Wednesday, April 15, 2015

day three: yosemite

I actually didn't write very much because I was too busy watching Alaska State Troopers on Wednesday...

On that pleasant note, I'll finish the rest of the story.

There was still snow, even though it had stopped actually snowing. The sun was shining, so we knew it'd all melt by the end of the day.

A sign.

Another sign.

I also like taking pictures of bridges and staircases.

This was Vernal Falls. My brothers and dad hiked up to Nevada Falls (why it's called Nevada Falls, I don't really know), but it was at Vernal Falls that I decided I needed to come down. There was snow on the steps and it was steep and all these people were going up and down and my knee hurt, so I figured I'd better not push it.

We went back to the hotel room and rested and watched Alaska State Troopers and rested some more and then finally the rest of the family came back and then after they rested my dad decided we should go out and take pictures. 

Did I mention that I don't like taking pictures? I figured out a long time ago that you can think that you're smiling your prettiest and whatever whatever whatever, but when you actually look at the picture that was taken you look AWFUL. That's why I don't like taking pictures. If I had any idea how I looked while I was taking them, maybe it'd be better, but no.

Did I also mention that this year's school photos came out and my hair was bushy and I looked like I'd just spray-tanned myself orange? Yup. Sophomore year picture is not good.

Look at dat deer doe.


It's not actual bear poop. It's just pralines and chocolate, I think.

Then we went to this restaurant for dinner since it was our last night, and we ended up getting dessert (it's a rare occasion for my family to get dessert at a restaurant). We ordered mountain mud pie (coffee ice cream, Oreos, whipped cream, CHOCOLATE) and razzleberry (blueberry-raspberry) cobbler. I don't really like fruit desserts, so for the razzleberry cobbler I just kind of ate the crust and the ice cream :-) It looked good, though.

Yeah. Wednesday was interesting; Tuesday was probably my favorite day out of all 4 days of the trip. Tomorrow's the last post, so stay tuned!

Have you ever been to Yosemite? Gone hiking? Eaten razzleberry cobbler?


  1. Gorgeous (and yummy looking) pictures!!

  2. All your photos are excellent!

    Also...can you really be sure that there is, beyond a shadow of a doubt, exactly 0% bear poop in that stuff? Because I would never trust it, no matter how many excruciating chemistry tests I ran on it.

    O | Life as a Young Lady

    1. Oh thanks!

      And I'm pretty sure there is 0% bear poop in it...although you can never be too sure, I suppose.