Wednesday, January 7, 2015

WE BREAK LAWS + accidentally hike eight miles || Welcome to Hollywood

Just to be clear, I am not an advocate of breaking laws.

It's just that sometimes in life, you do.


On January third, my family and another family (that we're friends with, obviously) went on a hike up to the Hollywood sign.

You know? The famous one? 

That was the best view we got, actually.


We woke up super early (like, seven in the morning) and ate and stuff and hopped in the car and drove until we got to the trailhead around, oh, nine-ish. 


The trail we wanted to go on was closed!

Fortunately, there are three hikes to the Hollywood sign, so my dad was like, Oh, here's another one. It says it's steeper, but it's shorter. Let's go!

So we went.

Bro, I was huffing and puffing and stuff.

I'm slightly ashamed to say that it was the most physical exertion I'd had in, well, two weeks.

The view was gorgeous...but we were all stripping off our jackets (it's been cold here for a while now, like almost-freezing coldness) and inwardly most of us were all like, When's this thing gonna end?

The trip there lasted about one and a half miles. Ish.

Not at the top yet. Not quite sure why I was taking a picture. Maybe because the view was pretty?

We traversed mountains, hills, and such...


The thing that kind of stunk about the trail was that it led to behind the Hollywood sign, not in front. So, uh, yeah.

I'd been imagining my Instagram picture, like me standing in between the H's legs with my arms in the air like I just don't care, but as soon as I reached the sign itself all visions of a sweet picture dissolved.

Yeah, nope.

We took some pictures atop the overlook that overlooked (well, what else was it going to do?) the city. But then there was the whole sun-positioning issue--the sun was planted in such a way that made it difficult to take a picture with the Hollywood sign in the background. 

It was at this juncture in time that some decision-making had to be done. Since some of us didn't want to go back the "hard way," the dads decided that they'd go back that way and get our cars, then meet us at the Griffiths Observatory. We--the moms and the kids--would take the flat, easy, paved three-mile trail and meet them there.

At least, we heard Griffiths Observatory. My dad later claimed that he'd meant Griffiths Park Trail Head thingamabobber, but I heard Griffiths Observatory, Dad. Distinctly heard it.

For a while, the going was quite nice. The trail was paved and shaded and cold but not too cold.

There's the Hollywood sign!

It was probably at this point in time that our perseverance started to wane. See, we'd been marching on the same flat road for quite a while. I'm not exaggerating: quite a while. 

Then we came to a fork in the road, and life began to get complicated.

See, we'd never thought we'd actually have to make decisions. We were just like, Heigh-ho, off to Griffiths Observatory we go! and followed the trail.

But decisions...decisions...decisions...

On a choice made after we asked somebody for directions, we went left.

Which went up.

We should've guessed, honestly. When you go down, you get closer to the street. When you go up, you don't. But we followed the advice of a fellow hiker and went up.

Horse plop. There was a LOT of it, and yes: I took a picture.


Look at how far that thang is!

Sooner or later, we climbed this MASSIVE hill and found this overlook...and then realized that A) WE'D GONE ON THE WRONG TRAIL, and B) Griffiths Observatory sure was far.

It was really far, guys.

The only thing left to do was climb down this dirty, dusty hill and that we did, but it was steep. Majorly steep. I even took out my earbuds, it was that steep. 

What's more, it was a ridge of sorts--a wide ridge, admittedly, but still a ridge. A ridge that you could fall off and perish in the endless forests below.

We finally got down from the mountain and came to another fork in the road--except it was more like a six-headed fork, because there were so many options life was very quickly getting complicated. Then we asked somebody, and they seemed very confident. They said go right.

We went right.





The joy we felt was inexpressible.

Then here's what happened:

-We decided to meet the dads--who had the cars, remember--at the Greek Theater. The other mum knew where it was, so we followed her on yet another journey.

IT WAS THROUGH A TUNNEL. With cars in it.

Yes, we had to go through a tunnel with no sidewalk.

There was a ledge inside it, so we inched our way through on that until somebody said, WHAT ARE WE DOING? THERE AREN'T ANY CARS! LET'S JUST RUN!

So we ran. 

It was hilarious. We sprinted and ran and laughed and laughed.

Then we started again.

My feet were hurting--my toes had blisters--and we were all tired. So when we got to a potential shortcut, we took it. 

It was down yet another hill.

When I got down I lay down on the grass and tried to sleep.

There were public restrooms nearby, so we went there while our mothers texted the dads our location. (The Greek Theater was scrapped. I think we were all spent.)


one dad came.

Apparently, my dad had gotten stuck in traffic. They'd blocked off the road leading here, and the other dad had just barely gotten through before they'd done so.

So here's what we did:

They took down the back seats and stuffed us children--all eight of us--in the back. We got plain Lays chips and pretty much snacked the entire way.


(But don't worry, I don't do much of it. Only in desperate situations like those.)

After, when we caught up with my dad and decided we'd had enough of the Hollywood life, we went to this pizza place where I basically drowned in pizza and water and fire. (There was a legit gas-fed fire on our table.)


  • Hiked 8 miles. (Accidentally.)
  • Was out there for a good 4-5 hours.
  • Consumed pizza. Loads of it. Plus one Jolly Rancher Candy Cane.
It was funny, exhausting, and awful all at once.

I wouldn't repeat that experience. But neither would I want to forget it.


  1. Wow!! Sounds like something that would happen to our family xD

  2. Omg hahah that's seriously the law you broke? I thought you guys like spray-painted the Hollywood sign or something xD I've scrunched up in back seats millions of times (I guess people find me...scrunchable?) Lol, anyway, that sounds like a super fun and crazy day!

  3. That sounds cool! You walked to the Hollywood sign? I live way to far away from there to do that just as a family trip, really. I guess walking eight miles accidentally is far cooler than not going to hike at all xD
    In some countries overloaded backseats are usual, so I don't see a problem with this at all, especially if it was, because you needed it. Oh, that sounds serious, why can't I write something funny?
    Probably I could wait for hours and didn't know anything funny. So, here's my comment for you ;-)