Monday, April 13, 2015

day one: yosemite

I'm not quite sure which pictures are from which days, but you'll get most of them at any rate, so I suppose it doesn't really matter:-)

I wrote the most on Monday, mostly because I was in that motivated, nature-loving, feel-good spirit, and I was like YEAH! and then my knee got injured and all that fun stuff, so it gradually tapers off until I didn't write anything on Thursday. Oh well. I'll make up for it.

Obviously I was feeling super chatty.

Since there were nine people going, my dad decided to rent a 12-passenger van. It was nice and spacious :-)

My heavily edited artsy picture of my Polaroid camera. I got it before these were cool and never used it and then I was like, whatever I'll just use it for this trip. So I did. You'll get to see the Polaroid pictures I took on Thursday :-)


This was, quite literally, the view from the backyard. We stayed in an old, historical lodge.

Me on the balcony. Creds to my little sister for taking the picture.

Yosemite Falls!

We went to a cafeteria for dinner. It was INSANELY busy. So busy that there was no more chili (which we all wanted) and instead some of us had to get curry carrot soup, which actually wasn't half bad.

There was this British lady waiting by the chili. She was waiting for her husband or something, but HER ACCENT! If you want to go to a somewhat diverse place, go to Yosemite--you'll hear tons of accents from people who are "on holiday" (love the sound of those words!) and different languages, and as much as I dislike learning other languages (Spanish is not going so well for me at the moment) it's fun listening to other people's languages and realizing that dude...they're communicating. Using those sounds. How do people make up sounds and connote meanings to them? That's what I want to know.

Anyway, hope you liked this post. I hope my handwriting wasn't too awful. I write stuff down thinking that it's neat, and then nope, it isn't.


  1. LITERALLY EVERYONE IS EATING CHILI OMG okay I'm sorry but you are the third person over this past weekend that i know who ate or wanted to eat chili. i had chili on Saturday and my family down south told me they had chili and now you were going to eat chili...this is getting weird like isn't chili season past? why are we all eating it all of a sudden?

    anyway, this was a super cool post! your journal entries omg they are like sooo cute. i tried journaling a while ago with "cute" little doodles and stuff and it was just >_<

    ( i keep talking....about like...myself...)

    okay ima go before i make this about me again.

    O | Life as a Young Lady


      It's not bad when you talk about yourself; giving little fun examples isn't self-centered :-)

      Oh, by the way, how do you do that linky thing in the comments with "Life as a Young Lady"? I usually just post my URL in so they can c&p it into their browser, but I've been wondering how to do that for so long...

    2. It's actually super easy; Kat has a really simple tutorial here (I would just give you the code but Blogger keeps formatting it so you wouldn't be able to see it lol)

  2. that was super cool to read! ^^ and those pictures are like so had an awesome view! thanks for letting us stay over :) it was really funn....

    1. yeah! I'll go up there next time :-)