Tuesday, November 4, 2014

In Which I Pop In And Say Hi

Hello, guys!

I just felt like writing this post...right now...on a Tuesday night...when I should be doing math...

But I'm going to share some announcements with you, so hang tight!

1) I'm going to write a post about attending my FIRST-EVER BOOK LAUNCH PARTY!  It was for Shannon Messenger, and it was awesome and her mom made cupcakes and Shannon herself was so down-to-earth and funny and awesome that I absolutely loved it. I have some pictures and a funny story...so yeah :-)

2) I finished reading Everblaze, and it pretty much tore me apart. I also *might* be holding a giveaway on my other blog quite soon...so keep an eye on that :-)

3) STILL BRAINSTORMING FOR MY NEW BOOK. What should I call it? It's about spies, and the protagonist's name is Hilary. COMMENT WHAT I SHOULD CALL IT. I'm usually decent at titles, but I don't know about this one.

4) I HAVE A FOUR-DAY WEEKEND!!!!!!! And I'm still riding on the high from finishing Everblaze, which is why I'm writing in ALL CAPS... And cheers! Three more days and I'm officially free for four days! (You'll be hearing a pretty decent amount from me during that time period.)

5) BYE! I hope you all have wonderful weeks, and don't forget to do your homework!

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  1. During your 4-day weekend, maybe a short story/excerpt for ER? Thanks! (-: