months before I wear another one, but whatever.

3. Took a nap at 6:30 p.m.
Here's the thing about me: I never take naps.

As much as I like sleeping, I just don't take naps, mostly because to me it's weird to sleep in the middle of the day. Why sleep when you could be doing something--like blogging? Or reading? Or brainstorming your next spy novel after you decide you kind of don't really like your main character?

But on that particular day, I was tired (because I'd woken up at 5:40 in the morning...) and I had a headache (because I had to watch varsity play in the sun. AND because my Chem homework was hard). 

So I went home, tried to do homework, ate dinner, and took a nap until 8:30.

It was wonderful.

4. Made a song about pineapple candy.

My dad got me GarageBand, which was pretty sweet, but as soon as I got it I realized that I have no idea how to use it.

After making a SO-BAD-YOU-DON'T-EVEN-WANT-TO-LISTEN-TO-IT a capella song lightly influenced by Animal Farm (all of my songs are influenced by school. Is that bad?), I made a song about pineapple candy. And it actually had a beat and piano and a voice, but it was really bad too. 

Trust me. You don't want to listen to it.

5. I stopped writing The Intellagents and started brainstorming a different story with a younger version of my protagonist.
My protagonists tend to be super sarcastic and very cool in manner. It's not that likable. I always go for an Artemis Fowl-like character, but I don't think it works.

So I decided to go back to my roots. I'm making my protagonist twelve and more innocent, and I'm placing it at school. I know enough about school.

Right now I'm brainstorming, and I have some good cross your fingers and wish me luck!

6. Listened to One Direction.
I'm not a huge fan of boy bands or fangirling (except maybe over obscure books that nobody's ever heard of), mostly because I don't want to be one of those screaming girls who's always gushing about Cameron Dallas or Nash Grier or Harry Styles or whoever/whatever/Idon'treallycare. I mean, I watch Cameron Dallas and Nash Grier occasionally.

I just don't fangirl.

But I've gotta admit: I'm a fan of One Direction's music, mostly because their music makes me dance and I like music that makes me dance. Right now, I've got "One Thing" on repeat. 

I think Up All Night is their best album.

7. Listened to Taylor Swift's 1989 previews on iTunes because I don't want to buy the album.

I'm not too happy with the recent Taylor Swift album, mostly because I don't like eighties music and the songs I've heard don't match the catchiness of "We Are Never Getting Back Together" or "I Knew You Were Trouble." I like maybe "Bad Blood" and "Shake It Off," but the light, synthesized music doesn't scream YES at me. I like upbeat. I like a steady clapping drum.

I don't like the whole Welcome to New York-Out of the Woods feel.

However, I've been Googling people's response to Taylor Swift, and so far the reviews have been good.

But I'm convinced it's because some of these reviewers were children of the eighties and they like the whole eighties feel.

I know my mom did...
She even wanted to buy the album from Target, and she doesn't even like Taylor Swift.

8. I carried a bag of carrots around for like three days...

Sometimes I like to pretend to be healthy. One day, I decided to pack applesauce, a bag of persimmons, a bag of carrots, and a bag of chips. 

Well, I ate the applesauce and the persimmons (I love fruit) and the chips, but no carrots.

A couple days later, I did that again.

Haha, nope.

So now there's a Ziploc bag of carrots in the fridge.

9. + &

See, one of my teachers sends texts using Remind only lets you use a certain number of characters per text, so he developed a unique way of texting shorthand.

The funny thing was, for and, he used y (because y is and in Spanish). 

But one of the girls asked him about it this week (she doesn't take Spanish), and she was like, "Can you just use the and symbol?"

"What's the and symbol?" he asked. "Somebody draw it on the board."

So I went up (eating an apple slice) and drew + and & for him.

He was like, "Oh yeah."

It was funny to me because it's something I would totally do.

And I'm not trying to make fun of my teacher or anything--although he's absentminded, he's totally passionate about his subject. It's awesome.

10. I Forget About My Snack

This one surpasses all.

Today, I came home. I was hungry, and I wanted something hot because it's cold outside. (FINALLY.)

So I took out the ham, and the cheese, and thought of making a sandwich, but the bread was in the freezer. 

Because I was too lazy to defrost the bread, I decided to just microwave the ham and cheese, and I did that.

And then, because I like reading or watching YouTube or doing something while I'm eating a snack, I wandered upstairs to get something to read. 


So I was gearing up for this post, ready to completely wow you guys with my weird things list, and then my mom shouted from downstairs, "CAN YOU PUT AWAY YOUR HAM?"

I had completely forgotten about my snack.

I am such an absentminded person!


Yesterday I walked home from school.

It was like seventy degrees, and it was pretty gorgeous out.

And I actually managed to take some decent pictures! Usually my hand shakes and it turns out blurry.

And then today was like this...

Although the top pictures are prettier, I absolutely love cloudy/rainy days because I never get them where I live!

Although, um, tomorrow's supposed to rain. And tomorrow is my youth group bonfire thing.

Of all the days...

Today is Halloween, in case you didn't know.

Usually my church has a fall festival, but this year we didn't because there have been a lot of changes taking place and it would have been hard to coordinate on a short notice. So instead, my family and I are going to play games and eat candy and generally have an awesome time :-)

But SCHOOL. School is really fun on Halloween because a lot of people dress up...including my English teacher...

The Lit teachers coordinated their costumes this year, and their theme was Star Wars. 

But my teacher definitely blew it out of the park.

It was especially hilarious when he tried to tell us what we were doing for the entire period in a Darth Vader tone...and the entire time, Star Wars music was playing in the background.

It's been a fun October.

What weird/zany/crazy/awkward things have happened to you this week? How was October for you guys?

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