Sunday, October 26, 2014

When You Don't Go To Homecoming, You Eat A Lot Of Food

I told you guys the other day about how I wasn't going to my high school's Homecoming. I also informed you guys about my plans to go hang out with my friends while Homecoming was going on.

Well, we did!

We hung out!

And since I took some's what we did :-)

Around 2 p.m. on Saturday, two of my friends and I went to eat at a local burger place. 

After I had my burger, I debated whether or not I should get a shake. At first, I was like, I'm going to get a shake. Then I stood in line, and I got this sinking feeling that I shouldn't. So I went back and told them, "I'm not going to get a shake." But the temptation was too much. 

I got a Neapolitan shake (chocolate, strawberry, vanilla).

Since a movie theater was across the street, we walked across the street. (It was a big one, too. BUT WE DIDN'T GET RUN OVER BY A TRUCK.)

For a while, we milled around. It was about 2:45ish, and the movie started at 3:25, so we walked around and talked about movies.

It was really funny because we walked inside the theater for a while, and the movie theater workers had set up blow-up cats and pumpkins and an inflatable Baymax (from Big Hero 6) and surrounded them by those portable black leathery railings. On the railings they'd put signs on them that said, "PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH THE CATS" (or something like that).

For lack of anything better to do, my friends and I walked up to the cat and I read off the sign, out loud.

What I hadn't realized was that there were these two little kids right in front of us, and they were reaching out their hands to touch the cat, at the exact same time as I was reading it!

Once they heard me reading it, though, they drew their hands back and sort of looked at us a little guiltily.

It was such a funny moment.

I might have just saved their little boy souls, guys.

I think both of my friends wanted to watch Annabel (you know, the creepy movie about the doll?), but A) I wouldn't be allowed to watch it, B) I didn't even want to watch it, and C) it was rated R, and there were no adults present to buy our tickets for us.

So we bought our tickets for Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day and went inside the theater.

Once we were inside, another friend joined us for the movie.

And overall, it was a pretty decent movie, considering I'd seen all the funny parts.

See, I have this weird thing where I stalk a movie before I actually go see it. I Wikipedia it, Google the actors, watch the trailer a million times, and on this particular occasion, I'd watched a couple sneak peeks from Rotten Tomatoes (and I'd pretty much died laughing). 

So I kind of knew all the funny parts. 

But it was still funny. Even my friends thought so.

Afterward, we all decided to go to this teensy Asian restaurant across the street for dinner. It was the kind of Asian restaurant that serves boba (some people call it bubble tea, but here we call it boba--you know, the little tapioca balls at the bottom of the cup?) and shave ice (real shave ice, not like the fake icy crunchy syrupy stuff). 

It was here that another friend joined us, and our group was complete.

As natural human teenagers, we were super indecisive, so we just ordered our drinks first. Unfortunately, they didn't have watermelon, mango, peach, or kiwi, so I had to order an orange-pineapple smoothie. It was pretty good; it was a little bit pulpy and it needed to be a little sweeter (I have a sweet tooth), but I finished it!

My other friends ordered boba, but I don't like boba. (I haven't had it in years.) I don't like tea. (Tastes like ew water.) I'm kindasortamaybe super American. 

So I had a smoothie.

And then, of course, I had to confess other aspects of my un-Asian-ness: I like Panda Express (gasp), I don't like kimchi (even though I'm Korean; double gasp), I'm not a huge fan of Asian food in general (triple gasp). 

I honestly wasn't that hungry--I mean, I'd eaten a burger at 2, and it was only 6--but my friend ordered popcorn chicken for me.

We used these poky chopstick-like things to poke them; I haven't had popcorn chicken in, like...forever. 

And then I had to ask for Ranch, too.

I have these weird affinities for Ranch, mayonnaise, and raw onion. Don't ask me why. I just like creamy stuff, and although onion makes my breath stink, it tastes really good. I love onions.

The pictures are kind of blurry. Woops.

Then we had to take a "cheers" photo of all our smoothies. I took three of them. (Gotta get that perfect angle.)

Unfortunately, my friend's face is in two of them and I didn't feel like cropping the photos, and the one that was left over is blurry. So here's an aesthetically blurry picture of our "cheers" pose. ^^^^

They forgot to make one of my friends' drinks, so he had to use a cup of water for our cheers pose.

Afterward, we had shave ice.

This is real shave ice, guys. Not that disgusting syrupy stuff that you pour on top of crushed frozen water molecules. 

REAL Shave Ice has...

  • The consistency of snow. Not the crunchy BLAH; it's soft.
  • Condensed milk. It's super thick, super sweet cream-colored liquid that you pour all over the ice and after it melts it becomes a giant gorgeous sweet, cold soup.
  • Fruit. We ordered strawberries, as you can see, but there were tons of other options. (Even Oreo! I vouched for that, but my friends vetoed it.)
It was absolutely amazing.

At the end, I ran out of cash, so (thank God!) I had a Visa gift card that my uncle had bought me for my birthday, so I used that. 

And I had to sign a little receipt and everything and I felt so professional. I even gave 15% tip. 

After, I made my friend an Instagram, and I went home. We'd had dinner guests, so I wanted to say hi to them.

So basically, in a rundown of our evening, we...
  • ate
  • watched a movie
  • ate some more
Can't think of a better way I'd rather spend my Saturday afternoon :-)


  1. Haha, I only "stalk" movies when they're Hunger Games or some other book-to-movie thing.

    Anyway, yaaaay! Foooood! ^^ Sounds like you had waaay more fun than some silly homecoming dance :)

    1. Haha yeah, it was a ton of fun :-)

    2. Oh my gosh, I am so happy I am not the only person who stalks book-to-movie sneak peeks! :)

      What you did sounds more fun than going to homecoming! :)