Saturday, February 28, 2015

Time! Little League! Saturdays! Blueberry Muffins! Struggles! The Dress! Yay!

eeek, sometimes I hate time.

Without time, we would have no deadlines. We wouldn't have to set alarms to wake up early in the morning. YouTube wouldn't eat so much of our lives. Songs would never end (or never begin, depending on how you look at it). I wouldn't have to schedule my life. That's part of the reason why I hate time.

Freshman year was slow, but now that I'm over halfway through sophomore year, I'm just like WHAAAAAT is going ONNNN at all the time going by because seriously, all of a sudden, things that I've always wanted to do when I got older get pushed aside and I have to somehow carve a path for more stuff to do.

If you compared last year's school planner (yes, I have a planner; yes, it is one of those book things that you actually write stuff down; yes, I have a digital one too; yes, I actually use both) to this year's planner, you would definitely see a difference. There are weeks when I hardly have any room to write anything on anywhere. Mostly it's because my writing's huge (my math homework ranges from four to ten pages long), but it's also because I have a lot of stuff to do and not a lot of time to get it done.

Which is why I'm trying to limit my YouTube consumption. Oftentimes I rely too much on my planner and I don't have a clear idea of what needs to be done, and so I get sidetracked. I'm trying to learn how to memorize stuff more, and how to multitask, because: let's face it, as much as multitasking is hard to accomplish, sometimes in this busy day and age, you need to utilize it.


Today is Opening Day for Little League. For those of you who don't know, Little League is basically a baseball league for kids--both my brothers did it; now one is too old and this is probably the younger one's last season--and Opening Day is, obviously, the first day of Little League. Basically, boiled down, it's team pictures and booths and, for some teams, their first games. I had to go with my younger brother because both my parents were busy, and they didn't feel like sending an eleven-year-old boy by himself to the park for a couple of hours :-D. 

I actually didn't really do anything. I ran there, first off, because it's at our local elementary/middle school, which is only about a mile away. My mom and I thought it would take me twenty minutes to get there, but it ended up only taking ten because it was mostly downhill. (*pumps fist*).

Because I was the first one in my family there, it was kind of awkward for me. People get it when they see you with a younger sibling in a baseball outfit, but when there's just a teenage girl there with a 1-1-Six shirt on and recording with a camera? (I was making a vlog and taking pictures for this post at the same time.) Awkward. I killed some time in the bathroom and then went up on this bush-ridden hill to take pictures without others seeing me. 

Although, I guess if someone saw me hidden up there taking pictures, they might have thought I was a freaky lunatic who takes pictures of little boys in baseball uniforms. Yeah. That's kind of creepy.

I was slightly mad because it was supposed to rain today, and I really like rain, but it never did. Actually, as I sit here, the sun is shining. Yup. Hopefully later this evening.

There's a new pizza place opening up nearby apparently, and they were selling these huge slices of pizza for $2 a slice, which, if you're wondering, is a good deal. That's like Costco-cheap. 


For those of you who have been with me for a while and know that last year I worked at the Little League Snack Shack, this year I've decided to take a small step back from my duties at the Snack Shack. And yes, for those of you who didn't know, last year I worked there. It wasn't a "real" job--I didn't need a work permit, and they paid us $25 for 3 hours in cash. It taught me a lot, and even though the beginning was pretty rocky (they didn't train me or anything), I eventually ended up having fun. 

But can I tell you something?

The step up from freshman to sophomore year is tall and very drastic. Most people would think that the step would be from eighth grade to ninth, but no, ninth to tenth is the big one. I would spend 3 hours on homework, tops, last year, including dinner and any breaks I took. But this year takes me five hours to do homework, and even then sometimes I went to bed at 12 or 1 in the morning (during tennis season). 

Last year, I'd finish my math homework the day before and go work for 3 hours, come home and be completely pooped. I don't know how I can handle that this year, and even though Saturday shifts are still available, there are still other things I'd rather be doing--blogging, for example. Writing. Doing things that I can't usually do during weekdays. 3 hours is a long time, and needless to say, I don't multitask when I'm given a paid job.

So this year, I'll just probably be substituting in shifts once or twice a month. The extra cash would be nice, but sometimes spending 3 hours next to hot dogs and fake nacho cheese isn't worth $25.

Speaking of school, I've been kind of stressed lately.

I mean, what else is new? I wrote this post chronicling all I have to do. But recently my grades have been slipping, and I don't think it's just because it's the beginning of the semester when everything is worth a lot. I want to get into a good four-year university, and in order to do that, it takes time and a ton of effort, much of what I've been putting in.

But part of being in high school means that a lot rides on tests. A lot. I have a subpar grade in Spanish right now, even though I have a 100% on both homework and participation--although, admittedly, I didn't study at all for it (I only just began studying for the quizzes on Thursday). My math grade just dropped majorly because I scored a super-stinking-awesomely-horrible grade on a math test. (And yes. It really was bad.)

I took the math test on Thursday, and I'd studied for it. I thought I knew it. I really did. It was on sequences and series (looking for patterns in numbers, which I am NOT good at at ALL), and I memorized all the formulas...but when I got to the test, I think I panicked. I remember looking at the papers and wondering to myself, What on earth am I doing? But I couldn't spend too much time staring at my work, because there are 55 minutes to a period, and that is not a lot of time. I've been choking up on tests a lot, when I originally used to be good at them.

Also, things don't stick in my brain like they used to do. I know, this sounds strange coming from a fifteen-year-old, but I don't remember as much anymore. Maybe I zone out too much? Maybe I haven't been getting enough sleep? It takes two or three times to review for me to retain anything, and I used to have an almost-photographic memory.

I think I'm blaming this one on my too much consumption of YouTube. I'm trying to halt my YouTube use too much.

I have been struggling lately.

But the worst thing part of it isn't even my grades. It's my spiritual walk with God. Lately I've been feeling detached from him and my conscience. Things that should bug me don't really, which in itself bugs me a lot. Maybe I have too many distractions that let me escape into a different world and forget about everything, but I don't want those distractions if it lets me become desensitized to the faults of everything and everyone. So if you're reading this, pray for me. Pray that I will find the balance, pray that I will get things done, pray that I will get rest, because heaven knows I need it. Pray that I will find motivation and fire again.



On a lighter note, I made blueberry muffins today!

I haven't baked in, like, a year. I think I used to have aspirations of being on Chopped, but that kind of fell away because the only reason I think I'd be on Chopped would be to eat the food, not to make it.

Although, if you think about it, would you really want to eat food that had just been whipped up in 30 minutes and might not even exhibit the chef's best skills? Yeah. I don't know about that.

But I do enjoy making good things if I get to eat them, so I decided to dig out some frozen blueberries, whip the electric-food-stirrer-thingy (sheesh, I call myself a writer and I don't even know what it's called?), and make some fatty blueberry muffins!

I thought that looked kool--how the milk and oil separated ;-)

This picture actually turned out the way I wanted it! Haha.

I was substituting frozen blueberries for fresh. I Googled if that was all right, and apparently it was, but somebody said that the muffins didn't turn out right if you didn't rinse and dry the frozen blueberries first. I don't think it made much of a difference, haha.

The topping was that huge gunk of butter with cinnamon, sugar, and flour :-)

You're supposed to fill them all the way to the top, because everyone knows that huge blueberry muffins are so much better than smaller ones, yeah? (Can I hear a "holla"?!)

And after about twenty years...or maybe minutes...these gorgeouslicious things came out! I haven't eaten one yet, but I'm reasonably sure that I've used this recipe before and they were amazing. Actually, after I finish this blog post, I'm going to go downstairs and eat one. Not sure why I didn't when they were still fresh...

...but I used this recipe. Go check it out!

Actually, I don't think it's even blueberry season, but I'm sure you can just pop on over to the store and buy some frozen ones. Wait, but I heard blueberries are expensive.

Maybe if you want to treat yourself? 


There's been this Internet hullabaloo over this dress.

According to the source I got this from, the original image is in the middle. To some people, the dress appears white and gold. To others, it seems blue and black.

Yes, in case you're wondering. THAT'S what the Internet has blown up about. The color of a dress. Sheesh. It's funny how hassled we get over the smallest, most insignificant things.

I'm on Team Blue-and-Black, and also Team-It-Doesn't-Matter. I can kind of see how the left would seem white and gold to some people...oh wow. As I was typing this, I was looking at the lightest picture, and I started seeing how it was white and gold. And then I looked at the middle one, and BEHOLD, IT WAS WHITE AND GOLD. Now I can transfer from seeing blue and black and white and gold. It kind of depends on one's perception, I think.

It could be either. Ohmygargoyles.

Wow. Mind blown.

I think I just became a White-and-Goldie.

But even though my view of it changed, I'm still on Team-It-Doesn't-Matter.

What are you? White and gold? Or blue and black?


  1. I am on the White-and-Gold-Who-Cares-That-Is-One-Ugly-Dress team. ;)

    1. Haha, yeah, I'd probably never wear that dress either

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. It's an ugly dress. At first, I saw black and blue. Then, I looked over my shoulder as I walked away, and it was WHITE AND GOLD. And then I was like WHAT JUST HAPPENED. Then I moved on to more important things xD

    This year is a huge step up for me as well, and it's hard. Praying for you :)

  3. I'm on the "aww-it's-so-cute-that-a-dress-is-so-much-more-important-than-starving-families-dying-people-and-abused-children-that-it-can-actually-end-up-on-the-news-aww-humans'-priorities-aren't-messed-up-at-all" team. (*heavyyy sarcasm*)

    ANYway. :P

    You are super busy--and that's a good thing!--and that probably adds to why school is so hard. School sucks for me too, and I'm just a freshman, but I'm homeschooled and never do anything but school, eating, and sleep--and that'll never change, trust me--so I don't fully understand your struggle.

    And omg cool blueberry muffins! I actually made blueberry pancakes a couple nights ago, how weird! O_o

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