Saturday, May 2, 2015

tim tebow! i haven't gotten my permit yet! i'm going insane!

I am going to be taking the permit test on June 13th.

It stinks, partially because I could've gotten it in March, and also partially because I STINK AT COMMON SENSE.

The permit test is basically common sense, and I figured out that I have no common sense really quickly because I took a bunch of practice DMV tests online, and I got legit D's and F's on them. (My brother, who is over a year younger than me and hasn't even taken driver's ed, got better scores than me because he has common sense.)

Me? I have to wait until June 13th (first available date that the DMV had for us) and my dad had to order me a book because I don't learn well from computer screens. Also, my friend introduced me to an app for it, so I think I'll be set by June 13th. I mean, you can learn a lot of common sense in six weeks, right?

School gets out on June 11th. 


I take my first-ever Advanced Placement test on May 8th.


I've been groaning about this for a while now, but I think the good thing about it is that after May 8th? AP European History will almost be like a free period. There's really nothing else to learn, so we'll employ some Rousseau-ian tactics and go measure palm trees and stuff (inside Euro joke). Plus, I have a ton of borderline grades, and I've heard that my Chemistry final is KILLER.

Yup. I'll probably start studying for finals in two-three weeks ish. I need to get good grades.

(These pictures are going in reverse-day order because that's just how we do.)


Sunday was really fun because after church, our youth group went to the lead pastor's house and we had lunch and played games and went to a park and it was actually really fun because I haven't been to a park in a while. Also, SHAVING CREAM and WATER BALLOONS.

For one of the games (that's me with the knee socks), we had to put a water balloon between our backs and drop it into the bucket without popping it. She and I actually got really good at it :)

Another game involved shaving cream, and at the end we had a giant spontaneous water balloon fight that was fun. I got soaked :)


I saw Tim Tebow speak!

I'm a leadership member of Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and we were supposed to help out at an event that happened at a local church. TIM TEBOW came to speak, and even though I hadn't bought a ticket or anything, a bunch of my co-leaders and I were allowed to go in and watch him, right on the side of the stage! It was pretty awesome!

This bear-thing had a Tebow jersey:)

I was supposed to sell baked goods, and we had  TON of them. (They were all donations, and I think the stories basically just gave us stuff that they didn't want.) 

I ended up getting so bored that I arranged bags of chips into "FCA," because nobody came to buy food. was actually really busy, and fun. And I'm going to be even more busy and fun as the days go on, but hopefully it should all blow over in a couple of weeks.



  1. I SUCK AT COMMON SENSE TOO like to the extent where I can't open simple boxes and, if left alone in a store, will spend the first 15 minutes wandering around before just finally breaking down and crying.


    O | Life as a Young Lady

    (P.S. I took an online DMV test too and I got a 65% with a big fat "you have failed" at the top of the page--no joke.)


  2. I love your knee socks! Sounds like you had a good weekend :)
    Good luck on your exam, I have one on May 8 as well haha, but I suppose because of time zones it will be the day before yours :)

    1. Thanks! And good luck on your test too!

  3. I'll be finishing up my Driver's Ed soon too. Then I'll be taking my test. I could have taken my test back in January, but we got a little confused with the whole when you can take your test and that sort of stuff. ;P Anyways, we'll both be on the road around the same time!