Friday, June 5, 2015

HOW TO ATTEND TWO CONCERTS IN ONE WEEK LIKE A BOSS Part One || excuse the antiquated terminology

So, if you read a post from--I think it was two weeks ago? I don’t remember. Anyway, I recently attended two concerts in one week, which was absolutely INSANE but absolutely CRAZY at the same time.

Both concerts were amazing. The first time around I went to a KB concert (think rap), and it was stinking awesome. The venue was really small, so everybody was kind of squished together and even though it would’ve been a claustrophobic person’s nightmare you could kind of feel the unity, y’know? Like, everyone knew KB’s songs and everyone loved Social Club and even though the two other opening acts were a little awkward, the crowd was just plain awesome and soooo nice even though we could all tell that a couple of the performers felt weird. Plus, the special effects and everything were super super super kool and man, it was sweeeeeeeeet. (I don’t even know how to explain it! You kind of jump around a lot and wave your hands in the air and rock your body to the beat and whatever.)


The second time I went to my first-ever mainstream concert. Tori Kelly was the main performer (her opener was this guy named Gavin James; he was really funny and Irish and his voice was deeeeelightful and ballady), and she KILLED it.
I am not even kidding right now: she sounded exactly like her recorded versions of the songs, except better, and the entire ambiance and how she rocked out to her music and the entire set was wonderful. WONDERFUL. She played songs off of her new album, and let’s just say’s going to be a hit. I’m really glad I got tickets for her pre-album show, because she’s still relatively low-key, but she definitely has the talent to make it big. Have you ever heard her range before? The run in “Nobody Love”?
She nailed it.


The funny thing was that I witnessed two marriage proposals--one per concert.
Can you believe that?!
The first time around, at the KB concert, Social Club was performing, and then they started asking the crowd questions. They called this one guy up and he started sharing a story that “coincidentally” involved a girl...and then he went on to tell their story and he called her up and then he PROPOSED to her and everyone was screaming and it was majorly adorable.
At the Tori Kelly concert, she “invited” a fan up (it’d been pre-planned, of course) and he brought his girlfriend up with him and then obviously...we all know what happened. He wore this shirt (I forgot what it said, but it was something like “Say Yes to the Dress”) and she started crying and I think Tori Kelly was freaking out too, like somebody had just gotten proposed to at her concert.
It was awesome! I’ve always wanted to witness something monumental like that, and to witness TWO of them in one week?!
Seriously, Jesus, thank You for matrimony and marriage proposals!

Tomorrow I’ll be outlining things that you should and shouldn’t do at a stay tuned!

P.S...What have you guys been up to? Anything interesting happen lately?


  1. She...sounded exactly like the recorded songs? Idk about other people but I like when artist shake up their lives songs and make it unique for the paying audience. But you got really good pics of her concert! Like Pinterest-worthy pics!

    All I've done lately is run myself ragged with volunteering. I hope to give myself a "just chill" day sometime soon but I'm starting to realize it ain't gonna happen. And I'm still doing school right through summer so...bleh.

    But awesome concerts though! The last time I went to a concert it was for a gospel singer no one's ever heard of and I was about six years old. So yeah. High time I go again.

    O | Life as a Young Lady

  2. Haha I meant that in terms of hitting all the right notes, she was on point. She was actually a lot better live than in recording :)

  3. Sounds like soo much fun! ^^