Sunday, December 14, 2014


My wall is literally plastered with blue tape right now.

And the Christmas lights have fallen down like, 10 times. They used to have some design and/or neatness, but now they're just kind of stuck up wherever doing their own thing. I'm far too wise to argue with them.


I turned my bedroom into a "winter wonderland" this weekend!

With the Christmas lights fermenting in my closet and begging me to take them out, I was like, Why not pretend I know how to hang them up and turn my room into a Christmas Extravaganza?


(Obviously I had no idea what I was in for...)

What I Used:
-Christmas lights on a string
-Blue tape
-A swivel chair 

What I Should Have Used:
-Christmas lights on a string
-Every chair EXCEPT a swivel chair!

What I Did:
I had three strings of Christmas lights, and I hung them up around my bookshelves and above my bed and over my desk using blue tape. A lot of blue tape, because the tape doesn't stick very well to the wall. (I know the point of blue tape is so they won't take the paint off the walls, but wouldn't it be okay to just make them a little more sticky?) 

I think there's more blue tape than Christmas light on my walls right now.

And like I said, they're falling down, mostly because gravity apparently hates me and poisons the mind of the blue tape and so both of them hate me and honestly, it's a losing battle.

I considered using thumbtacks, but A) I didn't want to poke a whole lot of holes in my wall and get into trouble, and B) I didn't want to run out of them. (I have a limited supply of thumbtacks.)

It was funny, though, because my main reason for not using thumbtacks was because I wasn't sure my parents would let me use them. After I'd set everything up, my mom walked in and she was like, "Hmmm...why didn't you just use thumbtacks?"


I also probably shouldn't be around sharp objects too often.

Dude, and the swivel chair. I only have a swivel office chair in my room, and obviously I was too lazy/didn't think to grab another one, so I hung up my lights using a chair that twisted around. It was a whole lotta fun, I tell you, but it didn't make for very productive work.


I have a thing with pillows. I hate to sleep with them under my head, but I like hugging them, snuggling them, putting them on my lap--and right now I'm typing with one on top of my feet and another against my stomach.

So I was like, why not make my bed super comfy? So I piled it high with pillows and two blankets and my special blankey (yes, I still sleep with's in tatters...#unashamed) and it was fantabulous. It was like sleeping on a cloud. Yes.


You know how those work. You, like, fold the papers and cut them and it turns into "snowflakes." I only made 3. I'm still not quite sure how I ever thought they were "fun" to make. I mean, you're folding and cutting paper. Can't get more boring than that.

What I Used:
-Blue tape
-A swivel chair

What I Should Have Used:

What I Did:
I wanted to create a "curtain" of "icicles" near my doorway, so basically I cut a bunch of string and hung it down from the ceiling. Again, I used blue tape. (Ugh.) Again, I stood on a swivel chair.

Personally, I believe it was an entire waste of time, even more of a waste of time than making snowflakes. I cut string. (To be fair, I was listening to Pentatonix, but I was still cutting string too.) Then I stood on a swivel chair (again). And now it kind of looks skimpy, because I only used just enough string to look kool. It doesn't look phenomenal, but I don't even want to make it look phenomenal know how much time that would be?

Don't do it.

So yes. This was HOW TO TURN YOUR BEDROOM INTO A WINTER WONDERLAND. (Sort of.) Because everyone knows that the best DIYs are the ones you do yourself, fail at, and get to laugh at yourself on your blog.

It was rather therapeutic, though. It even makes you feel productive!

And the lights look pretty...if you ignore the blue tape.

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