Friday, March 13, 2015

ninety-degree fridaze

So basically, I have fifteen minutes to give you a rundown of my life, past, present, and future.

PAST: Just finished up a week of school. Considering my past couple weeks of school, this one hasn't been too bad. Just a couple quizzes, a two-day AP Euro test, and lots of graphing for math. Oh, and catching up on my writing, because I recently realized that my outline for my second draft didn't flow, so I had to rewrite that and start over again. But this time it's fine, because it's much better and I'm sitting at 11.3k in four days. Yup. I think I just became Cait. Not sure how I did it, and I'm pretty sure that all I wrote is a whole lot of nothing. I'll probably cut 75% of it later.

And in case you were wondering about what happened after I wrote this post, the party was good. I think it kind of finalized stuff for me:

  1. They're currently in a separate sphere and world, and I'm in a separate sphere and world, and that's kool. Sometimes our spheres and worlds will intersect, and that'll be kool. Most of the time, they won't, though. And that's kool too.
  2. They haven't forgotten me. I'll never forget them...unless I fall off a cliff and get amnesia. 
  3. All my awkwardness that happened before? Some of it was still there, but I've learned to live with it. Probably I will never be fully comfortable with them, and I don't know why, but that's fine with me, since no matter how hard I try or they try I can't change anything. I think it has something to do with the fact that they've seen me at my low middle-school points and I keep remembering those points whenever I see them and I start to worry about how I look in their eyes. And like I said before, I CAN'T CHANGE THAT. Nobody can change that. That's just the way it is--life isn't perfect, and it never will be, so I should start getting comfortable with that fact. I've started worrying less, though, which is good.
  4. We're getting older. Sometimes I feel like I'm getting younger, but we're getting older, every second that goes by.
  5. It was fun.

PRESENT: I have fifteen minutes before people start arriving for Bible study. I've just completed tennis, and I hope my mom picked up the registration confirmation packet for the 5K...

FUTURE: This weekend is seriously one of the busiest I've had so far. Here's the rundown:

  • Friday (today): We're hosting Bible study & I'll have to do homework because I won't have time later.
  • Saturday: We're going to this MAJOR professional tennis tournament that's called Indian Wells/BNP Paribas Open, but I'm calling it Indian Wells since that's how it's commonly known. We'll be going with three other families that we've met through my brother's tennis academy thing (yes, there's a tennis academy, and no, it's not as fancy as it sounds, quite honestly). I'll spend the WHOLE ENTIRE DAY there and it will be like 100 degrees. Somebody, please get Elsa powers, because I might just get heatstroke.
  • Sunday: I'm running a 5K at 8 in the morning! (But the stinky thing is, we have to get there before they close the roads at 7.) Then I'll leave right after and head to church, where we're having Communion lunch until 2-3ish, and I'll have a couple of hours to rest before I head to an FCA function from 5-8 pm.
THE VERDICT: I'm insanely busy right now. But I actually really like busy, except when it cuts into my personal time and then it's all like, HEY, LIFE, BACK OFF, WILL YOU?

I'm also having this Exit Exam thing next week. I have no idea why I'm taking an Exit Exam when I'm only a sophomore, but hey, the government must have its reasons, right?

*shakes head*


Actually, THIS VIDEO really helped me to be joyful, or else I'd be grousing and complaining all night long.

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    Your week sounds like it has been crazy! I no longer think mine is quite so bad xD