Friday, November 28, 2014


The amazing and wonderful O. Williams tagged me for this award:-)

Zee Rules:
1. Thank the blogger who nominated you. TANK YOU, O.
2. List ten (major) things you're grateful for.
3. Tag ten bloggers.


1. food. 

I be crazy if I don't mention food. Seriously, food. Where would I be without you? (Dead, most likely.)

2. lysol wipes.

Without you, our bathroom floors would not be sterilized and our society would not know the true meaning of a "clean toilet." I am also grateful that they kill 99.9% of all germs, although sometimes I do wonder why they cannot kill that critical .1%. (But I'm still thankful!)

3. spotify. 

I shudder at the thought of my life before Spotify. 663 tracks and still going strong. 

4. despicable me.

I really like laughing, and Despicable Me makes me laugh a lot. Particularly Edith and Agnes. And the minions. (Who could forget them?)

5. my laptop.

Where else should I have penned my stories, written this blog, pounded out my thoughts? Also, thanks to my dad, who paid for it. (Who pretty much pays for everything.)

6. good hair days.

AMEN! Recently, I've been having good hair days. (Thank you, Jesus!) Dude, like seriously, my hair would look like a mop without good hair days. Last year, I went around with a ponytail; this year, I get to flaunt my fur. 

(Okay, hair isn't fur, but it's close enough.)

7. rain.

I, sadly, have not seen much rain yet this year (and this year is almost over). I probably will not. But I am still thankful for the few drops that we got here a couple months ago. 

8. pillows.

I am currently sitting with one pressed against my stomach. We have a lot of pillows in my house, and three-fourths of those are probably in my bedroom right now. I hate sleeping with pillows at my head, but ones on my stomach are delightful. I thank God for pillows.

9. fridays.

If I did not have Fridays, I would have nothing to look forward to all week. Fridays smack of freedom and fun and the weekend. I am thankful that God made Fridays.

I also like the word Friday. Although I'm not a huge fan of the letter 'f' (don't ask me why; I just don't), Friday is a truly wonderful term. Maybe it's the connotation more than the word. I don't know.

10. my home boy jesus, yo


Let's all forget that I just used the terminology home boy, okay?

But seriously, I am. I am also thankful for my parents, who told me about Him. I can't imagine the kind of person I would be without Him. 


Now it's your turn!

I tag these people:


Dude, like, do it. You won't regret it.

Monday, November 24, 2014

A Day In The Life of Grown-Up Rcubed (A.K.A. Wishful Thinking)

I kind of know what I want my future to be.

1) BOOKS 2) Blogging 3) YouTube 4) Tutoring (because I kind of like teaching) 

So, in an ideal world where I get to be whatever I want, here's what a day in my grown-up life would look like. (I put my own twist on O. Williams' post :-)

6:30 A.M. 

Wake up. Roll over. Grab my phone. (Yes, I'll probably be one of those people.) Send out a marvelous tweet, post a picture on Instagram, reply to comments, read blogs, etc.

7:00 A.M.

Go into the kitchen and eat breakfast. Skip it if I'm not hungry.

7:15 A.M.

Get ready for the day. Grab my laptop and anything I need to write, get into the car, and go to Starbucks. Or, if I'm lazy, stay at home and write.

9:15 A.M.

Stop writing (ideally I'd have written 2,000 words). Check watch. Check social media and blogs. Pack up my stuff and leave, or if I'm at home put everything away. Set up camera and begin to film a video.

10:15 A.M.

Finish filming. Yawn, check phone, go outside again and go shopping and hang out with friends for lunch.

12:15 P.M.

Get home, eat a snack (even though I've only had lunch), write a few hundred more words. Then edit the video.

2:15 P.M.

Finish editing, do jumping jacks, text friends, watching YouTube videos. Then write a blog post.

4:15 P.M.

Leave for library. Pick up a bunch of books while I'm waiting for my tutoree to arrive. Help them edit their essay and do algebra. (Ideally, I'd have actually remembered algebra.)

6:15 P.M.

Head home, begin to read while simultaneously heating up lunch leftovers. Call/Facetime my parents and text my siblings while eating dinner. 

7:15 P.M.

Take a shower, take laundry to laundromat, fold laundry, talk to people on phone, be social (sort of). Go home, cram in a couple hundred more words. Do the 10 minute workout video thing I found on YouTube.

9:30 P.M.

Quiet time.

10:30 P.M.
READING. Then bed.

Obviously, I'm pretty sure this is not going to happen when I get older. 

But it's nice to dream, ain't it?

Sunday, November 23, 2014

how ya doin'?

It was a bit of a messy, hazy weekend...but how ya doin'? Lemme know in the comments below!

this picture was from last week, but I decided to post it here. Haha.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Shabu with the Pops (+ Other Somewhat Recent, Mostly Fun Stuff)

Every now and then, I decide to be a good blogger and upload all the pictures I've taken on my phone onto my computer. I have a lot of pictures. So I'll be showing you guys what I've been up to (and *hinthint* you're about to see a lot of food).

Also, it'll be in sort-of reverse chronological order, because my phone uploaded them in chronological order. So yeah. 

At my little sister's soccer was sort of picturesque, so I was like, why not?

For a daddy-daughter date, my dad took me to a shabu-fusion place called Jazz Cat.

For those of you who don't know, shabu is a Japanese fondue-like thing, where you dip meat and vegetables into a broth or a stew.

Since this was a shabu-fusion place, there were a lot more options than just broth and stew.

They sat you at this table with two little stoves in the middle, and there were different soup bases to choose from. My dad (being the spicy lumberjacky man that he is) ordered the kimchi broth. I (being the wimpy creamy unhealthy girl that I am) ordered the creamy milk and corn one.

Even at Asian restaurants, I'm still pretty American.

You could order different types of meat as well. I wanted to order the lamb (because I've tried it before and liked it), but my dad told me just to go with the beef.

Since it was my first time ever trying shabu, I decided to go with the classic choice. (Beef. Yeah. Cows.)

It also came with vegetables!

It's sort of like a giant stew--you toss everything into it and wait for it all to cook. The meat, which is sliced thinly, cooks pretty quickly, so we kept ourselves busy eating meat and munching on sweet potato fries while we waited for all the vegetables and seafoody stuff to cook.

It was absolutely delicious.

That's me putting raw meat into my soup. And yes, that's an egg.

They also gave you a choice of different sauces. I went with something called the "satay" (not quite sure what it means, but it tasted pretty good). It sort of looked like oil with a heavy layer of red spice sitting at the bottom.

(I really like oil.)

(Me trying to be all photographer-y)

When everything boiled off, we ate the soup.

After, we walked around a little bit. My dad ordered a mocha frappuccino thing from a little Taiwanese cafe, and we bought some sweet bread from a bakery. Then we drove home and listened to k-pop in the car because my dad thought I needed to be a little bit more cultured in Asian-ness.

I actually am not a huge fan of Asian food, or Asian clothes, or Asian music. Maybe it's just because I'm such an American person, but I don't really like the cutesy, anime-like stuff, nor the synthesized, autotune-sounding music. K-pop to me all sounds the same, but there were a couple songs that he played that stood out to me.

Sometime during the week before, this happened: VVVVV

About a month or so ago, I was incredibly honored to have my title chosen for book four of Shelby Bach's Ever Afters series. It was kind of incredible...something that was done in a fangirling moment came back to haunt me.

As a reward, Shelby sent me this personalized mug.


You can't see it, but on the other side, there's a picture of the cover.

If you want to read more about it, click here or here.

Anyway, I'm actually starting to like fall a bit, now that the weather has calmed down and started 
giving us days like this:

There were a couple days when it was a hundred degrees or so in OCTOBER, and we were all like, Hurry up with the coldness already...


School's been pretty good, too. A little bit monotonous--after you get a four-day weekend (like I did over Veterans Day), it's always sort of like, When's the next one?

I had an AP Euro test the other day.

It was a cumulative exam (*grrr* DETEST those) which meant I had to study pretty much everything I've learned thus far.

I got an 80 on it. It's a respectable score, but I could have done better.

*sighs* Oh well.

We also had tennis picture day, even though our season's been over for a couple weeks.

Taking selfies to convince myself that I look good.

These are the sophomores ^^^ We're all so goooooofffffyyyyyy.

(Why did I just drag that word out?)

This is the picture I posted on Instagram when I was studying for AP Euro. ^^^ Those are my comfy socks. Don't judge.

On Tuesday, when my brothers were in school and I was OFF, my parents and little sister and I went to a restaurant for lunch.

The restaurant is known for their golden baked hams and cured meats and paninis. I got a turkey and tomato panini. Doesn't it look GORGEOUS?

It was delicious, too. I finished all of it.

That's my dad's. ^^ He got the meatloaf. It looks almost as gorgeous as mine does.

Another shot with the socks...this was before I went to go see Big Hero 6...

The varsity team played at the "tennis playoffs" for all of the league champions. We made it to the third round before we lost to a team that lacked in sportsmanship.

I got to practice with varsity for the last couple of weeks. Although it was nice to get a taste of what varsity'll be like in the next two years, it was hard because my co-captain and I had to stay until 4:30 when the rest of the JV got to just leave after fifth period.

I was pretty spent by the time varsity lost. Even though I didn't actually play.

I can't imagine how tired varsity must've felt.

My friends and I, over Veterans' Day four-day weekend, went to see Big Hero 6. It was a really good movie (I'll be writing an MR soon on my other blog) and afterwards we went to eat shave ice. (Again.) 

City lights :-)

So...yeah, I've been busy. I think God has blessed me in this way, because I actually really like being busy. (It gives me a feeling of productivity.) 

But anyway, ENOUGH ABOUT ME. (Who wants to hear my life story anyway? It's actually pretty boring.) WHAT'S UP? WHAT HAVE YOU GUYS BEEN DOING? GIMME GIMME GIMME. 

Rcubed is currently trying to be like Cait from Notebook Sisters/Paper Fury in that she is going to write a quirky biography about herself right now. Currently, she is typing and getting ready to edit this post for y'all. She is also feeling very embarrassed that she just used a Southern accent on y'all (woop there it goes again), but maybe it's just because she's been watching Blimey Cow a lot on YouTube, and the people on Blimey Cow live in Tennessee. (Does that count as the South? Yay? Nay?) She recently had a "family photo shoot" with her family and discovered that she does not look as good on camera as she believes in her head. It was a very sad shock to her senses, but somehow she feels like this is God's greater plan to encourage her to develop her writing and discipline skills. Speaking of discipline, she still hasn't written that Big Hero 6 movie review, and she saw it exactly a week ago. Call her lazy. And rambly. She really should be getting to edit this post right now.

Thursday, November 13, 2014


Katie over at A Writer's Faith nominated me for a "Best Blogging Buddy Award"! Yay!

Applause to Katie! Yay!

Okay, here are the rules:
  1. You must make a post to show your award on your main blog.
  2. You must tag the person who nominated you in your post.
  3. You must nominate all of your best buddies, and those whom you want to become best buddies with, who, to your knowledge, have not been nominated, for this award.
  4. You must ask your buddies at least 15 questions on your post.
  5. You must answer all of the questions your buddies ask you on your post.

Katie asks...
1. Where is your favorite place to write?

Ummm...there are literally so many positions in which I write it's inSAne. I usually write in my room. I can write sitting up on my bed or lying down on my bed. I can write lying down on the floor (actually, I'm doing that right now). I can sit in my squishy black chair and prop my feet up on the keyboard bench because the bench has a cushion on it. I can write at my desk.

Yeah, that was a good question.

2. Favorite board game?

I don't like board games much anymore (call me antisocial?), but I like Monopoly. Except it's super long and I always lose. But I still like it. 
3. What's your favorite joke? 

I never can remember any good jokes. (**Note: I originally put a joke here, but it was a little offensive, so my dad told me to take it down.)

But one I do remember is...

Why did the car take a nap?
A: It got tired!

HAHAHAHA. Get it? Tired? Tired?

4. Best writing tip you've ever received?


5. Favorite movie?

Facing the Giants. And How To Train Your Dragon. And Despicable Me. And Despicable Me 2. Yes. I have a lot of favorites.

6. What's a time when you've laughed your hardest?

Ugh, I never remember these things! But one of the more recent ones was when my friend was telling me something and I was eating shave ice with condensed milk and I laughed so hard it dribbled down my chin and they had to give me a napkin.

7. Who's your favorite character that you've created? Describe them a little, if you can. 

Hilary Bobb, who's part of the manuscript I'm working on. She's a spy (I LOVE SPIES) with a vibrant personality and a good perspective on life. Right now, she's twelve and she's steadily learning not to trust people. It's terrible. But that's the spy biz.

8. What's your favorite thing to do besides writing and reading?

Watching YouTube or movies. 

9. Movies or books and why?

DUDE KATIE YOU ASK THE HARDEST QUESTIONS. Books, probably, because they last longer.

10. Ebooks or paperback? Why?

Paperback. It's easier on my eyes and I just like the scent of book, you know?

11. Beaches or mountains?


12. Favorite type of music?

You mean types? I love everything except alternative and alt rock and rock. I love pop (Katy Perry + tobyMac are awesome), heavy metal (dude, SKILLET), weird music (like Family Force 5), worshipful music (Lauren Daigle and Chris Tomlin), country (started listening to Carrie Underwood and RaeLynn) and rap (like Andy Mineo and Lecrae). I cannot stand rock, mostly because it's overplayed on Christian radio stations. I love Switchfoot, and that's about it.

13. Okay. Hard question. List your top three favorite books/series.

Harry Potter. Keeper of the Lost Cities. Anne of Green Gables.

14. What time of day can you get the most things done?

I can get things done at any part of the day, but I'm most productive at night. Mostly because I'm a procrastinator. 

15. And, finally, if there was only one book you could read for the rest of your life, what would it be? (Minus the Bible)

Right now, the answer is Everblaze, by Shannon Messenger. (I mean, come on, the thing's 600 pages. I'd have a lot to reread.)

Thank you so much for the questions, Katie! Here are mine...

1. Do you like blue pumpkins? Explain.
2. You're on a reality TV show, and you're stuck in a burning mansion. You can wish for anything you want, but the producers want high ratings, so you have to get out of there in the most creative way possible. What do you do?
3. Converse or Vans? Why?
4. Are you a math person? Explain.
5. Would you rather move to Australia for a year and pick up a slight Australian accent, or England and pick up a British accent?
6. What is the worst way you get sidetracked?
7. Is it about the details, or do you focus on the whole picture?
8. What's your Myer Briggs personality? 
9. What's your signature catchphrase?
10. Any embarrassing or weird stories you want to share with us?
11. If you could be a fairy tale character, who would it be?
12. If Brussels sprouts tasted like chocolate but had three times the calories of celery, would you eat it?
13. What's one thing you can't live without?
14. Do you see yourself as an idealist, or as a person who says it like it is?
15. What would be harder for you to do, initiate a conversation or wink at a stranger in a bowling alley?

I tag everybody in the whole wide world who has a blog. Do it. Do it. I dare you to.

And pass on this little adorable owl!

**Note: this was a scheduled post.**