Tuesday, April 14, 2015

day two: yosemite

Tuesday I could only focus on one thing. ONE VERY IMPORTANT THING.

Read on.

Our main staple for breakfast was apples, biscotti, hot chocolate, and oatmeal. I don't like oatmeal (it's kind of a congealy mess, even when it's ultra-sweetened), so I mostly ate PB&J and biscotti. Breakfast is my least favorite meal of the day, so it wasn't a huge loss.



Before. For some reason I have a strange fascination with taking pictures of signs. I don't know why; I just do.


THE BACKYARD. WAS GORGEOUS. (Well, I mean, it wasn't really a backyard, but still. It was gorgeous.)

A sign.


The snowman. It was kind of pitiful. We meant to put carrots on it, but...obviously we didn't. We had to use a pine cone instead.

Hope you liked this post! Does it snow where you live? What do you think of snow?


  1. Gorgeous pictures and fun journal entry! I would probably cried if it snowed any more where I am at--so ready for summer!

  2. I wish you could come and take snow from us whenever it snowed because I've seen enough to last me a lifetime.

    And pizza for dinnerrrrr yasssss winnnnnn.

    O | Life as a Young Lady

  3. Ugh. Please. NO SNOW. It's cold, and wet. It may be pretty after the first snow, but then once it lays by the roads and cars drive over it it just looks like a very bad version of cookies and cream ice cream.
    Last year it was still snowing in May. MAY! It's just not supposed to work out that way. Thankfully this year it's looking more hopeful...

  4. Hmm, it actually does snow where I live, though the snow is never perfect and my snowmen usually look like yours because of the not so great snow... also I always feel like it's NEVER enough and then winter is already past. I think I need to spend a winter in a place, where it seriously snows, further in the north. Or not in the north, but a place where it snows. I live in Europe and even though it's further in the north than New York it snows less than there and it's warmer in winter too...