Friday, June 26, 2015



Today I'll be going with my brothers and my church youth group on our youth group retreat to a wondrous place in between a lake and a mountain. We're renting twelve-passenger vans and carting about twenty of us over there for the weekend :-) It's going to be SO MUCH FUN and I'm really hyped because it's the first of several little trips I'll be taking over the summer. 

Needless to say, I'll be a little MIA over the weekend (my phone'll be handy, though, just not my computer) and I'll come back on Sunday with plenty of pictures and anecdotes to share!

On that happy note, I started SAT boot camp this week.

If you do not know what the SATs are, let me acquaint you with them very quickly:

1. I don't know what "SAT" stands for. "Standardized American Test"? And I'd really prefer not to Google it right now.
2. Every high school student in the U.S. has to take them whether they like it or not. (And 100% of all high school students in America would choose not to take them, if they had the choice.)
3. It tests you on Critical Reading (basically you read long boring passages about random stuff like dark matter and answer complicated questions about it), Math (Geometry + Algebra; simple except for the fact that I'm awful at math), and Writing (grammar. my strong point). Total, it's out of 2400 (but don't worry, there aren't 2400 questions on it. It's graded weirdly).
4. If you want to get into a good college, you've got to get a good SAT score, which is kind of like 2100+. A perfect score is 2400. 
5. I am not going to get a 2400.

The SATs are awful. Which is why I'm taking yet another boot camp this year (I took it last year, which was a waste of time, money, and willpower, mostly because I'm not going to need the skills until junior year).

It's not really as bad as it was last year, though. For some reason four and a half hours of every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday goes by pretty fast, and my classmates are now basically my age, which makes me feel more comfortable around them. Last year they were a year older than me, and I felt it. I felt it bad.

I'm also working a lot harder this year because, well, I'm taking the SAT this fall and I have to do well on it or else I'll have to retake it in the spring...and they're changing the format of the SAT in the spring. 

Yes, they're CHANGING THE TEST ON MY YEAR. I'm class of 2017. They're also changing the PSAT on me too.

It basically stinks, but that's okay. I'm not worried. I'm sure I'll go to college somewhere.

Anyway, sorry for this rambly and ranty post with no pictures. I'll have more sophisticated posts next week, promise. 


Wednesday, June 24, 2015

INTERVIEW WITH O. WILLIAMS + a video about me driving

Two very amazing things are happening in this post.


I have a little story to tell you about O (who is also known as Olivia). She first commented on Elise's and my Pix & Portraits blog, and I basically stalked her and read some of her posts. She had a kind of a sarcastically funny way to her blog posts that I really enjoyed, so I was like BRUH, I'll comment back. And I commented back. And that started a very intriguing Internet connection that turned into basically us trying to figure out the blogger world together. She dropped the Picture Window, I dropped whatever obscure Blogger template I was using at the time. Her blog got super amazing and sleek and sophisticated and popular and I got a little bit better and since then it's been basically history! (I bet if you go back you can read the blog comments that we left on each other's posts way back when. Like over a year ago.)

We actually both started YouTube channels. You should go watch and subscribe to hers: CLICK HEREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

So anyway, we started e-mailing a couple of months ago and we've got some super exciting stuff coming up together, including THIS SPECTACTULAR INTERVIEW (so you get to know about O. a little bit more).

1) Age? Fourteen almost fifteen and FREAKING OUT ABOUT IT.


2) Blog name, story behind it, and the purpose? Life as a Young Lady, and my story is so lame--I just wanted a name starting with a letter from my name, and I always heard people calling me "young lady" (mostly sarcastically) so I decided to name my blog "Life as a Young Lady"! (told you it'd be lame) I...really don't have a purpose. Oops. I guess you could say it shares my life with people. And music. And fangirling. And movies. So, yeah, basically a mashup of my life.

I love those kinds of blogs!

3) Interests, what you blog about, etc? My main interests are as follows: sleep. music. food. Avengers. Netflix. And I blog about all of these except for sleep and food.

4) Describe yourself in three words. Short. Quiet. Awkward.

Dude, I feel you.

5) If you could have a name other than your current one, what would it be? I...have no idea. I think I've been asked this before and I still couldn't think of anything. I think Olivia fits me really well (even though the name literally means "olive tree"). I just look and act and sound like an Olivia. In my opinion, anyway. So I think Olivia fits me best, and I can't really think of a replacement for it.

That's awesome!

6) What superpowers would you have? Time-stopping, so I can sleep as long as I want without missing anything. Also time-speeding, so I can go ahead and see all the movies that I have to wait three stinking years for (*cough cough* Infinity War *cough cough*). 

hahahahahahhahaha I know I can't believe they expect us to wait that long.

7) Which time period would you rather live in, the 1950s or the 1700s? Ummm 1950s. Just because I'm pretty sure black people were still slaves in the 1700s. And also in the 1950s I would be in the time of Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn which would be awesomeeee.


8) Any strange ambition on your bucket list that you'd like to complete? Uh I wanna dye my hair purple or red. I also might want to dye it hot pink...maybe...

Omygargoyles (hahaha see what I did there?)! Do it! Do it!

I told you I had two pieces of wondrous news. Here's the second one:



Unfortunately, it does not have any clips of me driving, mostly because the camera would distract me, but as soon as I get better at it, I'll do one of those cliche driving videos! Promise!

Hope you liked it!

P.S. I started SAT class, logged in one more hour of driving, nearly ran over a pair of bicyclists, endeared my entire SAT class to me by telling them about nearly running over the pair of bicyclists, read Vanishing Girls by Lauren Oliver, and jammed out to Tori Kelly's new album. 

Friday, June 19, 2015


I'm pretty sure most of us want to be artsy.

With the exception of some few content people who are fine with not being aesthetically gifted, many people have yearned to be one of those select elite who can make an Instagram picture look like heaven. 

I am not one of those select elite; however, I try. This week I completed an art project that was actually really fun and that you can definitely try at home, now that school's out (at least for us Americans) and the sun is shining outside.

Things You Need:
-A wide open space (preferably a backyard, and NOT a place with carpet)
-Pieces of white printer paper
-A tarp or a bunch of newspapers
-A bunch of shoes if you're using the newspaper
-Several different kinds of paint (acrylic/tempera)
-Used water bottles (filled and empty)
-A paint tray 

Create a phrase in your head, something that resonates with you. Maybe it's your favorite Bible verse, or a line from a favorite song, or just a phrase that sinks well with you.

I chose "Don't waste your life" (s/o to my good men John Piper and Lecrae).

Cut out pieces of paper, one for each letter. (I chose triangles.) Then proceed to write each letter on its selected piece of paper. Since we're going to cover those letters with droplets of paint, you might want to do something bold and dark, like stuff with Sharpies. (I used block letters.)

Go outside or to whatever wide-open space you're using, and lay out the tarp/newspaper. Obviously from the pictures you'll see I'm using newspaper, but I WAS A SLOW-WITTED PERSON AND DID NOT REALIZE THAT THERE WAS AN OLD TWISTER MAT IN THE PAINTING BOX. Consequently, I set the newspaper out and put a bunch of shoes everywhere so the paper wouldn't fly away.

Also, if you're doing things outside, you might want to tape the pieces of paper down. (Don't worry; the paint will make it easy to remove the tape later on, OR you can just cut the hanging bits off. We'll get to that later.)

Take the paint and the water bottles. (I had four water bottles, but you can adjust the number as necessary.) Make sure all of the water bottles have a little bit of water in them, but not too much. (It depends on how high you want your paint-to-water ratio. If you like lighter, watery colors, leave more water in. If you like more pigmented colors, put less water in.) Then take your paint colors and squirt some into the water bottles.


Take the caps of all the water bottles and open your scissors. Using your scissors like a knife, stab holes (not too large) into the center of the caps. This will allow the paint to drip and splotch onto the paper, but not so much so that you pour the whole thing all over the papers.

STEP SIX (optional):
If you want, you can just use the paint bottles, but if you're looking for more variety, you can also use the classic "paint-flick-drip" method. Take your paint tray and squirt more paint colors onto them. Add a little bit of water to each of the colors to make them easier to flick. Keep a couple of large paintbrushes on standby.

Splatter away!

For the bottles, just kind of swing them around in the general vicinity of the pieces of paper. Spontaneous is best in this case. For the paint splattering, dip your brush in and fling it around. (It's about the experience, not the practice:)

(Yes, I edited this photo :)


Take all the pieces of paper off the newspaper. Since the tape will most likely get wet, it'll be easy to remove. If there are some spots where the tape is dry, cut it off.


Remove all of the pieces of tape, let dry, and VOILA!

If you want to, you can retrace the letters to make them more visible. Then you can make a pennant and hang it in your room, or you can tape them up on your walls or give them as Father's Day gifts...I still don't quite know what I'm going to do with mine, but I loved the experience of creating something with paint and I'll definitely--probably--be doing something like this again.


Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Quick Updates:

-I'm taking my first lesson on Friday!
-I saw Jurassic World + Ferris Bueller's Day Off yesterday. Both were moderately good.
-I'm going to a live-studio-audience thing of Girl Meets World...which is utterly insane and I still cannot wrap my head around it.
-I currently have been head-planning two different posts for you. This Friday's post is going to be awesome.


(please ignore the intro. It stinks and I definitely need to work on that.)

Friday, June 12, 2015


GUESS WHO'S OUT OF SCHOOL????!!!!!????!!!!!????!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've been waiting for school to end since the Awfulness That Is March, but NOW THAT IT'S OUT......................................................................


I'm sorry if you don't like exclamation points; I just needed to use them for today.


Anyway, somebody requested this post (thank you for being awesome, Elise!) and so I will unload the contents of my mind to you guys. Beware; this post is probably going to be a bit long.

First, DUTY calls.
That DUTY includes
  • SAT prep class. Four days a week, four hours a day, with one to two hours of homework. It starts in late June and ends in August. I must get a good score on the SAT, folks. Unfortunately, I’ve taken the new version of the PSAT and I’m pretty sure I got dumber since last summer, as my score was pretty bad. And I’m pretty sure that dumbness has been partially contributed to by my partial addiction to YouTube. And I’m pretty sure that I’m going to need to cut back on YouTube this summer.
  • Tennis camp. Three days a week, three hours a day. It starts in early July and it’ll be nonstop from then on. I’ll wake up at 5:45 in the mornings and arrive in the weight room at 6:15. My THIRD TIME doing this, folks. (Can you believe it?!)
  • AP homework. I am, unfortunately, taking three Advanced Placement classes next year. Two of them will probably be somewhat enjoyable (AP Lang, AP US History), and the third is kind of just a college-puffer-upper (AP Bio; I’m basically awful at science and math). And recently, we had AP night at my high school...and guess who got heaped upon with a pile of monstrous beastly homework? *raises hand* I will be swamped this summer.

I am not even kidding when I say this, guys. I will be swamped this summer.

Then PLEASURE calls.
Recently I’ve been in a bit of a pickle, with a bunch of realizations.
  1. I stopped work on my recent novel in March. Through April and May, I did absolutely nothing writing-wise other than the fact that I read and reviewed. I stopped paying as close attention to Go Teen Writers posts, I’ve started to expand my interests a bit, and I’ve realized that...I don’t think literature and writing is my main thing anymore.
  2. Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE writing. I mean, I do it voluntarily several times a week when I post on this blog and my other one. But I’ve realized that I love almost ALL of the art forms. It’s creativity, it’s culture, and it’s creation that impresses me. I love music. I write songs and attempt to produce them on GarageBand. I love books. And I also love videos and film. I think that maybe I want to go into marketing/advertising someday.
  3. I’m probably going to go back to editing my novel. I’ve had a good break, and I want to go back to writing fiction. But I’ve also realized that it’s not the only thing that I want to be able to do, and I’m hoping that somewhere there’s a job out there that will give me the ability to work with all forms of art medium, of creating music, videos, and writing.
  4. I’m going to continue this blog. Fridays are my thang. Rants, tutorials, and strange adventures. I’ll also keep up with my other blog. My goal for that is at least one review a week, whether it be of music, movie, or literature.
  5. I’ve created a “Classic” list for myself over the summer. I’ve wanted to read/watch several different classic books and movies for a while now, and I want to read and watch them all over the summer.
Originally, I had fifteen movies and fifteen books, but I narrowed them down to seven each after I prioritized.

The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald
Catch-22, by Joseph Heller
One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, by Ken Kesey
The Catcher in the Rye, by J.D. Salinger
Slaughterhouse-Five, by Kurt Vonnegut
Wuthering Heights, by Emily Bronte
The Outsiders, by S.E. Hinton

The Breakfast Club
Breakfast at Tiffany’s
Back to the Future
Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
Les Mis

I’m hoping to watch some of the movies with my mom--most of them are what she’s reminisced about. Jaws I’m excited about, and I’ve seen the beginning of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (it was hilarious). I’m also curious to read The Catcher in the Rye, because I’ve heard the protagonist is sarcastic and I love sarcastic characters, and for some reason I love Emily Bronte’s last name (there are two dots over the e in Bronte, but I don’t know how to do them on the computer; I could Google them, but you know...time and effort).

6) I also have a stack of theology books that I’m going to read this summer. I’ve actually always really liked theology--God kind of just fascinates me. I’ve read Don’t Waste Your Life by John Piper, The Reason for God by Tim Keller (both of which blew my mind), and a couple of other books, but this summer I want to tackle three more: Total Truth, by Nancy Pearcey, which I’ve already started and am loving because it tackles cultural worldview from a Christian perspective and it’s pretty deep reading and makes me feel smart, Knowing God by J.I. Packer, and Meet the Real Jesus by John Blanchard. I think that intellectually, it’s definitely good to be prepared, just in case someone tries to attack the legitimacy of the Bible and Jesus using logic and whatnot. It’s apologetics--if you get into an argument with a Harvard-educated atheist, you can’t just quote Bible passages at him or her and say "THE BIBLE IS TRUE." You have to understand the reality of Jesus and His existence and impact on earth.
7) I want to spend more time with my siblings. I have two brothers and a sister (all of whom are younger than me), and I’d like to set specific dates and times to spend time with them because otherwise I probably wouldn’t do anything at all. I want to play tennis/sports with my brothers, because they’re into that stuff, and with my sister I’d like to walk to my local Starbucks and make crafts with her. It’s hard for me to see beyond my little bubble sometimes (I’m very selfish that way), and since I’ll have more time this summer I definitely want to do that.
8) also, something big and crazy happened. Here's what happened:


There's only one video up, and it's a little "coming soon" video. It's pretty boring, not going to lie, but I was just so eager to get a video up that I slapped it together in about forty-five minutes. There will be another video coming next week (I'm vlogging today, actually), but while you're waiting for that...


(please subscribe and watch the video; all of the views on it are currently from ME)

I am so, so excited to share my in-life personality and all of my summer adventures with you guys (I'm going to Hawaii this summer, for the first time ever! I have a youth group retreat coming up in a couple of weeks! SO MUCH STUFF IS GOING DOWN!)


ps....guess who's taking her permit test tomorrow!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

i feel actually quite calm and self-assured, despite the fact that i forgot everything i learned about volume and stoichiometry.

today i actually buckled down and studied.

i finished the last three chapters of spanish and practiced the vocab on quizlet over and over again.

i went through two chapters of chemistry and realized that while i had a decent idea about gas laws, i forgot everything i learned about volume in stoichiometry.

i'm pretty sure i never quite understood what exactly she was talking about. somehow, while the class is structured and the teacher is organized, chemistry is a sort of maze of understanding that i have yet to master. i probably never will master it.

which is why, praise the Lord, i will be leaving it behind forever on friday.


since my grades are closest to A's in spanish and chem, i'm trying for those. math...not so much. i'm hoping to snag a b on the final (she's going to replace our lowest test grade with our final score, if it's higher than the test grade, so hopefully that should help a little, AND she's rounding up at 89.51), but the way spanish + chem are eating up my time, i'm thinking i'll have a last-minute cram session tomorrow throughout the day and at night. 

just the way i do things best.

by the way, thank you ALL so much for your well wishes on the last post. it boosted up my day tremendously.

{and yes, o, let's swap buttons--but do you mind reminding me about it at the end of the week? i think i should focus on finals right now, and i'm so sorry i haven't responded back to your e-mail! i'll get to that right after i finish on friday. promise.}

today was humid, and it rained for some reason. it was actually quite strange. the air felt kind of heavy, sort of like i could push up the sky or something.

i have an english grammar final tomorrow that i haven't yet studied for (but PTL i have a really good grade in the class).






Monday, June 8, 2015

sometimes spontaneous dance parties in the backyard are necessary.

today was a bit hazy.

i went to school, lounged around, agonized over spanish and chem quizzes, wore leggings + a sweatshirt in 95-degree weather, came home, played some MarioKart with my siblings, ate a nice spaghetti meal, and wrote my math cheat sheet to turn in tomorrow.

then, because the door to the backyard was open and i was feeling like it, i kept my headphones on and went outside and put Crocs on (because it was safer for my feet) and pretended like i didn't have a care in the world...which is completely a lie, because as a matter of fact, i have many and not enough strength to combat them all. i listened to that old capital cities song and tori kelly and tried not to think about how much work i should probably get done. my grandma saw me through the window and laughed, but that's okay. 

then i came inside and worked on some spanish and tried to do some chemistry but i figured i might skip studying the last two chapters because i just had a quiz on them today. instead i looked at a bunch of awkward prom pictures. my favorite was one with a girl who had a cardboard cutout of tim tebow. i took a screenshot of it with my phone.

oh, and i watched some american ninja warrior with my brothers. it was pretty awesome.

then i was feeling really awful because i didn't study any chemistry or math, really, and i told myself i'd do it tomorrow because i have a couple of virtually free periods tomorrow in ap euro and chemistry. plus, my parents will be back tomorrow (they went on a little trip to celebrate their anniversary) and tomorrow is the last day of actual, legitimate school that isn't finals.


then i just logged onto the online database that has my grades on it, and guess what? my spanish grade went up by .3% (i know, this is what i live for) because she just put in a group project i did with my friends, and in order to get an A in the class i only need POINT TWO PERCENT MORE. 

maybe i just reached another step higher. maybe i can actually do this.





Sunday, June 7, 2015

i legit want to punch through a screen door right now. or preferably the entire educational system of california.


Things that happened this weekend:

1) nothing.

What I did this weekend:

1) nothing.

At least, it felt like it.

Are you ever at that point where you have so many things you need to do that you JUST. CANNOT. DO. ANYTHING.


I studied for finals this weekend, guys. I studied a couple of chapters of Chemistry, one chapter of math, and ?three? chapters of Spanish. It actually isn't bad for two days, but I did most of that on Saturday and today I just kind of lounged around.

I hate unproductivity.

But yet it's in my nature to be unproductive.

-Write a review for Tomorrowland.
-Write a review for All Four Stars.
-Write a review for Saint Anything.
-Write a Jam of the Week.
-Wait for my dad to decide whether or not I'm allowed to have a YouTube channel.
-Study for Chem.
-Study for Spanish.
-Study for math.
-Stress about all three of those subjects.
-Finish my post for this Friday.
-Write thank-you cards for all of my teachers.
-Get a five-dollar gift card for our book club sponsor.

I kind of just want everything to be DONE. It's the uncertainty that's killing me, not the fact that I have bad grades right now.

UNCERTAINTY. I despise it.

Finals start on Wednesday, but for me they really actually start on Thursday because Wednesday is English and AP Euro...English just has a grammar test (I love grammar) and AP Euro has a party...

I get out of school in FIVE DAYS. 



Countdown to the end of school: five days.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

HOW TO ATTEND TWO CONCERTS IN ONE WEEK LIKE A BOSS Part Two || please excuse more antiquated terminology

{Click HERE to read yesterday’s post, which you totally should because I tell you lots of stories. This post has even more, so read this one too!}


If you really think about it, it’s strange. If you’re going to an event, how do you just magically forget to bring the one thing that gives you admission to it in the first place?
But somehow the humans just naturally forget important things. Like sometimes I forget to wash the dishes when I need dishes to eat off of. Or sometimes I forget to vacuum my room when I probably shouldn’t walk around with dust mites in my carpet. Or sometimes I forget to clean my bathroom when I’m supposed to be hygienic. (Okay...I “conveniently” forget to do these things.)


If you are going to a pop concert, you can bring your purse if you want. I brought my purse to the Tori Kelly concert because I wanted to use my portable phone charger (because I only had like 60% on my phone), but it’s not a necessity. As long as you have pockets to hold stuff in, a purse isn’t necessary.
On the other hand, do NOT bring a purse to a rap concert. I didn’t bring one to the KB concert, simply because I’ve been to rap concerts before and I knew that everyone’d be A) standing up (seriously, who listens to rap sitting down?) and B) WHO WANTS TO LUG A PURSE AROUND, ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU'RE JUMPING?
Unless you listen to lazy rap and you just kind of sway around, don’t bring a purse.
Also, don’t tie a jacket around your waist and put your phone in the pocket of it. I did that during the KB concert and it kept on bopping up and down with me and I had to hold it and it was really annoying.
So I guess really it didn’t matter whether I brought a purse or not, because either way I was holding onto something.


I made a vlog of the KB concert (I’m planning on making one with the Tori Kelly footage), and I’m really glad I did. The memories will always stay with me, but sometimes you have to relive it a little in order to trigger the memories. Sometimes I go back and watch old videos because it gives me that really comforting sense of, Wow, I’ve lived through a lot…
And then common sense comes and knocks me on the head and says, “YOU’RE ONLY FIFTEEN AND YOU CAN’T EVEN DRIVE YET, NOT EVEN WITH A PARENT IN THE CAR!”
Thanks a lot, reality.


My dad got me VIP tix for Tori Kelly’s concert, mostly because the General Admission tickets were sold out. He didn’t want to get me the Meet’n’Greet ones, which were kind of pricey, so he got my mom and me the Listening Party ones.
Basically, during the Listening Party, she played us clips of songs off her new album and took a couple of questions. (I was standing behind a couple of really tall men and so she didn’t see me. Curses for being 5’ 1”. You’d think wearing tie-dye would’ve helped, but no, the venue had to be dark.)
In short terms, it wasn’t worth it.
If you’re going to get VIP, get it all the way.
On the plus side, I read an entire book (Saint Anything, by Sarah Dessen) while my mom and I were waiting for the Meet’n’Greet people to get out. It was a good book. You should go read it.


If you wanna see the artist, you GOTTA WAIT.
For the KB concert, my dad and brothers and I waited in a giant line to get into the venue. (Side note: I despise lines. And waiting.)  Then we had to wait for the actual concert to start (they played Lecrae and Trip Lee and Andy Mineo over the speakers while we were waiting). Then we had to wait for this guy to introduce the host. Then the host had to give a plug for the sponsors (surprisingly, Grand Canyon University wasn’t one of them). Then the host had to introduce the opening guy. The opening guy did two songs and the host came back on and introduced another opening person, who did like three or four songs, and then we had to wait some more and then fiiiinnnnalllllyyy KB came on.
(It was worth it, though.)

For the Tori Kelly concert we had to wait even more. First we had to wait in a line to get the VIP passes. Then we had to wait in the VIP line. Then we got to go inside early and had to wait while the guy in charge of VIP told us the rules. Then she came out, talked to us, played clips from her songs, and came down to do the Meet’n’Greet.
Since I didn’t have the Meet’n’Greet, us lowly otherlings got ushered upstairs to wait for the Meet’n’Greet to end. (It took like thirtyish-fortyish minutes.) Then we went back downstairs and waited for TWO HOURS (in which I continued to read on my phone) until the Opening Act came on (Gavin James). Then we had to wait like fifteen-thirty more minutes until Tori Kelly went on.
Her set lasted for about an hour and a half, and it more than made up for the wait...but still. While you’re waiting, it’s awful.
To combat the waiting period, you should probably bring a few things to do. Here are some logical ideas that you could probably come up with yourself.
→ Read an entire book on my phone. I used my public library’s digital database, which is on, so you should definitely check to see if your library has an online database too! I read it on my phone versus using an actual book or an e-reader because A) it’s portable, and B) it lights up the screen, and usually those venues can be pretty dark. Plus, a review of Saint Anything will probably be going up on my other blog soon!
→ Listen to music! A cardinal rule before going to a concert is getting acquainted with the artist’s music. I can’t really enjoy music if I don’t know it, so make sure you do your research and listen to the artist’s music and know at least some of the lyrics beforehand. I didn’t do this because I forgot my earbuds, but if you’re waiting in line or something, DO IT.
→ Google random things. Most people have smartphones for a reason.
→ Start a random conversation with a person in your general vicinity. Here’s the thing: if the person’s at that concert, he or she probably likes the music artist. If you’re at the concert, you probably like that music artist too. So you have something in common! Yay!


This is actually harder than it looks, mostly because there are awful things that can happen at concerts. Two things happened to me at both concerts that probably could’ve ruined the night, so just be aware of these things:
→ PEOPLE CUTTING. It stinks, but it happens. I was at the Tori Kelly concert, and these people (they were high school seniors or something) legit pushed their way through the crowd to “talk to their friends” (aka get a better view of the stage). I reached my breaking point when this couple cut in front of me. RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. And remember, I’m only 5’ 1” (being short stinks, guys. They seriously need to arrange concert seatings in terms of height, not wealth).
So guess what I did? I did only what the average feisty sophomore high school student would do.
I coughed.
Looking back now, it was pretty fake coughing. I’m fairly sure they knew I was faking it, but when you’re being very loud and passive-aggressive, people usually want to pretend to be nice people. So they were like, “Hey, why don’t you go in front of us,” and I was like, Gee, thanks for being such nice people.

And the sarcasm peeks out of its peephole.

Just in case they thought I was sick, though, I kept coughing periodically.
But don’t let it get in the way of you enjoying your concert. Remember you’re there not to mourn human depravity but to enjoy music.
Have fun.
→ CLAUSTROPHOBIC-NESS. Both of the concerts were at small, standing venues. Unless you’re going in a giant auditorium with actual seating, it is going to be crowwwwwwded. People are going to have to touch you--it’s just a fact of life.
I personally don’t like touching people or things. I’m not really a touchy-feely person, mostly because human contact is just...ew.
But with this, you’ve gotta deal with it. At some point, you’ve gotta be like, Hey, bro, you know, people are gonna touch you, but it’s fine, okay? Enjoy the music! Enjoy the unity! Listen to the melody and the beat!
I love music.
If you do too, you’ll have fun, no matter how far out of your comfort zone you’ve being pushed.

Thanks for bearing with me with all this word upchuck! Hope you benefited from this post!

What concerts have you been to? Who are your favorite artists? SPILL THE DEETS BUT KEEP IT CLEAN :)