Friday, May 29, 2015


Hello children!

So today instead of your typical lifey post, I thought I'd grant you guys the wonderful gift of my genuinely amazing graphic design skillzzzzzz....

haha, nope. This is the first time I've ventured into the world of phone wallpapers, so I hope you enjoy these five ones I designed. Here's how you get them onto your phone (it's kind of common sense):

1. Using your phone, go on the Internet and get to this post on my website.
2. Scroll to the wallpaper you'd like to use and zoom in/out, depending on how large your screen is.
3. Take a screenshot of it.
4. Save it to your photo gallery and set your wallpaper! Voila! 

I hope this works :)

Also, in case you didn't know, I also run a blog called Pix & Portraits over HERE. (We've been a bit MIA lately, but hopefully I'll get into it a little more!) I've designed TWO OTHER PHONE WALLPAPERS (!!) that I'd love for you to check out there as well.

But without further ado...

(inspired by Pitch Perfect 2)

(for folks to put on their phones as protection against other folks like me, who generally spams any phone I can get my paws on)

(I wanted to design a very simplistic wallpaper, and somehow the letters turned out kind of kool. I think this one's my favorite out of all of them.)

(It's a line from a song by Social Club.)

(This is my quote. And my line to live by. I wanted to end on a serious + spiritual note:)

Comment down below! Which wallpaper is your favorite out of these five? Would you like me to have more posts like these? (SPILL THE DEETS!)

Friday, May 22, 2015



I'm in the process of reinventing both my blogs. How'd you like the new headers? It only took me an hour or two to figure them out :) (the KEY is using the transparent background on Picmonkey versus the white one).

Anyway, I thought I'd kick this weekend off (I have a three-day weekend for Memorial Day!) with a Weekly Favorites post because I've been getting into strange stuff lately.


I've been sick for the past week--still getting over a cough; did you see my last post?--and so in order to combat the Stinky Death Breath of Germy Objectiles That Make Other People Sick, I ate wintermynts all. day. long. I'm not even kidding. I went through an entire tin in two and a half days.

I actually don't really like mints, but when you're eating fifteen a day (NOT EVEN KIDDING) you get kind of used to them. Hence, I'm pretty sure I actually like these now. My  friend said that they have a bad aftertaste, but like I was saying...fifteen in a day. They're not even really that minty anymore.
Is this a bad sign, guys?

This is kind of weird because A) I'm terrible at video games, and B) I don't even really like them in the first place. My favorite game is Tetris (I know. I know.), and even then I don't have it on my phone because I don't want to waste time. But my friends really like playing video games (*coughcough* nerds *coughcough* not really *coughcough* love you guys), so they organized what they're calling a Smash party, so I needed to brush up on my skills.
I have not played the Wii in, like, two years. 
Oh, and my dad recently cleaned out our garage and created this little den area with two boxy TVs and our Wii set up. So it was the perfect time to test out both the Cave (that's what I'm calling it) and dust off my Brawling skills.

In case you're wondering, I play with Peach. I know. She's actually pretty good. I think I'm the problem in the relationship.


I'm not a very hair-carey, makeup-y person, but I started using conditioner about a month ago, and it has been a LIFESAVER. 

I have a lot of hair. And it's all wavy too, so there are pictures that I have from when I had Hermione hair. 

Not even kidding. I was the epitome of Hermione, only Asian, with glasses, a rounder face, and hair that puffed out just like hers. I've gotten contacts, thinned out a little, and learned how to make a ponytail, but my hair is still a constant source of UGH WHAT DO I DO WITH IT for me. There was one point during spring break when I just gave up brushing it. 
Lesson learned. Don't ever NOT brush your hair, because then it gets knotted, matted, and all tangled up and then you'll have to spend twenty minutes over your sink working through those knots with your fingers and loads of shampoo. After that, my mom bought me conditioner. I'm pretty sure it was only $5, and it works like magic.

I've been using a lot of Sharpies lately, mainly because I always run out of pens (am I the only one who always loses pens and hair ties?), but now I'm starting to like the fact that they're thick, colorful, and permanent. As I'm typing right now I have a whole list of blog post ideas sitting next to me, and they're written in red and green Sharpie (green for this blog, and red for my other blog). 
I've also been writing lists on notecards, mostly because they're small and convenient. I just opened a new pack of them because I always have to make flashcards for Spanish, so they're kind of just lying around. It's probably not the best way to conserve paper, but you know what, sometimes you just gotta use Sharpies and notecards.


Recently my school switched to blocked scheduling for two weeks because all the juniors have to do testing and the schedule is easier that way. 

For those of you who don't know, blocked scheduling is basically when you only go to certain periods on certain days, but the periods are longer than normal. For example, on Tuesdays and Thursdays I go to first, third, and fifth periods for two hours each (instead of six periods at 55 minutes each). On Wednesdays and Fridays I go to second, fourth, and sixth periods, and on Monday we had a regular school day.

The teachers are supposed to teach two lessons per period, but the lines are kind of blurred because we don't really have "lessons" in English (we finished discussing To Kill a Mockingbird), in Chemistry we had a lab that we finished in class, and there's been a bunch of different stuff going on in math and Spanish.

Oh, and ever since the AP test we've been basically doing nothing. On Wednesday we played Super Smash Brothers Brawl on the SmartBoard. It was fun. And almost a waste of time.

I actually really like blocked scheduling because I have TWO DAYS to do homework instead of one. It's definitely more flexible, and Wednesdays and Fridays I really only have math class because my second period is AP Euro, and my sixth period is tennis.

And then since I have a three-day weekend (Memorial Day), I'll probably spend Monday completing my Spanish video project and prepping for finals. Also finishing my homework. Because procrastination...


I was surprised when my teacher passed around the invitations to my "newspaper banquet," and even more surprised to find out that it didn't cost anything (besides my parents' tax dollars, maybe) and that it was at Farrell's.

It was actually quite fun. It was the first time I've been to Farrell's (it's an ice cream parlor/restaurant that is famed for its super-super-super energetic crew), and the banquet was pretty awesome. My teacher passed out awards, and I got the "Hidden Treasure" award!

I got a blow-up treasure chest!

There it is! ^^^^^^^

It's pretty big. I need a new storage container, so I'm still trying to figure out what to put in it.


This is kind of insane. A couple of years ago, I was jamming to dcTalk and trying to survive the repetitive music my local radio station played. Now I can't stand my local station, rock out to Air1, and am a steady concert-goer! I'm going to a KB concert this Saturday and a Tori Kelly concert on Tuesday.


I actually really like KB's raps, so I'm excited to go to his concert (the VIP tickets were only $25 and WE WOULD'VE GOTTEN TO MEET HIM, but they were all sold out by the time my dad got to we paid up a whopping $15. FIFTEEN DOLLARS, GUYS. That is DIRT CHEAP). 

Tori Kelly's tickets were a little pricier, but I wanted to go this time around because she's getting pretty big and I want to go before she actually headlines a massive tour that costs $100 per ticket. The general admission tickets were all sold out (it's at a smaller venue), but my dad knew how much I wanted to go, so....he splurged and got me the VIP.

It's not the VIP ones where we get to meet her--those were too expensive--but I think I'll get to listen to her album before it comes out on June 23rd, and I'm PUMPED. SO PUMPED FOR IT. I LOVE TORI KELLY, GUYS. THIS MIGHT BE THE ONLY TIME I GET TO SEE HER IN CONCERT. YESSSSSS!

By the way, did you hear how she tore down the HOUSE at the Radio Disney Music Awards? Watch this...


Peach and I are ready y'all.

All but two of my classes are borderline grades, so I need to go to finals and KILL IT. I need to get into a good college. I need to kill finals!

The problem is, finals are in three weeks.

THREE WEEKS, GUYS. After this next week (of blocked scheduling) and one more week of non-blocked scheduling, finals will be upon us.


(freaked out enough to put all caps. that's how freaked out I am. which is highly, excruciatingly, very freaked out.)

(freaked out enough to put a gif. do you know how much work it takes to get a proper gif from the Internet? a lot of work. i actually have to GOOGLE things. i am very freaked out.)

I've been planning things. Hopefully they work out, y'all. (I've been saying y'all a lot even though I've never been to Southern U.S. I hope to someday, though. I heard the barbecue's great down there.)

thank you guys for reading this woefully long post! how've your weeks been? anything exciting going on? anything not exciting going on?

Friday, May 15, 2015


ONE: A personal assistant.
Because we all need a person to wait on us hand and foot while we’re sick, right? Who else is going to hand us the TV remote? Who else is going to type “Ryan Higa” into the YouTube search feature? Who else is going to hand us the tissue box? Who else?
What’s that, you say? Do it by yourself? But heaven forbid that you do it by yourself...I mean, you’re sick! You should get someone else to do it for you!

TWO: A quarantine/containment center.
I mean, come on. This is common sense. If you don’t want to get other people sick, you need your own containment center. Preferably painted black, so as to alert people to the fact that it is a QUARANTINED room and that DEATH and DESTRUCTION and GERMS exist in it, and that you must be left alone in order to not spread the DEATH and DESTRUCTION and GERMS. Yes, spend the extra $40,000 building a separate apartment/room specifically engineered to keep out all the germ-infestable organisms and keep in all the disgusting germs. It makes perfect sense...because nobody wants to get sick!

THREE: One of those face mask thingies.
Because you can never be too careful. Even if you’re in your quarantine/containment center, YOU NEED one of these. What if your personal assistant gets sick and you don’t have a personal assistant anymore?

FOUR: A hair tie, because if you have long hair and you’re throwing up, you do NOT want your pride and joy in your face and mouth while you’re upchucking your lunch, now do you?

FIVE: A sewing kit.
What if you cough up your phlegm so hard that you rip all your lungs out and then your personal assistant (who, I may add, must be a registered, licensed, and Board-certified surgeon) will have to sew you up? What if you get so annoyed at whatever cheesy TLC show you’re watching that you accidentally rip your hair out of your scalp? See? A sewing kit is necessary.

SIX: A protractor.
You need this to measure the progression of your sickness. See, it is a scientifically proven fact that your germs spread about one square inch from your body per second. (You inevitably have a “germ cloud” spread around you. It’s kind of neat, actually. You’re like an atom--your body is the nucleus, and your germ dispersion is the electron cloud.) You will need a protractor to measure the number of inches that your germs have spread, and also to measure the angle at which they have spread. This is quite necessary.

SEVEN: A pair of those rubbery plastic gloves.
Obviously this is for amusement--what else would rubbery plastic gloves be for? In order to amuse yourself--when all TLC and Disney Channel shows have failed--you must take one of them, blow it up, and tie it in a knot. There! You can pretend to play the pig’s bladder game that Laura and Mary did in Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House in the Big Woods. (I am not lying...they played soccer with a blown-up pig’s bladder. You can check the book for reference. This is the modern-day version of replicating it...only more sanitary.)

EIGHT: An umbrella.
Because your parents may have only spent $20,000 on your quarantine center and the roof may be in poor quality and what if you live in Seattle or a rainy part of the world? You’ll need an umbrella, certainly.

NINE: Lip gloss.
Even when you’re sick, it’s always important to look your best. Even though you won’t have any visitors and are quarantined and have no chance of ever having any other human contact during the duration of your illness...what else is social media for? Simply apply the gloss, take your phone, snap a selfie, and post it on Instagram! #sick!

TEN: Spam.
Just in case robbers break in and steal all your stuff, it’s important to have a case of Spam in your quarantine center. Of course, you can just destabilize them with your germs, but oftentimes germs don’t work quickly enough. That’s where the Spam comes in--it’s simple, effective, and with the application of a little force, it can be effective for apprehending bad guys.

Voila! Of course, you can add to this list when you get sick as need be, but just KEEP IN MIND, these are the basic essentials for illness. NEVER LEAVE HOME WITHOUT THESE. You will not be able to survive without them.


All silliness aside, I’m sick. It’s just a minor cold, but I went home from school on Wednesday and have been coughing, sore-throating, and nose-blowing since then. Obviously everything in this post was made up completely by me, and obviously I have way too much time on my hands. These are Friday nights for me, guys :):)

HOLLA! if you do the same :D

Saturday, May 9, 2015


Hello children!

How are you doing? How have you fared this week? I hope you've been well. I've been OK.

I had my AP European History test this week! It was kind of strange, actually.

I mean, if you think about it, my AP Euro journey started last April, when I had spring break homework and a test. Then I had summer homework and officially started in September, and now to finally be at THIS point..that it was decided by a four-hour feels kind of anti-climactic.

We were all stressing out this week. It was really funny, actually, because on Friday, when we actually took the test, we had to wait an hour before we got to go inside the room, and then we had to wait another hour doing all this really boring registration stuff, and then we finally took the test.

For me, though, it wasn't charged with anticipation, like it normally is. It was just a really quiet room with like sixty kids in it taking an 80-question test in 55 minutes and then writing three essays in two hours. (Yup. That's what they make you do.)

And then it was done.

I'm not going to lie. It was pretty stressful. But since I've learned that you have to be relatively calm in order to do well on tests, it was kind of just...meh for me.



(Which is really good, because DANG I need help on Chemistry and math.)

I told myself I was going to go for a run the day before the test, but it actually turned into a walk. I took a bunch of nature-filled pictures and was generally Rousseau-ian.

The weather's actually been pretty nice, because it hasn't been too hot. It rained a couple of days, and even now as I'm typing it's still pretty gloomy. Next week is supposed to be in the seventies-eighties, though.

Don't you love it when that little sunshiney stripe thing comes down into your pictures? It's fun.

I needed some fresh air, so I studied outside on Thursday and shot a few hoops. (I'm terrible at basketball, but I was in that mood where I just had to walk around and jump and do something or else I was going to explode.)

This picture was taken last week, when I told myself I was going to run on the track. Haha. That didn't happen.

Anyway, school is winding down, and to be honest, I'm glad. This year kicked my tush, and while it was fun, I need a break from some of the stress.

Which, actually, my summer won't be completely stress-free because I'll be going to SAT boot camp.

Yaaaaaaay for me.

But I'm enjoying life right now. I'd be crazy not to.

How was your week?

Saturday, May 2, 2015

tim tebow! i haven't gotten my permit yet! i'm going insane!

I am going to be taking the permit test on June 13th.

It stinks, partially because I could've gotten it in March, and also partially because I STINK AT COMMON SENSE.

The permit test is basically common sense, and I figured out that I have no common sense really quickly because I took a bunch of practice DMV tests online, and I got legit D's and F's on them. (My brother, who is over a year younger than me and hasn't even taken driver's ed, got better scores than me because he has common sense.)

Me? I have to wait until June 13th (first available date that the DMV had for us) and my dad had to order me a book because I don't learn well from computer screens. Also, my friend introduced me to an app for it, so I think I'll be set by June 13th. I mean, you can learn a lot of common sense in six weeks, right?

School gets out on June 11th. 


I take my first-ever Advanced Placement test on May 8th.


I've been groaning about this for a while now, but I think the good thing about it is that after May 8th? AP European History will almost be like a free period. There's really nothing else to learn, so we'll employ some Rousseau-ian tactics and go measure palm trees and stuff (inside Euro joke). Plus, I have a ton of borderline grades, and I've heard that my Chemistry final is KILLER.

Yup. I'll probably start studying for finals in two-three weeks ish. I need to get good grades.

(These pictures are going in reverse-day order because that's just how we do.)


Sunday was really fun because after church, our youth group went to the lead pastor's house and we had lunch and played games and went to a park and it was actually really fun because I haven't been to a park in a while. Also, SHAVING CREAM and WATER BALLOONS.

For one of the games (that's me with the knee socks), we had to put a water balloon between our backs and drop it into the bucket without popping it. She and I actually got really good at it :)

Another game involved shaving cream, and at the end we had a giant spontaneous water balloon fight that was fun. I got soaked :)


I saw Tim Tebow speak!

I'm a leadership member of Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and we were supposed to help out at an event that happened at a local church. TIM TEBOW came to speak, and even though I hadn't bought a ticket or anything, a bunch of my co-leaders and I were allowed to go in and watch him, right on the side of the stage! It was pretty awesome!

This bear-thing had a Tebow jersey:)

I was supposed to sell baked goods, and we had  TON of them. (They were all donations, and I think the stories basically just gave us stuff that they didn't want.) 

I ended up getting so bored that I arranged bags of chips into "FCA," because nobody came to buy food. was actually really busy, and fun. And I'm going to be even more busy and fun as the days go on, but hopefully it should all blow over in a couple of weeks.